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The purpose of this page is to show the changes that have taken place in this hobby during our publication times (1981-88 and 1997-present). You can see how many AM tips were in each issue, and look at the radio highlights of same. I hope you enjoy this and it might just jog some memories!

7-14: 36 AM, 208 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620 TFM:106Mhz TS:South West
NEWS:FMDX was under average, but AMDX was above average. We had some really good nights, and new stations were still being logged in the middle of summer! Another page was added. First logs shows stations still being reported as NEW! Considering we began in 1981, it's nice to see there is still new stuff being logged over and over. This pages shows it all: AM and FM. It's updated monthly on the 19th!
Format/call flips: 1170 KBOB-IA SPO:ESPN ex:KJOC, 104.9 KBOBFM-IA C&W "the Hawk", dumping ROCK, 1680 KRJO-LA Silent, 870 WTIM-IL NEWSTalk ex:WSVZ, was Silent CP:Assumpton and 930 WTOU-MI EX:WBCK. Silent, roughly 90 days. Also, the True Oldies Channel shut down with most stations going to WW1 OLDies.

6-14: 25 AM, 56 FM tips, 3 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1610 TFM:105Mhz TS:South West
NEWS:Shawn Axelrod-MB sends this in: Cuts to the CBC over the next 5-6 years. Webcams were added to the homepage. There's no/little FM/TVDX. Another page was added. The SS/FF/Ethnic page was added. FM station/format info has been added for Indiana.
Format/call flips: 107.7 CJXR-MB NEW: C&W "Country 107.7", 92.3 KBRY-NE ex:92.1, 104.5 KCCR-SD NEW: ROCK "Capital City Rock 104.5", 1400 KQDJ-ND +97.1 K246AM SPO:ESPN, was C&W "Dakota Country", 102.9 KWGO-SD C&W, dropping HotAC, 1140 KZMQ-WY Greybull OLD (WW1) drops OLD C&W"Real", 1450 WATZ-MI SILent, ceased operations 6-24. Prog to 105.7 WZTK. On since '46, 1250 WGL-IN SPO:FOX "Fox Sports 1250", was OLD//102.9 WGLFM, 1450 WKLA-MI +92.7 W224CA +107.9 W300CG OLD (WW1) Good Time Oldies, dumping OLD"True", 102.1 WRKU-WI AC "More FM @102-1 " was Cl HITS, 105.1 WSBW-WI AC "More FM @ 105-1", was NOS, 1640 WSJP-WI Sussex REL:Relevant //100.1 WSJPFM Port Washington, Was Silent and 105.7 WZTK-MI Alpena NEW STN:News-Talk.4,500watts/87 meters Prog moves from 1450 WATZ,now Silent.

5-14: 50 AM, 150 FM tips, 2 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1700 TFM:104Mhz TS:South Dakota
NEWS: Knocked out of the park! FMDX numbers and AMDX numbers are above average! A nice contribution of LWDX really made the May numbers shine as much as the welcomed sun! TVDX has been reported too! Celebrated doing a weekly chart for 45 years! In May, we generally flip numbers from AM to FM, as FM Tropo/E Skip (hopefully) pick up.
Format/call flips: 1170 KJOC-IA SPO:ESPN "ESPN1170", dumping OLD"True", 95.7 KQSF-SD Cl HITS "Q95.7", dumps OLD "Cool 95.7", 1240 KWIK-ID SoftAC "EZ Rock 106.3"//106.3 KQEZ Shelley,ID, was NEWS-TALK, 1090 WCAR-MI SPO:Yahoo, was SPO:NBC, 1150 WEAQ-WI "Oldies 1150" OLD"True", dropping SPO:ESPN, 1230 WIBQ-IN NewsTALK ex:WYGJ, 1490 WIGM-WI SPO:CBS "CBS SportsRadio 1490", drops SPO:ESPN, 1520 WNWT-OH TALK "Urban Family Talk", dumps "KLove" CCM, 640 WWAM IL Peotone cp calls, 96.9 WXLP-IL Cl ROCK, was Cl HITS and 1300 WYGJ-IN Terre Haute SILent ex:WIBQ.

