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The DX Day-
DX Discected: minute by minute

The dx day here shows loggings listed by TIME, beginning at 0000 CENTRAL thru 2359 CENTRAL.
If a time is the same, then the listing is by frequency. This listing will be changed monthly and this page will not be archived. THIS PAGE is CLEARED MONTHLY and when flips are made from daylight-standard time so page is refreshed. This page shows how your DX TIP is discected into 5 different sections:
1)longform 2)area 3) individual 4)hourly (this page) and 5) frequency logs.

A horizontal line seperates 0000,0600,1200 and 1800 CENTRAL.
Beginning 0000 CENTRAL: Loggings are in order of time: beginning at 0000 and going through the DX DAY. Central time is used. This page is changed MONTHLY. THERE ARE JUNE TIMES.
freq call location date time reception hot tipper. Scroll time from 0000-2359 CDT.
0000-0559 CDT
1180 WVLZ TN Knoxville 9/13 0000 Very strong w/Oldies and TOH ID. Thanks to Steve Francis (TN). I heard earlier and thought it was Conservative talk lead in music, lol. New ULR log. DH-IN
1460 WBRN MI Big Rapids 9/1 0506 P W w/wx "on Newsradio 1460, 107.7 and 95-1" Ad for Auto Owners ins, Taylor Insurance in Greenville. No WBJX noted tho 97.9 xlator was on. JJR-WI
970 WWRK SC Florence 9/1 0515 P steady w/"Swagga Radio" noted tween songs. Over all. JJR-WI
1360 WMOB AL Mobile 9/1 0530 F end of REL show w/AR addy. "on 1360 AM and 1110 AM" No WTAQ. JJR-WI
1330 WTRE IN Greenburg 9/17 0535 P "...on True Country WTRE, good morning..." Lost. Rare! JJR-WI
900 WATK WI Antigo 9/1 0540 P "900 AM WATK" after ad for flower shop "in Antigo." NOS. No CHML. JJR-WI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 9/5 0550 P "Sportsradio 1400 WBIZ Eau Claire" upon tune in. JJR-MI
560 KMON MT Great Falls 9/10 0555 F! "made in MT products", "wx for Central MT: 25-30 today, Fri:50s, Sat 60s, Sun 65. 37 at the airport and 40 at the downtown studios on KMON." Best copy ever! JJR-MI
1030 WEBS GA Calhoun 9/17 0555 P "Classic Hits WEBS.... news is next on WEBS." JJR-WI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/20 0555 P "KNX's Steve....across Southern California..." JJR-MI
750 KAMA TX El Paso 9/10 0558 F -loud! "kama" in promo and LID at TOH. No WSB at all. JJR-MI
1440 KMAJ KS Topeka 9-7 0559 P in jumble w/ LID at BOH, then network nxcast. JB-WI
0600-1159 CDT
750 KAMA TX El Paso 9/7 0600 F loud! LID tween SS chatter w/tons of phone #'s. No WSB at all. KTSM not in, but XEROK appeared to be. Something out of whack? NEW! JJR-MI
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 9/20 0600 P LID, locally owned by Hub radio. ABC nx o/others. JJR-MI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 9/17 0600 P SSB detailed s/on. o/weak WFAW. JJR-WI
1150 KSAL KS Salina 9/1 0600 P w/LID, ABC news o/everything. JJR-WI
1180 KYES MN Rockville 9/9 0600 P LID, "K-Yes" into MN + local news. JJR-MI
1050 KMTA MT Miles City 9/20 0601 P LID Good Times, Great Oldies, USA radio. JJR-MI
1450 KCPI MN St. Cloud 9/19 0603 P "Good Morning, KNSI newstime 6:03, 61 degrees...." JJR-MI
1020 WPEO IL Peoria 9/1 0604 P "on WPEO radio" by woman. Detailed wx for Peoria, Central IL. JJR-WI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/5 0605 P CBS news, "This is KNX Newsradio 1070" few headlines and "Traffic & wx on the 5's" WTSO nulled. JJR-MI
1170 KFAQ OK Tulsa 9/19 0606 F! Loud, Tulsa ments KFAQ Stormcenter wx by woman. JJR-MI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 9/1 0607 P very detailed 5 day forecast. "in downtown Valentine" JJR-WI
540 KWMT IA Fort Dodge 9/20 0607 P u/"KWMT" into Fox News. OLD C&W in back of CBK. JJR-MI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 9/20 0610 F suprising loud o/WPRR. Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash. Calls JJR-MI
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone 9/7 0612 F "Blazin' Country 10-5-Oh" by W tween songs. C&W. Alone. JJR-MI
1580 KREL CO Colorado Springs 9/20 0617 P wx (for Thus night! Today is Saturday!), Fox 1580 KREL..." No CKDO. JJR-MI
560 KMON MT Great Falls 9/9 0618 P 560 KMON ??? Country o/others. Still in 15 mins later. OLD C&W JJR-MI
1550 KICS NE Hastings 9/20 0619 P "Central NE Sportsmans Club...Cornhuskers.." JJR-MI
1260 WOCO WI Oconto 9/17 0620 P and lost! "for WOCO radio, I'm meteorologist.." Rare! JJR-WI
1590 KVGB KS Great Bend 9/5 0620 P Farmer's Almanac feature "on KVGB." JJR-MI
1690 KDDZ CO Arvada 9/10 0623 F unusually loud w/Disney content wiping out anything! JJR-MI
1600 KPNP MN Watertown 9/9 0624 P in w/others. Hmong singing. JJR-MI
1060 KNLV NE Ord 9/19 0625 P .... K Street in Ord. Alone. JJR-MI
1050 KMTA MT Miles City 9/19 0626 P u/KLOH Stevie Wonder, Spencer Davis & Steve Miller OLDies. Calls @:30.JJR-MI
1010 CBRtAB Calgary 9/19 0630 P "this is CBC news" behing others. No CFRB tho. No CFFR 660 in. JJR-MI
1430 WCMY IL Ottawa 9/17 0630 P but up a bit "Full Service WCMY... from the WCMY newsroom.." Rare! JJR-WI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 9/20 0631 P alone, clear "660 News time" by woman JJR-MI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 9/17 0633 P "...with Suzie ....on Faith Radio" o/weak WOWO. JJR-WI
650 KGAB WY Orchard Valley 9/20 0633 F-G "on AM 650 KGAB" "the WY" Alone. JJR-MI
640 KFI CA Los Angeles 9/20 0634 "KFI nx on the hr, 1/2 hr and when it breaks.." JJR-MI
560 KMON MT Great Falls 9/20 0637 P "we are 560 KMON" tight null of others. JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 9/19 0640 P "Talkradio 630 K-How" into local chatter. o CFCO! JJR-MI
950 WERL WI Eagle River 9/9 0648 P Obit report "Freedom Talk 950 WERL" into Wall St Journal rpt. JJR-MI
1450 KGRE CO Greeley - 9/9 0650 - Atop w/Mexican banda mx //KGRE's webstream. CO #36 and GYer #98 at this QTH. (RD-NE)

1200-1759 CDT
1380 WABH NY Bath 9/12 1753 P with NY Yankees Radio Network EB-MI
1430 WXNT IN Indianapolis 9/12 1754 P with local ads, CBS Sports 1430 EB-MI

1800-2359 CDT
1570 WNDA IN New Albany 9/12 1837 Faded in and out with high school football: Cougars vs. Pioneers, on News-Talk 1570 EB-MI
1380 WKJV NC Asheville 9/12 1845 G with C&W Gospel, dual-station ID // WKJW-1010, into Health Info. EB-MI
1420 WTCR WV Kenova 9/12 1850 P, mostly under WHK with high school football, local ads. Finally lost to the Cleveland station. EB-MI
1550 KLFJ MO Springfield 9/13 2040 Fairly good signals fading in and out under CBEF with lots of talk about Branson and what shows and sites to see. NEW! SMA-MB
1220 KZEE TX Weatherford - 9/4 2114 - Way atop channel on N-S loop bearing with odd Indian-sounding music and chanting by female. On a hunch, I brought up KZEE's webstream, and it turned out to be a complete match. (RD-NE)
580 CKKW ON Windsor 9/16 2125 P alone w/"AM 580" and Kinks OLDie. JJR-WI
930 WSRV TN Sevierville 9/12 2130 Strong w/continual Smoky Mountain Radio promos and local ads. On day rig late. New ULR log. DH-IN
1460 WBRN MI Big Rapids 9/16 2134 P -no semi local WJTI hrd. PSA, calls, Det Tigers broadcast JJR-WI

750 KAMA TX El Paso - 9/7 2147 - Heard a "Kama Siete Sinquenta Ah Emmay" mention in a local ad during a Spanish broadcast of the Sunday Night NFL game between Denver and Indianapolis. Took a dive under CKJH shortly thereafter. TX #64 at this QTH. (RD-NE)
1090 WCRA IL Effingham 9/16 2158 P Jim Bohannon, "This is WCRA Effingham -First for news" CBS nx. On late. JJR-WI
1180 WVLZ TN Knoxville 9-10 2212 VP u/KYES-MN w/OLD mx., songs by Jan & Dean and Bobby Goldsboro, online streaming on station website helps confirm this, a daytimer probably on CH power of 2.6 kw past sunset, New catch! JB-WI
970 WZAM MI Ishpeming 9/16 2226 P but o/others w "Sports pen 4-5pm on ESPN-UP." JJR-WI
710 WAQI FL Miami 9/16 2234 P SS OReilly and Save The Children into "R Mambi de Grande" Woman and chatter w/others nulled. JJR-WI
1180 WVLZ TN Knoxville 9/16 2246 F "Knoxvilles Greatest Hits 1180 WVLZ" Beatles OLDie. On late. JJR-WI