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Stormtrooper Information Central

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I got it!!

My Own Suit

August 3, 1997

I managed to nab Jeff Allen's plain Stormtrooper armor that he put up for sale!
Expect pictures here once I get a chance to suit up :)

Found at
Big Al's
Detention Block 2551
Stormtrooper Site

August 19, 1997

It has arrived, today, I have suited up, and my pictures will be up as soon as they are developed :)

Sept 30, 1997

I finally got the pictures up :)
I hope you enjoy!

October 31, 1997

Here's a couple of pictures of my kids and I, just before heading off for Trick or Treat'n
It was an awesome experience. I had many a parent stop me and say wow, I'll bet you wont be topped as best costume tonight. I even had one parent stop me to give their child an autograph :)
It was a lot of fun!!

October 31, 1998

Here's a picture of my family this Halloween, and I'm decked out in my new suit... which one am I? I'm the one with my hands on my hips silly :)

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