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Chronicle of the Shadow Lords

Akiru Spahr and Alithor Moonblade

Armor of the Arkanian Royal Guard

Akiru Spahr, Master Arkanian Royal Guard, Shadow Lord and Uber Lord of the Jedi, is one of two most deadliest fighters in all of the Realm of RhyDin. He, like Alithor Moonblade, has been trained since birth in the arts of magic and combat. The spirit of the fiery Phoenix resides deep within Akiru's soul. Akiru wears the traditional jet black Arkanian armor which indicates his full status as Master Arkanian Royal Guard. Both have the unique ability to use the power of the elements including ice, lightning, fire, wind, water and so on as well as tap into the mysterious power known as the Force which enables them to use telekinesis and telepathy. Their main purpose here in the Realm of RhyDin: to survive and fight for what they believe in.

The Land of Arkania

The Legacy of Akiru Spahr

Akiru was born in the distant land of Arkania, which remained effectively concealed from the rest of the beings outside. The land itself was 100% pure. The water in the rivers, lakes, ponds, streams are all pure enough to drink right out from. The air consists of the sweetest oxygen and the soil of the land remains extremely rich. Arkania's inhabitants were all human. They are a very tall race. The tallest male was at least 7 feet tall. The tallest women was about 6 feet tall.

Akiru was the first teenager to obtain the rank of Arkanian Royal Guard and the first in history as well as the only one in history to obtain the full rank of Master Arkanian Royal Guard. He was born 50,000 years ago and obtained his immortality shortly after birth. He grew up being fascinated with the power in which he possessed within. His ability to tap into the Force was multiplied by ten fold when the spirit of the Phoenix entered his soul. He was proclaimed as the most powerful of all Arkanian's to come after and before him.

It was required that every new born be brought before the great stone emblem and be blessed by the power of the priest and priestess in the Arkanian Temple. Akiru was first and was placed on an altar near the emblem. As the priest and priestesses were praying, a strange thing happened. The stone emblem began to glow a golden light and suddenly, from the symbol of the Arkanians, the spirit of the Phoenix sprang forward and entered the mind and soul of Akiru's infant form. His form took on the same bright glow as a symbol emerged on his forehead. Nobody knew what the symbol meant, but it was clear that this was no ordinary child.

As the years passed, Akiru showed signs of powerful magic and powers as well as unusual talents. Soon, the time would come when they would have to take a 4 year trip away from their families. All of the male's were required to take four years of their lives, starting from the day they are able to walk, talk and are aware of their surroundings, to participate in an educational institute.

Here, they will learn the necessary knowledge for them to live out their lives successfully in the future. Akiru was very talented and intelligent in all of the classes and graduated very quickly at the top of his classes. It has sometime soon, here are the Arkanian Educational Institute where Akiru met up with the first of his life long friends, Alithor.

Alithor was an exiled Elite Guard from a not to far away realm known as Antonica. His features were older than that of AKiru, yet they both felt a certain connection in their fighting spirits. Alithor wore the Armor of Darkforge, a mystical suit enchanted by the Gods which apeared in a jet black plate color. He also was in possession of two very fine and holy blades. The first he carried was called the SoulFire. It was the most powerful blade in all of the realms which contained the fire of hell within. When removed from it's sheath, the hell flames would ignite around the blade. Only the magic from the Darforge armor could protect his skin from the flames.

The other blade he carried was known as the Bladestorm. It contained the power of lightning and wind. When remove from it's sheath, it looks like an ordinary two handed sword, yet when the power is summoned, lightning strikes the metal blade and continually travels along the metal. Besides the two blades, he also carries a magic bow which he personally named the Raincaller for it could deliver devastating attacks when it's magic is summoned forth.

Akiru and Alithor had pretty similar personalities. Both were quiet, silent, serious and liked to keep their thoughts and ideas to themselves. They were also very interested in the mystical style of combat in which they have seen some of the people in the Arkanian Academy practice.

It was around a few years later, when Akiru was around the age of 14, when he applied to the Arkanian Academy. Because of his past intelligence during his young years at the education institute, he was easily accepted. The mental training before was nothing compared to the vigorous physical training that the Academy provided for him.

Akiru and Alithor were required to sleep everyday at midnight only to wake up the next day before dawn and go for a long 10 mile run around the entire complex. After the 10 mile run, they would return to the main building and workout for another hour until the sun broke over the horizon. Then, they would be put to the usual test of speed, strength, fluidity and so on. The test of speed was a simple race where the slowest would be cast out of the Academy. The test of strength would be to see who is the strongest. The test of fluidity would be to see how smoothly and quickly each can pull his or her weapon to attack or defend and to see how quietly one can move across a loud corridor. Other tests included that of the mind where they would be set in front of a large puzzle and be forced to figure it out within a limited time. Another test was where everyone had to sit still in a large room. Their eyes fixed on a central cage. One cage containing that of a wild boar and another cage containing that of 3 wild wolves. The wolves and the boar would be placed into that one central cage and everyone, had to watch as the wolves ripped the boar apart. They were not allowed to tear their gaze away from the gruesome sight and where not allowed to make any faces nor sounds and keep a stern face. Akiru and Nikan were greatly affect by this and soon got used to it.

