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Stormtrooper Information Central

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Quake SW

Quake SW

Quake World Skin: Stormtrooper

Click on image to get skin: trooper.pcx
Skin taken from Star Wars Quake

Now you, too, can be a Stormtrooper while playing Quake World. If you are both a Stormtrooper fan, and love playing Quake World, now everyone will see you as a Stormtrooper, just before you take them out :)

Quake Star Wars CTF (Capture the Flag)
Capture the Flag was an awesome modification to Quake, and now you can play it in the Star Wars world. Star Wars CTF 1.51 is out and Quake Servers are up all over. Now you can fight Imperials vs. Rebels. You already know what side I'm playing on :) Pick it up here Star Wars CTF.

Quake Star Wars TC (Total Conversion)
This is the all anticipated, Star Wars Quake Total Conversion. It's only up to a preliminary release 2a, which means its not an alpha or a beta release, just a release to try to please us that are impatiently waiting. Checkout the bottom picture... you actually get a speeder bike that you can take a ride on :) It's available here Star Wars Quake.

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Stormtrooper Information Central
Stormtrooper Information Central

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