4-14: 56 AM, 00 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690 TFM:103Mhz TS:South Dakota
NEWS: We were above average, again, for April on AMDX.
Format/call flips: 1440 WPRS-IL NewsTALK //1300 WBOW, drops C&W, 98.5 WBOWFM-IL AC, drops NewsTALK, 105.1 KCYZ-IA HotAC ex:KCCQ, 107.7 WMQT-MI also "106.1 FM along with our usual 107.7", not usual 100kw., 95.5 KBEK-MN Silent, 101.3 KOZYFM-NE Top40 "The Bluffs Hit Music Station", was HotAC, 1660 KQWB-ND OLD C&W "Willie at 1660 AM" adds NBC:00, dropping OLD "True", 1330 WINT-OH TALK ex:WELW "INTregity Radio", 104.1 WMZK-WI HotAC dumps Cl ROCK, 97.9 W250BN-WI West Allis "on within month, weather permitting"//1460 WJTI, and 105.3 CKTG-ON C&W "Country 105", drops Cl HITS,

3-14: 135 AM, 00 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:102Mhz TS:South Carolina
NEWS: UNID FMDX page has been slapped up. Power poll question: Should we run CLT or ELT? Central wins, again.
Format/call flips:103.9 CKDC-ON C&W, dumping ROCK, 1060 KBFL-MO SmJAZZ, dumping NOS:MYL, 1510 KCKK-CO Adult SHUFFLE //93.7 K229BS Lakewood "93-7theRock", 1520 KMSR-ND SPO:NBC was SPO:ESPN, 1510 KNNS-KS TALK "The Patriot 105.7 //KRMR. Drops SS, 1250 KTFJ-NE now 80s HITS//92.1 K221FO Sioux Falls "Sunny Radio", drops REL, 1380 KXFN-MO SPO:Yahoo, dropping TALK, 1230 KWSN-SD SPO:NBC, was SPO:CBS, 98.5 WBOW-IL ex:WIBQ, 1550 WDLR-OH Delaware OLD"True"//1270 WQTT-OH, 970 WGEE-WI SPO:CBS, drops NOS:MYL, 96.5 WHOH-WI NEW STN:SPO:CBS, 1300 WIBQ-IN ex:WBOW, 1590 WODJ-MI Big Rapids cp cancelled, delete, 850 WQRM-MN REL:VCY "Quality Radio for MN" was REL, ex:WWJC. Flipped 3-24, 100.1 WSJP-WI ex:WPJP, 96.7 WUPG-MI OLD C&W "96-7 Yooper Country", was Cl HITS//WUPT [flipped 3-1] and 1460 WI Shawano cp cancelled, deleted.

2-14: 248 AM, 00 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:101Mhz TS:Oklahoma
NEWS: Frequencies not reported all winter long: 700, 830, 840, 1110, 1120 and 1620! Feb AMDX was way over average!
Format/call flips: 102.1 KCKC-MO AC "KC102.1", was Adult ALT, 1590 KCTY-NE ex:KTCH. HotAC "Todays Best Hits 1590AM", was C&W, 95.7 KDALFM-MN AC "FM95.7" drops ROCK, 1340 KHUB-NE Cl HITS "Fremont 1340" or"K-Hub", drops TALK, 1490 KKAN-KS OLD, was NOS, 104.1 KMYR-IA ex:KLTI, 1450 KQYX-KS SoGOS/GOS "1450 theDove", drops SPO, 104.9 KTCH-NE ex:KCTY, ex:Wayne. C&W "Big Red Country", 87.7 WGWG-LP-IL SPORTS, SPO:NBC overnights, 95.9 WLJWFM-MI Fife Lake CP ON: CCM, 104.1 WMZK-WI ClROCK, was Rock

