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Bad Names to get stuck with

What's in a bad name? Sometimes humor, sometimes embarrassment. Some names make you wonder what the parents were thinking, (or doing), when they christened junior with a title that will make people do a double-take every time they hear it over the paging system at K-mart. Did Mr. & Mrs. Collins expect their son Tom to become a bartender? Was Phil Harmonic destined to become a great conductor from the day he was named? Did you ever have some jewelry appraised by a guy named Jim Ollojest?

Check out this NAME LIST .

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For now the list is arranged by Bad Girls. and Bad Boys.. Perhaps new categories will emerge as the list grows.

List last updated 10/08/2014

Here's a link the lists the crank call names the Bart used on the Simpsons when he calls Moe's bar.
If you're really into BAD - here's a link to Bad Song (Where good songs go bad)
If you're into bands - here's the Funtree Cucks (Great band in Milwaukee)

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