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The Empire Strikes Back STORMTROOPER

Stormtrooper Information Central

Stormtroopers in The Empire Strikes Back

Do you remember waiting to find out what happens next? Three years went by, then The Empire Strikes Back was finally released. I remember sitting in the theater, and wondering what happened to episodes II, III, and IV because Star Wars was initially released without the Episode IV in the title... Do you remember? Although, I quickly forgot about it as the action started. In this film we saw a new Stormtrooper called a SnowTrooper. I will document all scenes, with Stormtrooper sights/sounds in Episode V, in the following pages.

These SnowTroopers were brought down for a ground assault against the Rebels via an AT-AT (All Terrain, Armored Transport) on Hoth. Here is the first shot we actually see these Troopers. General Veers tells this Trooper "All Troops will debark for ground assault".

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Stormtrooper Information Central
Stormtrooper Information Central

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