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The below links are to pedigrees of white and genetic white (meaning dogs that are fawns, ivory, beige, etc., which are genetically whites) out of well known colored dogs and lines. These pedigrees are intended to show that the white gene has been present in many of the very best of the German Shepherd Dog breed since the breed's creation. This research is an ongoing process.

White Shepherd/White German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees

White GSD Pedigrees-1940's
White GSD Pedigrees of the 1950s
White Pedigrees of the 1960s
White Pedigrees of the 1970s
White Pedigrees of the 1980s
The pedigrees are mostly of white dogs out of famous GSDs and well known GSD bloodlines, arranged by approximate decade.

NEW! UPDATED LIST OF Blue, Liver, &/or White Carrier German Shepherd Dogs!
If you have or know of a German Shepherd Dog who carried or carries blue, liver. &/or white, please submit the dog's registered name, pedigree, a photo of the dog if possible, photo & registered name of the blue, liver. &/or white progeny of the dog, and any other relevant data, to or snail mail to the address below, so this dog may be added to the list.

Gallery of Pictures of Well Known German Shepherd Dogs that Carried White

Well Known White Carrier GSD List
This is an abbreviated list of only the best known German Shepherd Dogs who carried the white recessive gene. The complete white carrier list, which also includes lesser known dogs, is at the next link below this one. The abbreviated list was created because the main list is quite lengthy.

List of White Carrier German Shepherd Dogs

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To see some of our color genetic research breedings.

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If you would like to submit your white Shepherd/White German Shepherd Dog, or German Shepherd Dog of any color that has a white parent, white progeny, or is otherwise known to carry the white gene, then please send photos and pedigree to

Sahiela White GSD Color Gene Database
1006 Independence Dr E
Elwood IN 46036
Or email to

Your contributions will help broaden the knowledge of white and dogs that carry the white gene, and also further prove that the white recessive gene in the German Shepherd Dog does NOT cause color or health problems. The gene has been present in the breed since the breed was first founded, and only became "undesirable" to the mainstream breed associations because of political attitudes based on incorrect beliefs and lack of knowledge of the gene.

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