1-14: 207 AM, 00 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:100Mhz TS:North Dakota
NEWS:Above average AMDX tips, again! DX TIP #50,000 was posted! An FM frequency of the week was added on the home page in addition to the regional, clear and graveyard frequencies of the week. A lot of stuff has been heard from midAMerica. 50,000 such examples!
Format/call flips: 88.5 WNLI-WI "Air1", was CCM, 90.5 WPFF-WI CCM "K-Love", was local CCM, 90.9 WUPJ-MI NEW STN: REL "Strong Tower Radio", 95.1 CKUE-ON SoftAC "LiteFM" dropping ROCK, 97.1 KTCZ-MN HotAC "Cities97", 97.7 WMRX-MI Soft AC/OLD "Sunny 97-7", dumping NOS(WW1), 101.1 WKQX-IL Chicago Alternative, dropping UrbanAC and WIQI calls, 106.1 WCWI-WI AC "Wisconsin 106", was AdultHITS. EX:WDKM., 1050 CKSB-MB SILent. All programming:FM 88.1, 1130 KTLK-MN ex:KTCN, 1270 WEIC-IL SILent -Demolished for farmland, 1290 KOUU-ID OLD C&W //102.9 K275BL Pocatello OLD C&W. "K-O-Double U", 1470 KDEB-CO Silent, 1490 WMPX-MI SoftAC/OLD, "Sunny 97-7"//97.7 WMRX dropping NOS (WW1), 1490 KHTC-MT UrbanAC The Heat //99.3 K257FL, was TALK, 1530 WLWB-WI noted off the air, 1540 WYCL-OH TROPical "La Nueva Mia 1540", was Silent, 1570 WLKD-WI SoftOLD "The Lake-AM 1570" drops NewsTALK, 1590 WGBW-WI noted off air and 1640 KZLS-OK Enid 2b TALK Feb3 in AMdrive, eventually dropping all music.

12-13: 229 AM, 00 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650 TFM:99Mhz TS:North Carolina
NEWS:Above average AMDX tips. 8 of the 12 months previous were above average for AMDX tips! FMDX and TVDX tips were not as fortunate, but you need dx to report, hi! Very good year with many new pages/feature!
Format/call flips: 93.1 WDRQ-MI C&W, 93.9 WAVC-MI Mio to be REL upon sale. SILent now, 100.3 WILV-IL AC, dumping 80s/90s "Rewind" moniker, 101.1 WIQI-IL RHY HotAC, was HotAC, 102.3 KPNY-NE REL ex:102.1, 580 CKUA-AB SILent, flipping to FM, 1270 WEIC-IL will go SILent in Jan'14, 1530 WLWB-WI Oldies Channel 1530, dumps SS, 1550 WZRK-IL -cp expired, unbuilt and 1550 WHIT-WI Madison OLD C&W Hank AM 1550, dropping OLD"True.

11-13: 241 AM, 00 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640 TFM:98Mhz TS:New York
NEWS:Above average AMDX tips. Birthday #32 celebrated.
Format/call flips: 103.5 KSAS-ID ex:103.3, 100.7 KINF-ID ex:99.1, 1440 KPTO-ID Silent, 99.5 WZIM-IL AC "Magic 99.5FM" dropping SPOrts, 98.3 WJLI-IL ClROCK, dropping Top40, 1340 KSEK-KS SPO:Fox "FoxSportsRadio1340", drops SPO:Yahoo, 93.9 WAVC-MI Mio SILent, sale pending, 1510 KCTE-MO SPO:ESPN "ESPN1510", drops News-Talk & "Hot Talk" moniker, 90.7 KSLS-ND [CCM//KSLT] ex:90.9, 1550 WDLR-OH SS:La Jefa, dropping OLD, 1570 WPTW-OH OLD"True" +98.1 W251BC, 1640 WKSH-WI 2b REL upon sale, 1600 WRPN-WI Cl HITS, dropping TALK, 104.7 WHWA-WI NEW: Classical,News:NPR, 1340 KSGT-WY SPO:ESPN, dropping C&W, 100.7 CFJL-MB Winnipeg AC/Lite Rock, drops NOS and 107.1 CKCL-MB CLASSical/Jazz nite dropping CCM ex:CFEQ.

10-13: 237 AM, 21 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1630 TFM:97Mhz TS:Nebraska
NEWS:7th best October on record for AMDX! Two more pages added to tip section: the AMDX depth and hour by hour pages, thus when you send in a dx tip, it is split up six ways so you can see (in addition to previously named), the actual report, report by area, individual and by frequency.
Format/call flips: 830 CKKY AB Wainwright SILent moved to 101.9FM, 1070 KLIO-KS ESPN Deportes, dropping OLD"True", 1440 KPTO-ID returns to air: unknown format, was SILent, 890 KWYN-ID SS, dropping TALK, 1640 KZLS*OK OLD"True" ex:KOAG, 630 KYFI-MO EX:KJSL, 92.9 WECL-WI ROCK "92.9 the X", was Cl ROCK, 1490 WQQX-IL SPO:FOX and 1540 WYCL-OH Niles SILent.

