Lightning-Flashes of Insight and Anger
Onward to Siren Calls

I cut my finger and it bled.
The rest of them just woke up dead.
A wreath of flame upon my head,
and dirges sung from what I said.

In water deep upon the sky,
the lightning whispered in my eye,
as thunder wailed a plaintive cry,
He never got to say Goodbye,

I mourn the loss of what I stole
from the one who took it all away,
and wish with every tainted
breath that the needle of time had skipped that day.
Alas, it is not mine to give, but it is my lot to hold at bay.

You want to talk a little while,
but there is nothing left to say.
The fiery tongue of angry spirit
may partly be drawn from the demons you've shown.
I must confess that the acid beauty
for which I'm loved is not my own.
I am but a stray seed that your rantings have sewn.
I chaotically flourish while you wilt alone.

Mommy screwed up everything when she screwed those unDaddy men.

She took 2,000 milligrams of her new blue and purple medicine.

Myths about Suicide

She forgot how to be herself. She had too many roles to play.

She tried to keep a dream alive, and lost her faith along the way.

No one snowflake is unique from all the others in the storm. We are the same as all of us, just clouds of ice that can't get warm.

Ma brought home a pony-girl to be part of the family, and the girl pulled out an angry-stick

for the other four of us to see.

Mother found my heart when it was lying in the water. But she was the one who hid it there.

I am an angry daughter.

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