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Prosperity Spells


Gold Money Bags

I got this spell from Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn.

She says this charm is used to bring financial prosperity into your life. For best effect, keep the bag with your checkbook or where you keep your bills or invoices.

Take 2 pieces of gold cloth and using green thread, sew them together in a pouch.

Fill with equal parts of: Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Ginseng, Mandrake and fern. Then add one piece each of: Jade and Peridot. Also add: a folded dollar bill and a penny, nickle dime and a quarter.

Sew the bag shut. Set the bag in sunlight and sprinkle lightly with a few drops of Sun Water. Let the sun warm the material.

Raise energy and charge the bag saying:

I call on the Spirits of prosperity and the Spirit of the Sun to infuse this charm with the power to attract abindance and prosperity into my life. Let my wallet fill with money, let my checking account over-flow with money, let my old depts be paid easily and without strain, let my health be robust, let my cupboards fill with good food. Let my life be rich like the golden sunlight.

So mote it be.

Finding a Job

Another one from Yasmine's book.

I totally agree when she says that finding a job is one of the most trying activities mankind has ever faced!!! Also when she says that finding a job is easy, it is finding a job that you like, that is the hard part.

Well she suggests some things to help. . . .

Herbal charms kept in your purse or pocket are good ways to carry magick with you during interviews. Sprinkle a little sage, lavender, dill, basil and parsley into a green cloth and add a tiger's eye chip. Tie with a golden ribbon. Carry this to magnitize prosperity while you radiate wisdom and knowledge.

Take home applications whenever posible and after you have filled them out, charge them with the intent of drawing the right position to you.

Draw or paint the runes Ansuz, Tir and Mannaz over your heart (with something non-toxic) before you get dressed to go to an interview. Allow to dry and maybe put a t-shirt or slip between you and the shirt incase it stains a little. These runes enable clear communication and will encourage others to come to your aid. These runes drawn on the phone will invite good news to come over the wire.

Never forget to tell everyone that you are looking for a job and check back at places you applied at. Remember all the magick in the world won't help you if you don't put forth some effort!!


Chango Macho Money Spell

This is from Lexa Rosean's book The Supermarket Sorceress.

She says in this book that Chango Macho is the Cubam-African god of wealth and business. Apples, cinnamon and coconut are all foods that attract his energy. You can eat these foods to make yourself powerful in business and to build good character. It is customary to leave these foods as offerings for Chango on an alter. Simply clear a space on a table or countertop and cover it with a red or red and white table cloth. These are colors for Chango. Light a red taper candle and place the apples, coconut and cinnamon before it. After one week you may remove the food and dispose of it. Also Chango loves a good cigar, light a cigar and blow the smoke over the food. Many supermarkets still sell tobaco. check it out.


A good thing is to get money and it isn't hard, the hard thing is holding onto it. Lexa Rosean has a spell to help you hold onto the money or more to the point have it kinda stick to you.

Spell to Save Money

This spell from Lexa Rosean's book, The Supermarket Sorceress only calls for a yam(s). She says that yams are blessed with the property of grounding. To eat them or any other root can have stabilizing effects. To secure or save a specific amount of money, carve the amount into a yam. Cook and eat it. When yams are heated, their candie, or honey, is released. As you eat it, imagine you money sticking to you. You can also create a yam "piggy" bank spell. If you are artistically talented, carve the yam into the shape of a pig. The pig is the symbol of prosperity. Then cut a deep slit in the yam and deposit one penny for every one hundred or one thousend dollars you need to save. Let the yam sit in the sun and grow roots. On a full moon bury it into the yard. In the same way your savings will root and grow!