9-13: 192 AM, 49 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620 TFM:96Mhz TS:Missouri
NEWS:Most reported graveyards in the past year: 1450 1230 1490. WWV A/K indeces added to homepage, New North East GYDX page added listing logs and format, as quite a few in midAMerica have heard stuff bordering the great Atlantic!
Format/call flips: 1680 KRJO*LA OLD C&W "Country Legends 1680", dropping OLD R&B, 1020 KJJK-MN SPO:"AM1020 the Game", drops CCM, 101.9 KRWK-ND Fargo REVERTS to ROCK "Rock 102", dumping NewsTALK, 104.7 KMJO-ND AC "Mix 104.7", dropping AdultSHUFFLE, 92.7 KZDR-ND EX:KFNL, ClHITS TheDrive, was Silent, 100.9 WBNO-OH ClROCK "B-Rock 100.9", drops AC, 92.9 WKZY-WI 80s/90s//104.3 WKZG, dropping C&W exWXMM, 104.9 WTKMFM-WI OLD C&W, dropping POLKAS and 1340 WLDY-WI SPO:CBS, drops TALK.

8-13: 69 AM, 69 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1710 TFM:95Mhz TS:Minnesota
NEWS: DX Tip #49,000 was published! Over August average, which is always nice! Sad new that Monitoring Times ceases publication at years' end! Rich Line sent that in!
Format/call flips: 93.7 CJNU-MB TESTING NOW. Full time Sept4 w/500w. 107.9 will then shut down. Format:NOS, 98.7 KLTA-MN AdultTop40 "Big98.7", was ROCK. EX:KQWBFM, 100.1 KLKS-MN ClHITS "theWave", was Silent, 105.1 WMGC*MI SPO:ESPN "Detroit Sports 105.1", drops AC, 105.1 KQWBFM-MN ROCK, was AC EX:KLTA, 920 WGNU-IL Granite City SPO:CBS, was TALK/BLK GOS/REL, 1170 WFDL-WI Waupun +103.3 W277AC Clyman "Oldies 103-3 and AM 1170", 1190 KPHN-MO Silent, 1340 KIJV-SD HotAC //Tiger95.3 drops OLD, 1410 WNWZ*MI UrbanAC 1410theTouch, was Comedy, 1520 WSVX-IN 260-4 +96.5 W234CL HotACd/Top40n "Giant96,Real Radio", 1530 WLWB-WI SS:LaPegadora1530, was Silent, 1580 WHLY-IN SS:LaRaza1580, was Silent, 1580 WVKO-OH BLK GOS 1580thePraise, was TALK and 1600 KKTS WY CP CALLS ex:KLNQ.

7-13: 14 AM, 149 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1700 TFM:94Mhz TS:Michigan
NEWS: Happy in fact Sept targets slapped up, horrible under average FMDX the 2nd summer in a row!
Format/call flips: 97.1 KKBR-MT Top40 "PopCrush97.1", drops OLD, 92.3 KQRK-MT Top40 "Star92", dropping C&W, 1090 WCAR-MI SPO:NBC, was SPO:ESPN, 1580 WLPK-IN Connersville [OLD] ex:WIFE, 810 WMJH-MI ClHITS "SuperHits 8-1-Oh", was SS, 920 WMNI-OH NOS, was NewsTALK//103.9FM, 1080 WOAP-MI Owosso SS "R.Exitos", drops ClHITS, 96.3 WSFQ-WI AC "Hits96.3" dropping ClHITS and 970 WZAM-MI adds 93.3 W227CJ

6-13: 16 AM, 94 FM tips, 1 TV tip!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690 TFM:93Mhz TS:Mass-Penna
NEWS: Lack of tropo/Es anywhere in area! This is same in any venue, anywhere. Lousy dx summer, part 2?
Format/call flips: 1070 CHOK-ON SoftAC/ClHITS//103.9FM, drops C&W, 88.9 CKMW-MB new C&W format. AM1570 will simulcast until Sept sign off, 1350 KWMO-MO SPO:CBS "1350CBS Sports", was Talk, 97.7 WCHY-MI EX:WOEZ, 1250 -WGL-IN OLD//102.9 WGLFM Huntington Oldies102-9, 1330 WNTA-IL SS LaMovida, dropping COM and 92.7 WRPP-MI now ClROCK//WRUP, dropping TALK.

