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 Welcome to Here, you have gotten the HOTTEST DX through the years, and you'll get DX-midAMerica freebies!!! Anytime we have a record AMDX, FMDX or TVDX month, the contirbutors to that month are all eligible for a...
  • baseball cap
  • sun visor
  • t-shirt XL ONLY (specify blue or white)
  • ski cap
  • tote bag or 10 46 cent USA stamps for QSLing interests! The contributors are each eligible for ONE gift!

    Ways to win! 1. When the record month happens, a listing of all eligible contibutors will be posted for the record month. You have until 9AM on the 9th of the following month to contibute your HOT TIPS! ie:Don't send in July dx in November. Others operate that way. We don't! 2. Random months we'll look for "contibutor #3" or "#10" or whatever. 3. On occasion, a NEW reporter for a new state or province is sought. 4. Once in a while, the FIRST reporter in the month gets the prize. We'll ALWAYS let you know. We play fair!

    Just send your name and address and your gift will be sent within days. It's our way of saying thanx! is so very thankful for the contributions of every last person who has sent in anything since 1981, and we prove it! Giving a sincere thank you stands out in a world of gimme, gimme, gimme!