Steamboat Willie

Why Steamboat Willie?

Steamboat Willie
Mickey Mouse made his on-screen debut in 1928 in Steamboat Willie.

  • In 1928, history was made with the release of first talkie animation film Steamboat Willie featuring Mickey Mouse. Steamboat Willie was released in an America threatened by spectre of depression and this cute little character of Disney managed to cheer up the entire depression generation. The success of this film carved a permanent spot for animated characters on celluloid and made Disney a star in the history of the silver screen.

  • In 1973 I got my first subscription on the Swedish Donald Duck Magazine, Kalle Anka & C:o , and I've been a fanatic Disney-fan ever since. I'm a proud member of the Swedish Donaldist Society.

  • In somewhere around 1986 Winz told me that I couldn't use my usual nome de plume when I entered his BBS, since everyone should be anonymous and my - then - nickname, Scratch, was to familiar. I was on-line and tried, almost in pain, to come up with another alias. Suddenly my eyes strayed unto an old framed movie-poster for Steamboat Willie and there I had it! I could never imagine that this nickname would stay with me for the next ten years and that I would be known among most of my friends under that name...
  • The rest is history.


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