5-13: 32 AM, 78 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:92Mhz TS:Louisiana
NEWS: AMDX and FMDX reports were both above average and May bested April for AMDX tips! Great job! Also, new Suncoast/GulfCoast GYlist is added.
Format/call flips: 105.5 KRBIFM-MN AC, dropping ClHITS, 106.3 WJZJ-MI AC Eazy106.3, was TALK, 690 KOAQ-NE S:LaGrandD, dropping OLD, 920 CFRY-MB APP 93.1, currently CFRY-1,//920AM, leaving AM band. Would run ClROCK, 1050 CKSB-MB Winnipeg CP to 88.1, 100000w leaving AM band, 1230 WXCO-WI NOS"Sunny1230", drops TALK, 1300 WBZQ-IN SS, drops OLDies, 1340 KGGS-KS SPO:FOX "Big Dog Sports 1340", was C&W, 1400 WRDB-WI OLD, dropping NOS and 1450 WXVW-IN [SPO Yahoo] ex:WQKC

4-13: 25 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:91Mhz TS:Kansas
NEWS: AM continues slide as we await FM DX!
Format/call flips:107.1 CFEQ-MB Winnipeg 2b CLASsical, dropping CCM, 95.3 CING-ON Adult Top40 "95-3 FreshFM", was Cl Hits, 1590 WGBW-WI reverts to OLD"True" was SPO:ESPN, 105.1 WGVX-MN, 105.7 WGVY-MN, 105.3 WRXP-MN all go SPO:CBS, 102.7 WMOM*MI 2b:96.3 -CP, 1250 WNEM*MI off the air, pending sale, format flip, 97.7 WQDC-WI "Door Country 97.7" ex:WSRG, 95.5 WQEZ*MI AC, was ROCK and 92.7 WRPP-MI TALK ex:WPIQ.

3-13: 118 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660, TFM:90Mhz TS:Iowa
NEWS: Very happy to report March AMDX was above average: 110.51 is the new average, up from 109.50. Thanx much for making this possible!
Format/call flips:540 CBEF-ON SILENT as of Mar1. Move to 1550 complete, 107.9 KELQ-SD TALK//1320 KELO, dropping ClHITS EX:KXQL, 92.7 KFNF-ND SILent, 92.7 KGFXFM-SD Top40 "River92-7", was HotAC, 92.7 WAUN-WI SS "La Mas Grande", dropping SmJAZZ, 1290 WIRL-IL OLD +102.7 W274BM Morton 115w, was OLD C&W., 1290 WZTI-WI NOS, dropping TALK ex:WMCS.

2-13: 66 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650, TFM:89Mhz TS:Indiana
NEWS: and new domains are set for 5 years. I guess we plan to be around!! Spring MLB games on the air. Spring coming up. New GY target freq of the week, TF of the week and and most reported of the month added, and linked on homepage.
Format/call flips:1090 KAAY*AR back on the air, 1050 WGRI-OH EX:WCVX. Stn now UrbGOS, 1160 WCVX*KY REL EX:WQRT, 1230 WGRY*MI SPO:CBS//FM, dropping NOS, 1230 KBCQ@NM OLD +92.5 K22BH, 1250 WNEM*MI 2b:REL:Ava Maria Radio, dropping NewsTalk, 1510 CKOT-ON SILent, moved C&W to FM, 1590 WIXK-WI "Classic Country 1590", dropping All NEWS, 1650 KYHN*AR ON. Was silent. "Arklahomas Power Talk Radio", 1650 KSVE*TX SPO:ESPN Deportes, drops FM//93.9 JoseFM, 95.1 WFAV-IL [Top40] ex:WKIF, 98.5 KXWI ND Williston CP calls EX:KSPY, 100.1 KATQFM MT ClROCK, dropping C&W, 103.7 WYUR-IL ClROCK, dropping Top40 ex:WFAV 2-22 105.7 KPNT-IL Collinsville NEW COL[ModRock] EX:Ste.Genevieve,MO, 107.7 KIMI IA Sidney ex:Humboldt ex:107.9 2-22

