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Stormtrooper Information Central

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Awards my site had won!

  • Awards 1 - 5 (July 17 to July 19)
  • Davin Felth's Award of Excellence
    Empire's Award of Excellence
    The Sirch Award
    Chad's Darth Vader Award
    Helix's Imperial Excellence Award
  • Awards 6 - 10 (July 20 to July 25)
  • SW Visitors Choice Award
    Golden Imperial Seal of Excellence
    "1 of Greedo's Greatest Websites" Award
    The Chaos Crew Gold Award
    IG-88's Award of Excellence
  • Awards 11 - 15 (July 25 to July 26)
  • Massassi Temple Award
    The Mustard SW Pez Award
    The Ultimate SW Website Award
    Simply SW Award
    M&M's The Yoda Award
  • Contest Winner (July 27)
  • M&M's Contest Winner
  • Awards 16 - 20 (July 27 to July 29)
  • The Darkside's Trophy of Excellence
    The Jawa Award
    Imperial Commander's Award
    Sith Medal of the Dark Side
    The SW Jedi Award
  • Awards 21 - 25 (July 30 to July 30)
  • Robot Fan's Award
    Imperial Academy Sharpshooter Award
    Stormtrooper's Imperial Garrison Award
    The Hoth Veteran's Memorial Award
    The ZSkywalker Award
  • Awards 26 - 30 (August 3 to August 7)
  • The SW Holiday Special Award of Excellence
    Dark Jedi's Link of the Month Award
    The Mos Eisley Spaceport - SW Surfer's Award
    Jhett Award
    Zulu Fleet Nebulon-B Renegade FRG
  • Awards 31 - 35 (August 9 to August 11)
  • Iceman054's SW Award of Excellence
    Spencer Kitson's The Yoda Award
    ISB Website Award
    The Force Award
    The SW Universe Award
  • Awards 36 - 40 (August 11 to August 17)
  • The Wookie(e) Award
    IG_88's Best of the Best SW Page Award
    Aurabesh Made Easy
    Keith's Jedi Strength Award
    Tantive IV Star Award
  • Awards 41 - 45 (August 20 to August 26)
  • TooOne-Bee's Trivia Award
    Aloha Award
    Pau Hana Award
    The Imperial Starsite Award
    Guild Approved Status (GAS) Award
  • Awards 46 - 50 (August 29 to September 14)
  • The Emperor's New Pants SW Excellent Character Site Award
    Jedi Information Center Website Acheivement Award
    Kirk Likes This Site Award
    JediJimmie's SW Website Excellence Award
    Royal Guard Gold Award
  • Awards 51 - 55 (September 15 to September 29)
  • X-Wing Award
    Jedi Master Award
    SW Database Network Imperial Award
    Xizor's Groovy Site Award
    Best of the Empire Websites
  • Awards 56 - 60 (October 1 to November 2)
  • Dwight's Supreme Website Award
    Destined for Immortality Award
    The Bounty Hunter Award of Excellence
    Adam Pawlus: Top Site Award
    Aunt Beru's Award of Excellence
  • Awards 61 - 65 (November 19 to December 15)
  • Star Wars Online Award
    Boba Fett's Bounty Award
    Three Greedo Heads up
    Ultimate StarWars Award
    The Collective "Select Site" Award
  • Award 66 - 68 (December 17 to February 17)
  • Star Wars Mega-Site Award
    The Wedge Award
    Massassi Award

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