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Ren & Stimpy 2000 Updated 1/26/2003

The Editorials section has seen some major upgrades with a lot of news, about the all new Ren & Stimpy show aring on TNN in the summer of 2003. You need to check some of those out. The Links page has been added to as well a few more good sites, keep a look out for revamps on all of the older pages for a more updated look!!

We have discovered a new forum, The Members Of The Loyal Order Of Stupids, by far the best Ren & Stimpy forum on the internet, brought to us courtesy of Lady Deathtouch !!!! -Dr.Stupid

When I first started searching on the net for Ren and Stimpy. I found Millions of sights with Links working and a lot of comprehensive info. A Few years down the line the sights are dropping like flies. Its 2000 now and I am on a mission to save everything Ren & Stimpy like. Even if it means copying the dead Web Pages to my sight I will do what it takes, to keep Ren & Stimpy alive well into the new milenium and beyond!!!


What Ren & Stimpy Character Are You?