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Full Name: Elisa Frances Cariera

Nickname: Princess

Birthdate: June 16, 1978

Hobbies: Playing with her dogs, shopping, painting

Favorite Song(s): Your Still The One by: Shania Twain

Favorite Song(s) In Her Album: Come & Get It, Fantasy

Favorite Artist(s): Celine Dion

Favorite Perfumes: Anais Anais

Favorite Food(s): Lasagna

Favorite Backstreet Boy: "They're all cool, but I get on with Nick best because we're the closest in age and I like Nintendo too!"

Describing Herself: Optimistic

Ambitions: To get a lot of platinums

Boy In Her Dreams: Sensitive, Not afraid of being himself

What You Don't Know: "I'm a terrible driver. Mariama is always going on about how I nearly killed her three times!"