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Real Stormtrooper Fans

Stormtrooper Tatoo

Are you a real Stormtrooper Fan? These guys sure are! Check out the tatoos of Andrew Figone (full arm tatoo) and John C Wenger (full back tatoo). I thought that I was a true fan by going out and collecting figures, posters and a life size suit of Stormtrooper armor, but these guys, WOW!

Stormtrooper Tatoo

Do you, or someone you know, have this much dedication to Star Wars Stormtroopers? I know this sounds like a Jerry Springer question for up-coming shows, but I would seriously like to post any die-hard fans here! eMail me

Photos are scanned from the Star Wars Insider Issue #37 page 81.

Stormtrooper Tatoo

This tattoo was custom drawn and applied by Steve at Fine Line Tattoos in Houston Texas. It is about eight inches tall and is done in four colors.

Thanx to Sean Savin for sending in this extreme fan.

Armor F/X

I am always asked which is the best place to get armor. Here's the simple fact. Armor F/X has the best high quality armor, at the lowest price. Period. I am the Canadian Region Armor F/X Dealer, but my opinion is not tanted by that fact. Don't take my word for it, if you made it to Dragon Con 1998, everyone there agreed as well.

  • Armor F/X
  • Outraged by poor quality or poor prices, Armor F/X is born, providing Star Wars fans with the highest quality suits out there, and for the best price out there! $599.00 US.
  • Gerardo Fallano
  • Gerardo's gone. Most dealers have based their suits from this guys designs. Very nice high quality suits. $1200 US.
  • Matt Gauthier's suit
  • Matt seems to be a very well connected guy. He has sent me some photos of an actual ROTJ Stormtrooper suit that was used on the DeathStar. Check them out here. Matt's other Stormtrooper is being sold at the (now closed) Imperial Outfitters for $995 US. Matt WILL be taking molds from the original and selling the copies which are rumored to be $5000 US.
  • Propsdealr
  • Cris Adrian/Propsdealr are selling armor and may have a booth, but have not yet committed to it, at a rediculous price of $1340 US.
  • Jeff Allen
  • Jeff Allen author of the "How to" site will be there doing a seminar on how to build your own. He does not normally sell his armor, but, this is whom I bought my first set of armor from.

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