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Welcome to the DX-midAMerica Lake Superior Circle Tour listing of things on the Circle Tour. If you are going counter clockwise, read from top to bottom. If you go clockwise, read from bottom to top.
Currently, only state tourist, road conditions and AM radio stations are listed. It's a start! FM stations, in selected areas are being added bit by bit, as well as other stuff: neat places to eat, tourist traps, city sites or things of interest along the way.This isn't done yet! Please enjoy this page and if you have any thoughts or comments, please write. You will get a quick reply. Info herein is changed/updated monthly on the 30th!

Minnesota Tourism
 Minnesota Road Conditions
560 WEBC Duluth, 5000/5000 SPO:ESPN
610 KDAL Duluth, 5000/5000 Full Service
850 WQRM Duluth, 10000/- REL:VCY AMerica [WWJC]
1490 KQDS Duluth, 1000/1000 SPO:FOX [1390 KAOH]
92.1 WWAX Hermantown HotAC "Nu92"
94.9 KQDSFM Duluth Classic Rock
95.7 KDALFM Duluth AC FM5.7"
96.5 WKLKFM Cloquet Classic Rock
98.9 KTCO Duluth C&W
101.7 KLDJ Duluth OLDies
102.5 KDWZ Superior,WI Top40
104.3 KZIO Two Harbors ROCK
105.1 KKCB Duluth C&W "B-105"
107.7 KBMX Proctor HotAC "Mix108"
Grand Marais
Two Harbors

Ontario Tourism
 Ontario Road Conditions
Thunder Bay
91.5 CKPR Thunder Bay HotAC
94.3 CJSD Thunder Bay 94Rock
97.1 CITB Thunder Bay
99.9 CJUK Thunder Bay AdultTop40
101.7 -CBQ Thunder Bay CBC
102.7 CILU Thunder Bay
105.3 CKTG Thunder Bay C&W "Country105"
Sault Ste. Marie
100.5 CHAS Sault Ste. Marie Adult Top40 "Kiss"
104.3 CJOM Sault Ste. Marie C&W

 Minnesota Road Conditions
105.5 WMKD Pickford C&W [WADW]
Sault Ste.Marie
1230 WSOO Sault Ste. Marie Soft/OLD ABC:00
1400 WKNW Sault Ste. Marie, SPO:ESPN
98.3 WCMZ Sault Ste Marie Educ
99.5 WYSS Sault Ste Marie YesFM Top40
101.5 WSUE Sault Ste Marie Rock101.5 ROCK
102.3 WTHN Sault Ste Marie
1450 WNBY Newberry, OLD C&W(JRN&)
93.9 WNBYFM Newberry ClHITS/OLD Oldies93
96.7 WUMT Newberry AdultShuffle Eagle Radio
97.9 WIHC Newberry REL
1400 WQXO Munising 1000/1000 OLD"True"
-98.3 WRUP Palmer ClROCK "98-3 R U P" //92.7 WRPP Manistique [WQXO-FM, Manistique]
1320 WDMJ Marquette News-Talk 5000/1000 ABC:00 TALKd/SPO:FOXn //1240WIAN
970 WZAM Ishpeming 5000/24 + 93.3 W227CJ [WUPY WMVN] SPO:ESPN
1240 WIAN Ishpeming 1000/1000 [WJPD] News-Talk ABC:00 TALKd/SPO:FOXn //1320WDMJ I-A-N Ishpeming and Negaunee
-92.3 WJPD Ishpeming BigCountry WJPD C&W
-94.1 WUPK Marquette 94Rock
-94.9 WUPZ Chocolay Twp Top40 94-9theBay
-95.7 WHWL Marquette REL
-96.7 WUPG Republic "96-7 Yooper Country" OLD C&W
-97.1 WGLQ Escanaba-Marquette Top40
-99.5 WNGE Negaunee Oldies 99.5 OLD
100.3 WUPT Guinn Classic Hits 100.3 Cl HITS
101.9 WKQS Negaunee SunnyFM HotAC, DELILAH
103.3 WFXD Marquette 103-FXD C&W
103.9 WNOA-LP MI Marquette REL:EWTN
107.7 WMQT Ishpeming-Marquette Top40 Q107[107.1 107.5]
105.7 WCUP L'Anse C&W EagleCountry C&W PACKERS
1400 WCCY Houghton-Hancock-Calumet 1000/1000 NOS& TIGERS, LIONS ABC:00 [WHDF]
-91.1 WGGL Houghton
-91.9 WMTU Houghton
-97.7 WOLV Houghton-Hancock ClHITS:OLD& DGlobal "97-7 The Wolf"[WOLF WHUH]
102.3 WHKB Houghton C&W K-Bear& C&W
920 WMPL Hancock 1000/206 TLKd/SPO:YAHOOn/SAT/SUN FOX:00
-93.5 WKMJ Hancock Mix93 HotAC& [WZRK WMPL-FM]
-98.7 WGLI Hancock 98-7theRockin'Eagle ROCK LIONS
101.1 WUPY Ontanagon C&W SuperiorCountry Y101 C&W ABC:00 Lia [WONT]
590 WJMS Ironwood 5000/1000 OLD C&W "Real" US59 CBS:00
-99.7 WIMI Ironwood HotAC/Top40 99-7theStorm
106.9 WUPM Ironwood Top40

Wisconsin Tourism
 Wisconsin Road Conditions
1450 WHRY Hurley OLD ABC:00 +92.9 W22AV Ironwood
1400 WATW Ashland 780/780 TALK "Freedom Talk 1400"
-93.7 WBSZ Ashland C&W
-96.7 WJJH Ashland ROCK "J-Rock96"
104.7 WHWA Educ-NPR
105.9 WEGZ Washburn REL:VCY
710 WDSM WI Superior 10000/5000
970 WGEE WI Superior 1000/26 SPO:CBS [WQMN KXTP WAAX]
102.5 KDWZ WI Superior-Duluth Top40 [KZIO KRBR]