1-13: 125 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640, TFM:88Mhz TS:Illinois
NEWS: Look back at 2012 and many new pages added. Over or at average for AMDX in Jan, Feb, Apr and Oct. FMDX was over average in Jan, July and Nov. Still with FMDX so bad in 2012, AMDX beat FMDX in August!
Format/call flips: 1240 CBLS-ON APP 95.3FM 500w/182 meters. AM 2b SILent, 1340 CBQW-ON 2b SILent, 680 CHFA-AB SILent, has moved to FM, 1090 KAAY@AR SILent:water@xmitter,1640 KOAG*OK Farm-Ag News, drops SoGos "Faith 1640" monkier.EX:KFXY, 830 KOTC-TN*Memphis "95-3theRebel", ex;Kennett,MO, 95.5 KRDS-MN OLD C&W//AM, dropping OLD, 93.9 KXDI-ND Belifield-Dickinson NEW STN: C&W "I-94", 91.1 WGGL-MI NewsTALK, was CLASsical 1-25, 920 WOKY-WI SPO:NBC/FOX, drop s OLD C&W, 1670 WOZN-WI SPO:CBS ex:WTDY, 106.7 WOZNFM-WI SPO:CBS EX:WTDYFM, 1160 WQRT*KY SILent 2return 2-1 as REL, 1550 WZRK-WI SILent, moving to IL.

12-12: 158 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1630, TFM:107Mhz TS:Georgia
NEWS: DX tip #48,000 posted!
Format/call flips 1310 KGLB-MN ex:KTWN, 99.5 KJKQ SD Sisseton NEW STN:AdultSHUFFLE "99.5 JackFM", 105.9 KKBO-ND C&W "105.9 The Rig", drops AdultSHUFFLE, 95.7 KMKO-MN ROCK, drops NewsTALK,1550 WDLR-OH OLD, dropping SS, 1620 WDND-IN 2b REL:Catholic, dropping Top40//WNDV-FM92.9, 1310 WDTW-MI Dearborn 2b SILent, 1170 WFDL-WI OLD, drops AC, 690 WQNO-LA REL:EWTN, drops SPO, 98.3 WRIKFM-IL now Top40 "Jelli 98.3" 2b:WJLI, 1430 WXNT-IN 2b SPO:CBS, 1270 WXYT-MI 2b SPO:CBS.

11-12: 202 AM, 27 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620, TFM:106Mhz TS:Florida
NEWS: DX-midAMerica celbrates birthday #31. Included was info on first loggings and past DX-midAMerica GTGs. AMDX was heating up.
Format/call flips:1550 CBEF-ON 10000/10000 CBC:FF//98.3 Sarnia,ON here from 540, 99.5 KJKQ-SD Sisseton CP calls, 100.7 KNDL-ND EX:KXNK, 1450 KQYX-KS now:SPO, was OLD, 820 WBKK-MN OLD, tho is TALK//FMs in AMd, 98.7 WLDN-MI TALK, 1390 WRIG-WI SPO:FOX now//W23OBU-93.9 Rothschild

10-12: 172 AM, 6 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1610, TFM:105Mhz TS:Colorado
NEWS: October below average.
Format/call flips:1550 CBEF-ON 2b moving here from 540, 710 CJRN-ON 2b SILent. Renewal denied, 99.5 KRKI-SD Keystone-Rapid City C&W drops SPO:FOX EX:Newcastle WY, 101.9 KZZQ-ND REL:EWTN, dropping NewsTALK, 107.9 WCDY-MI Top40, was HotAC, 1300 WFRX-IL SPO:FOX, was NOS, 98.7 WLDN-MI NEW STN: on, stunting. Now "Coast 97.7", 94.7 WLSFM-IL ClHITS, was OLD, 100.3 WNIC-MI AC, was HotAC, 98.3 WRIK-IL HotAC& Dial Global, 1270 WRJC-WI C&W "Smash Country" ex-NOS //92.9 W225BF, 95.1 WUPN-MI NEW STN:Cl HITS, 100.1 WZFJ-MN SILent and 99.5 WZPL-IN reverts to Top40!

9-12: 172 AM, 6 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1600, TFM:105Mhz TS:Alabama
NEWS: Internet Birthday! Updated daily since 9-4-97!

8-12: 64 AM, 49 FM tips, 0 TV tips!
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690, TFM:103Mhz TS:Wyoming
NEWS: Very, very unusual that, in August, AMDX beats FMDX! Last August was our best August FMDX month ever. One year later: gulp!
Format/call flips: 820 CHAM ON COMedy "Funny820" was C&W, 106.9 KBGL KS Top40 "Hits106.9" was ClHITS, 1400 KQDJ-ND C&W "Dakota Country", dropping ClHITS. Still //97.1 K246AM, 92.3 KQRK-MT C&W, was ROCK, 99.5 KRQU-WY OLD, dropping ClROCK, 98.3 KXGT-ND + 102.7 K274BH Jamestown-250w AdultSHUFFLE "TedFM 98.3-102.7" was AC, 1490 KXLQ-IA SPO:Yahoo, was SILent, 1400 WBAT-IN TALK, was OLD, 98.9 WEMP WI Two Rivers CP calls, 960 WHAK-MI //WHAK-FM Classic Hits "99-9 the Wave," was //100.7 WWTH, 101.1 WIQI-IL HotAC, dropping AdultSHUFFLE, 1460 WJTI-WI SS 2b//97.9 W250BN West Allis, 1470 WLQR-OH TALK, was SPO, 105.1 WMGC-MI AC"Today's105.1" was SoftAC and 93.1 WMPA*MI Ferrysburg NEW STN:C&W "Country 93.1."

7-12: 8 AM, 223 FM tips, 2 TV tips!
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680, TFM:102Mhz TS:Wisconsin
NEWS: Tip #47,000 was posted and FMDX, while on the low end because of lack of tropo/Eskip was still above average for July!
Format/call flips: 1570 CKMW-MB GTD:103.7 FM and will leave AM band within 90 days of FM coming on, 1240 KEVA-WY ClHITS/OLD &DialGlobal, 1290 KMMM-KS ClHITS "Mighty 1290," was OLD, 950 KRWZ-CO Parker, was Denver, 1330 KWLO-IA SPO:ESPN "ESPN1330,", was OLD, 1310 WCCW-MI 2b(8-30):SPO:FOX, now SPO:ESPN, 101.1 WIQI-IL AdultSHUFFLE "i101", was AllNews, 106.3 WKLAFM-MI HotAC "Hits 106 KLA" was AC, 101.5 WMTE-MI Manistee "Kool101.5" now OLD"True", was ClHITS, 105.5 WSRJ-MI 2b:SPO:ESPN (8-30), dropping TALK, 106.7 WSRT-MI 2b SPO:ESPN (8-30), dropping TALK.

6-12: 5 AM, 307 FM tips, 4 TV tips!
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670, TFM:101Mhz TS:West Virginia
NEWS: Commentary on newspaper site that Oldies/Clasic Hits will be the next format to go down the drain, much like Beautiful Music did some time ago. This will supposedly happen within a year as stations go AllNews,Top40 or Sports.
Format/call flips: 1250 KCFI-IA OLD, EX:KDNZ, 103.1 KKJK-NE Ravenna Top40 "2DayFM103.1", drops ROCK, 92.1 KKOR-MN C&W "CornCountry92.1FM", was OLD EX:KRUE, 1290 KOIL-NE EX:KKAR, 1300 KPMI-MN Bemidji 2500/600 2b:News "NewsChannel1300," 1170 KRUE-MN OLD"True" "Krue 11-70", drops NewsTalk EX:KOWZ, 1380 KXFN-MO EX:KSLG, 1080 KYMN-MN News-Talk-Info dropping NOS&, 1300 WBOW-IN SPO:FOX, was SPO:ESPN, 1490 WLFN-WI NewsTalk "Today's Talk 1490," was NOS, 570 WMAM-WI SPO:Yahoo "Sportsradio 570", was SPO:ESPN, 920 WMNI-OH AllNews "NewsRadio WMNI 103.9 + 920AM," dropping NOS, 860 WNOV-WI ON AIR w/R&B/Hip-Hop. No FM xlator, was SILent, 100.7 WOBE-MI Top40 "100.7 Radio Now" dropping ClHITS, 97.7 WOLV-MI ClHITS:OLD& DGlobal "97-7 The Wolf", local:6-10a 3-6p, was ClHITS, 99.3 WOWN-WI OLD "Kool Gold" &DialGlobal, was ClHITS, 1400 WPAY-OH Portsmouth DELETED, 1550 WZRK-WI ON AIR, was SILent.

