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DX-midAMerica HD list
DX-midAMerica! DX-midAMerica! DX-midAMerica!
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The following is a listing of stations in midAMerica that are using HD2 and HD3 on their radio stations. The information is gleaned from various websites, message boards and personal monitoring. I bought my Boston Acoustics HD Radio on July 3rd,2006. It'll be interesting to see where we are with this on July 3rd,2007. The listing is by STATE then market. Updates, corrections? Please write at the link above. Thanx!!
ILLINOIS: 93.9 WLIT Chicago 70's/80's Party Tunes 95.5 WNUA Chicago Jazz
97.1 WDRV-HD2 Chicago DEEP TRACKS 102.7 WVAZ Chicago [Oak Park] Gospel 103.5 WKSC Chicago Gay themed"Pride Radio" 104.3 WJMK Chicago Oldies 107.5 WGCI Chicago Urban OLD

INDIANA: 94.7 WFBQ Indianapolis Cl Rock

MICHIGAN: 94.7 WCSX Detroit [COL:Birmingham]Deep Tracks 95.5 WKQI Detroit New Top 40 97.9 WJLB Detroit Classic Hip Hop 100.3 WNIC Detroit [COL:Dearborn] Ballads, Love Songs 101.1 WRIF Detroit Local Rock 105.1 WMGC Detroit Soft AC 106.7 WDTW Detroit Live Rock

MINNESOTA: 97.1 KTCZ Minneapolis All Acoustic 100.3 KTLK Minneapolis OLD C&W 101.3 KDWB Minneapolis[Ritchfield] Dance 102.1 KEEY Minneapolis[COL:St.Paul]NEW C&W 102.9 WLTE Minneapolis //830WCCO News-Talk 104.1 KZJK Minneapolis [St.Louis Park] Smooth Jazz 107.9 KQOL Minneapolis [COL:Anoka] 80s

OHIO: 92.5 WOFX Cincinnati 94.1 WVMX Cincinnati Urban 102.7 WEBN Cincinnati New ALT 107.1 WFKS Cincinnati OLD Hip Hop 96.5 WAKS Cleveland All New Hits 98.5 WNCX Cleveland SS Top40 99.5 WGAR Cleveland Old C&W 100.7 WMMS Cleveland Old Alternative 102.1 WDOK Cleveland AC Oldies 104.1 WQAL Cleveland All requests 105.7 WMJI Cleveland OLDies 106.5 WMVX Cleveland Adult Alternative 92.5 WCOL Columbus NEW C&W 93.3 WLZT Columbus Love Songs 96.3 WLVQ Columbus Deep Tracks 97.9 WNCI Columbus New HITS

95.7 WRIT Milwaukee OLD 50s/60s/70s"Mighty 92 WOKY" 97.3 WRNW Milwaukee ROCK Rock Nation 99.1 WMYX Milwaukee BLUES "99-1 The Delta" 100.7 WKKV Milwaukee [COL:Racine] Slow-James "Magic 100.7" 103.7 WXSS-HD2 Milwaukee [Wauwatosa] Comedy
103.7 WXSS-HD3 Milwaukee [Wauwatosa]//1250WSSP Sports 106.1 WMIL-HD2 Milwaukee [Waukesha] NEW C&W "Wolf" 106.1 WMIL-HD3 Milwaukee [Waukesha] WITI-TV Audio
106.9 WZBK-HD2 Brookfield-Milwaukee "Smooth Jazz 106.9"