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Here's what has been reported to DX-midAMerica since 1986 from the state of Kansas! Reports were from all over midAMerica. Good luck in getting a few for your logs! * indicates a new entry in this feature, which is current through February 2013!
580 WIBW Topeka: 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SSS 8-Twil 9-SRS 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 610 KCSP Kansas City 11-OWL SPO 690 KGGF Coffeyville: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SSS 2-OWL4-SRS 8-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS SPO:FOX 730 KLOE Goodland: 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 8-OWL 9-OWL 11-Twil 12-SSS 760 KCCV Overland Park: 1-SSS 3-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS REL:Bott 790 KXXX Colby: 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-SRS 4-OWL 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-Twil 12-Twil "790 K Triple X" OLD C&W 810 WHB Kansas City 1-Twil 860 KKOW Pittsburg: 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-OWL 1-OWL 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 3-SSS 3-Twil 3-Twil 3-Twil 3-Twil 3-Twil 3-Twil 4-Twil 5-Twil 8-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS "Kow Country"

900 KSGL Wichita: 2-SRS 2-SRS 950 KJRG Newton SRS in DEC. F USA nx 990 KRSL Russell 5-Twil G-P w/Royals bbl. 30w!

1010 KIND Independence: 9-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS NOS 1030 KBUF Holcomb 3-SRS 3-SRS 1070 KLIO Wichita 1-SSS, 2-Twil 2-OWL 2-OWL 6-Twil 8-SRS 8-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-OWL 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS

1150 KSAL Salinas: 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-Twil, 1-Twil, 1-OWL, 7-OWL 8-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL 12-OWL SPO:ESPN 1190 KVSV Beloit: 1-SRS 1-SSS 8-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS

1220 KOFO Ottawa 9-Twil HSFB* 1240 KIUL Garden City 11-SRS briefly 1250 KWSJ Kansas City: 2-SSS 2-SSS 1270 KSCB Liberal: 1-SRS 1-SSS 2-SSS 2-Twil 3-SSS 5-SSS 11-SRS 12-SSS

1320 KLWN Lawrence: 10-SRS 1330 KNSS Wichita: 1-Twil 4-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL KGGS Garden City 11-OWL C&W* 1340 KFEZ Kansas City. 10-OWL, 11-SRS 11-OWL, 11-OWL. Reports were from "in mess" to "steady & clear" 1340 KSEK Pittsburg 3-Twil 11-SRS OLD C&W. NOV 0500 CST s/on. 1350 KMAN Manhattan: 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 1370 KALN Iola 1-SSS 7-SSS 1370 KGNO Dodge City, SSS, AfterSSS, NightOWL reports. F-G. Everything has been heard here: sports-talk, oldies, SS! Latest: 2-Twil 8-SRS 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 1380 KCNW Fairway-Kansas City: 1-Twil 7-Twil 11-SSS 12-OWL 12-OWL 29w! REL 1390 KNCK Concordia: 11-SRS

1400 KVOE Emporia, SRS in April. F "1400AM - 101.7FM" 1400 KAYS Hays: 3-SRS 3-SRS 8-Twil 1410 KKLO Leavenworth 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-SRS 9-OWL 11-SSS SoGOS 1420 KULY Ulysses: 4-Twil 10-OWL 1440 KMAJ Topeka: 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-Twil 2-Twil 10-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 1450 KQYX Galena-Joplin,MO 10-Twil HSFB * 1460 KKOY Chanute 8-SSS 1470 KAIR Atchison 9-Twil OLD C&W* 1480 KQAM Wichita: 1-Twil 8-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 12-SSS 1490 KTOP Topeka 4-SRS 8-Twil 8-Twil SPO:ESPN

1530 KQNK Norton 2-SSS* 1540 KNGL McPherson: 9-SSS 1540 KLKC Parsons 8-SRS 8-SSS* 1550 KKLE Winfield: 2-SRS 3-SRS 4-SRS 4-SRS 52w! 1590 KVGB Great Bend 1-SRS 1-SRS 3-Twil 4-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 1600 KMDO Ft Scott: 11-Twil //FM 103.9

1660 KUDL Kansas City: 1-OWL 3-SRS 3-SSS 3-Twil 3-OWL 4-Twil 6-OWL 6-Twil 8-Twil 8-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL