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The DX Day-
DX Discected: minute by minute

The dx day here shows loggings listed by TIME, beginning at 0000 CENTRAL thru 2359 CENTRAL.
If a time is the same, then the listing is by frequency. This listing will be changed monthly and this page will not be archived. THIS PAGE is CLEARED MONTHLY and when flips are made from daylight-standard time so page is refreshed. This page shows how your DX TIP is discected into 5 different sections:
1)longform 2)area 3) individual 4)hourly (this page) and 5) frequency logs.

A horizontal line seperates 0000,0600,1200 and 1800 CENTRAL.
Beginning 0000 CENTRAL: Loggings are in order of time: beginning at 0000 and going through the DX DAY. Central time is used. This page is changed MONTHLY. THERE ARE JUNE TIMES.
freq call location date time reception hot tipper. Scroll time from 0000-2359 CDT.
0000-0559 CDT
1460 WBRN MI Big Rapids 9/1 0506 P W w/wx "on Newsradio 1460, 107.7 and 95-1" Ad for Auto Owners ins, Taylor Insurance in Greenville. No WBJX noted tho 97.9 xlator was on. JJR-WI
970 WWRK SC Florence 9/1 0515 P steady w/"Swagga Radio" noted tween songs. Over all. JJR-WI
1360 WMOB AL Mobile 9/1 0530 F end of REL show w/AR addy. "on 1360 AM and 1110 AM" No WTAQ. JJR-WI
900 WATK WI Antigo 9/1 0540 P "900 AM WATK" after ad for flower shop "in Antigo." NOS. No CHML. JJR-WI
0600-1159 CDT
1150 KSAL KS Salina 9/1 0600 P w/LID, ABC news o/everything. JJR-WI
1020 WPEO IL Peoria 9/1 0604 P "on WPEO radio" by woman. Detailed wx for Peoria, Central IL. JJR-WI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 9/1 0607 P very detailed 5 day forecast. "in downtown Valentine" JJR-WI

1200-1759 CDT

1800-2359 CDT