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Wolves communicate in three ways.


Body language

Scent marking


Wolves make a number of sounds.

They yip, bark growl, and of course, howl.

Wolves howl for a number of reasons.

They howl before a hunt, to gather pack members,

or just for fun. or to find a pack to join.

To hear wolf sounds click here


Body language is very important in the wolves

social structure. It show domanance, fear, curiosity,

when its play time.

A wolf lying on its back would be submissive to the one standing up.

Wolves tails and ears are important too.

A wolf with a high tail and forward ears is more domanant, than the wolf with the tail between its legs and ears layed back.


Scent marking is used to mark territory.

Wolves scent mark by urinating on rocks, trees, etc.

They also scent mark by whiping thier feet agianst the ground,

which causes particles from the scent glands in thier feet to come out.

To watch a movie about wolf communication go here