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Wicca, Paganism, & Witchcraft

What is Wicca?

Wicca is an ancient nature religion which is about 25,000 yrs. old. If you think that the Wiccan symbols remind you of "witchcraft", it is because they are both one in the same. Many Wiccans believe that their religion was slandered by the medievel churches, and now their symbols and god(esses)s represent christian ideas of evil. Wiccans want everyone to know that their religion stands for peace, goodness and harmony with all. And to let it be known that any aspect of true Wicca does not involve "devil worship" or "satan" because the devil is a christian belief and not recognized by the Wiccan religion, regardless of what the chrisitan conservatives say. If you really want to see what kind of lies are spread about the religion go here :LIES

Basic Tools of the Craft

Here is a list of some basic tools used in the Wiccan religion.
  1. Athame--a double edged knife used to cast circles and focusing energy. Not used as a cutting tool.---Male aspect.
  2. Candles--Colors depend on the spell you are doing (but white always seems to work for me).
  3. Cauldron--iron pot used for cooking, brewing, and other uses. Candles work nice too instead of a cauldron.
  4. Incense and Thurible (burner)--sticks, cones, chunks, any kind used as a purifying substance. A long wooden burner or a small brass one will do just fine.
  5. Book of Shadows-- Book used to keep spells, pictures, coven meetings, anything you want. Each Wiccan should have his/her own or one for a whole coven.
  6. Pen of Art--pen only used for Book of Shadows
  7. Chalice--goblet used for wine/juice (any glass will do, but I got mine at the salvation army and it is beautiful!!)--Female aspect and used in conjunction with the athame.
  8. Wand--about the length of your forearm, wooden with a phallice symbol on the end (acorn, crystal), used to also cast circles and focus energy.--Male aspect.
  9. Salt--naturally clean mineral, essential for ritual and purifications. Usually used in conjuction with water.
  10. Pentacle--disc of wood, metal, or anything with a pentagram on it and other special symbols.
  11. Broom--used to ritually sweep negativity from a circle. A newly married (or "hand-fasted") couple will "jump the broom" to encourage fertility.
  12. Oil--used for the ritual anointing of coverners or the solitary, sometimes mixed with herbs.
  13. Bell--used in rituals to invoke the Goddess.

Symbols in Wicca

  1. Pentagram--symbolizing the 4 elements of nature knit together by spirit. Wiccan pentagrams point upwards, where as people who call themselves "satanists" display this upside down as they do with the chrisitan cross.
  2. Wheel of the Year--progression through the yearly cycle of life.
  3. Goddess--Wiccans believe in the duality of the creative force-Female as well as Male.
  4. God--the consort to the Goddess.


Major Sabbats

Minor Sabbats

Moon Phases

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