The Spirit of the Phoenix

These tests were very strict, and very powerful to those of a young mind. It bent the young mind of fun, games, and laughter into one of serious, quiet, silent, mysterious and changed the person to never regret killing. In other words, these tests would make one into a perfect soldier, a perfect killing machine. They were made to become Shadows of the Night. Deadly, silent, quiet, mysterious and totally unbeatable.

Still, the instructors would make certain that they keep in mind of their primary duty. To defend all the innocents and people of the City of Arkania and to never hesitate to kill one who breaks the laws.

Now, gifted with the knowledge of life, and the skills of combat, the two of them graduated from the Arkanian Academy and were given the full rank of Arkanian Royal Guard. They were given the honor of wearing the traditional black and red armor of the Royal Guard. They were also given the traditional weapon of the Double Bladed Titanium Force Pike which they were all trained to use as well as the Titanium Spear. But because Alithor already had an arsenal of weaponry, he politely declined the gifts and offered to serve in the Arkanian Royal Guards as he is. Because of his mighty strength, they accepted that and welcomed him in nevertheless.

Now, armed to the teeth with weapons, armor and skills, the two of them began their duty of protecting the city by patrolling the streets. For a good hundreds years they've done this. Stopping law breakers, helping the people, it was an everyday thing.

Soon, one night, the two of them sat in silence in the middle of the Arkanian Forest. They sat facing each other with a flaming camp fire in between them. The two greatest Arkanian Royal Guards just stared at each other, stared at the fire, stared at the stars.

Now, tonight, both of them knew what was on each other's minds. both of them knew that they were thinking about the past. Akiru has been concentrating so much on the training that he actually forgot who his parents were. Did he have any siblings? Any friends? Anyone who mattered to him such as a girlfriend or anything like that? The past was clouded to him. He cannot remember anything. On the other hand, Alithor pretty much forgot some aspects of his past. His exile was a strong memory which he continued to bear yet he forgot his family, friends and people.

So, they just sighed and forgot about the past as well. They were Arkanian Royal Guards now, and as Royal Guards, they had to concentrate on the here and now, the present.

The next day, the unexpected happened. The morning sky grew dark and clouds began to come in. This was not natural. All of the Royal Guards around the entire land of Arkania were tense. Then, it began to rain death as an army of darkness fell from the skies and began the mass slaughter of the Arkanians. The Royal Guards brought out their Force Pike and went to work attacking the army of darkness. Arkania was at war.

The people who survived called this day, the Day of Annihilation and the war was called the Thousand Year War for this war lasted over several thousand years. In the end, the army of darkness withdrew, defeated, leaving the once beautiful land of Arkania a deserted graveyard, a wasteland. Everyone was dead, all of the buildings and structures were leveled to the ground. Nothing was left. Nothing.

All that was left of this peaceful city were two Arkanian Royal Guards. The last two remaining out of millions. Akiru, and Alithor surveyed the damage but felt nothing. Akiru and Alithor were well trained not to feel emotions, and so, it was. They turned and left. Seeing nothing left, they became travelers.

Wherever they went, they met up with some sort of resistance. It would either be pirates, thieves, mercenaries, gangsters, knights, soldiers, paladins, and so on. In all of their fights, they left their enemies dead and to rot.

Soon, they arrived to a realm which proved most unusual to them. A realm called, RhyDin. The two of them explored the realm and found it in ruins. Or so they thought. Everywhere they turned there was a battle going on between light and dark over pathetic items of no interest. The two of them decided to split company and did so.

Akiru went exploring and was soon reunited with his sister, Angel, and his niece, Ciera. He soon was assigned to bodyguard the sister of his commanding officer in one of the organizations he had joined and she reopened his eyes to reality and that not all conflicts had to result in the death of his opponent.  Her name was Arrianna Victoria Coda.  She taught him the exact opposite of what the trainers at the Arkanian Academy taught him.  She taught him how to feel emotions and how to live again.  Soon, he became a normal person once again and married her.

About twenty years later, both of them met up with each other again and discussed their findings. This was indeed a realm where they should settle down. Which they did. Alithor and Akiru lived within an area which was found by them both. He called it the Falls of Lightning. The two of them kept close touch with each other through long range telepathy.

In the realm, there are MANY who wear the black and red Arkanian Royal Guard armor and claim it's powerful defense against attacks, BUT there is only one who wear it who is the TRUE Arkanian Royal Guard. One who have fought and bled for thousands of years. He is known as Akiru Spahr.

Akiru and Alithor, as noted before, are trained in the ways of the Force and in the arts of the lightsaber.  Both of them carry one double bladed lightsaber at all times which can split into two single bladed lightsabers.  

Blood Red Double Bladed Lightsaber

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