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Kėrēova,known as USKANA in ancient time, constitutes a seperate ethnic cultural historical unit in the central part of the Western Macedonia.It retains characterestic feauters of material and intelectual life that distinguish this region in some features,from other Albanian regions of the geographical territory of Macedonia, but wich, at same time, link it with the most general and essential characteristics.As such , this represents a unity in the frames of diversity and changes of the Albanian trunk. The Albanian ethnic population of Kėrēova, like the Albanian ethnic population in the other regions of Macedonia with material and spiritual culture,with the ethnology and etnography, with the historical and modern toponomastics,with speach and other entities. Albanians of the geographical teritories of Kėrēova are autochtonous and ancient population, that are successors of some Illyrian tribes as PEONĖT within Vardar river,LINKĖSTET around Manastir ,DERIOPĖT around town Prilep, DASARET around lake Ohrit . This Illyrians tribes lived on this region during Romans periods long time before the coming of the Slav tribes in 6-th and 7-th centuries.

The number of the Albanian toponyms naming villages and dwellings of the most ancient type in the geographical territory of Kėrēova during the antiquity and the Early Middle Ages is not worthless as the Slavo- Macedonian science, based on well-known nationalistic reasons,says.In fact it is very great and important and as such it has e great cultural and historical influence to testify to the relevant fact that the Albanians in their ethnic regions in Kėrēova represent the essential element. In the this framework they are bearers not only of rural life but even of urban one .Compare for example the toponyms of the type Arbanasi, Arbanasinec, Gjuteti,Pėrroj Gjutetit,Trojet,Panagjyri etc.To say the truth, the name of the city of Kėrēova is not of Slav origin as some Slavo-Macedonian authors for some nacionalistic purposes say.This name is related to the proper name of Kir, diminutive Kirēe of Greek provenance ,even the Albanians maneged to keep this name.

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Albanians in Macedonia claim discrimination in education, access to public-sector jobs and representation in government; Party for Democratic Action (DPA) calls for a rewrite of the constitution to declare ethnic Albanians a national group .

Student`s of ellementary school Berikovė  end of  1956`s Tradinational Albanian dance of Kėrēova region Old type of Albanian house

Uskana old part  Valley  in   Kėrēova Ujtimirė 2082m

 Winter  in   Kėrēova Uskana

Map of Kėrēova region


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