5-12: 11 AM, 113 FM tips!
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660, TFM:100Mhz TS:The West
NEWS: IL, MI, MN, MT, ND, SD, WI info on HOT LISTS will be filled in w/info back to 1981. Going thru old bulletins and such. Issue #2237 of hitlist printed, dating back to May 30, 1969. domain renewed 2 years. NE Hot List added FM listings.
Format/call flips: 1580 KCHA-IA OLD, dropping NOS, 1150 KIMM-SD + 106.7 K294BT flipped to TALK, dropping OLD C&W, 99.3 KKTSFM-WY HotAC "99CatsHits", was C&W, 100.1 KKTY-WY now C&W, dropping AdultSHUFFLE, 1450 KMRY-IA +93.1 K226BO OLD "93-1FM, 1450AM Classic KMRY", dumping NOS, 1400 KXGN-MT OLD, was OLD C&W, 99.7 W259BG IL Champaign Top40 Hits99.7 (WIXY-HD3), 87.7 WKQX-LP IL Chicago Alternative, was Smooth Jazz EX:WLFM-LP, 106.3 WMXG-MI SILent

4-12: 23 AM, 3 FM tips!
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650, TFM:99Mhz TS:West Virginia
NEWS: AMDX has gone down, but FM Es has started w/Eric Loy reporting Es from Mexico. Let the season begin! Many more streamers added. FM added to Illnois and Nebraska Hot List as well as new Route 66 listing.
Format/call flips: 1250 KDNZ-IA OLD"Crusin'1250," drops SS, 1660 KQWB-ND OLD"True", dropping SPO:ESPN, 93.3 KSJZ-ND HotAC "Mix93.3", was AC as "KissFM," 1340 KTOQ-SD SPO:ESPN, was TALKd/SPO:ESPNn,96.3 WBBMFM-IL Top40, was Top40/RHY,930 WBCK-MI SPO:Yahoo "Sports930 the Score," dropping C&W, 98.7 WGLI-MI ADDS TALK Sat 6am-12n. 6am:Thom Hartmann 9am:Bill Press. Sun 6-10am: 6am:Stephanie Miller, 9am Keep It in the UP (public affairs) "The Rockin' Eagle-98-7, where rock meets talk." Reg format all other hours. "98-7 the Rockin' Eagle" slogan non-talk hours, 1400 WKNW-MI SPO:ESPN, dropping TALKd/SPO:FOXn, 1240 WOBT-WI 950/1000 OLD C&W(&DialGlobal) +101.3 W267AF 250w, 1430 WRDN-WI OLD C&W "Real Country," was SILent, 100.7 WWHX-IL Top40, was AC ex:WVMG, 99.5 WZIM-IL SPO:FOX CUBS SOX was:ClHITS EX:WDQZ [WMOS WCSO]

3-12: 95 AM, 7 FM tips!
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640, TFM:98Mhz TS:The West
NEWS: Auroral conditions, 720-WGN, 780-WBBM, 670-WSCR all off at once, a well received 1070 WCSZ DX test, alerted to dx community by DX-midAMerica. Not a bad month, and temperatures/winter was rather nice.
Format/call flips: 92.7 KFNL-ND Rock "92.7 the Bone", was SILent, 93.9 KKMK-SD Rapid City now 93-9theMix, dropping Magic handle of 25+ yrs, 101.9 KRWK-ND TALK 101.9TalkFM, was ClROCK, 1090 KSOU-IA "Classic KSOU", drops CCM, 1660 KUDL-KS BIZ NX "KMBZ Business Channel", drops CLAS, 1470 KWSL-IA OLD C&W, was OLD, 99.9 KZDX-ID HotACd/Top40n "Hot100fm", drops ModernAC, 101.9 KZZQ-ND Richardton-Dickinson NEW STN:TALK, 93.1 ----*MI Ferrysburg 2b on"2-6 months" [vd] CP owner:WGHN, 98.7 WIHC-MI REL, was SILent, 98.7 WLDN*MI Pentwater CP 2b:News-Talk-Sports, 101.1 WMYQ-IN AdultTop40 as HotQ101, was HotAC, 1190 WOWO-IN NewsTALK //92.3FM,

2-12: 225 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1630, TFM:97Mhz TS:Utah
NEWS: 1550 was the number one frequency now two months in a row. DX tests includes 560 WFIL-PA, 580 WHP-PA and widely heard 1550 KRPI-WA.
Format/call flips: 94.7 CHOZ NL Top40, dropping ROCK, 99.1 CJGV MB goes Adult Top40 "FreshFM", 95.7 KMKO MN News-Talk-Sports, 1490 KRIB IA NOS, dropping OLD, 101.3 KUUL IL Top40 "101.3KissFM", drops OLD, 1090 WCAR MI SPO:ESPN "ESPN Radio 1090", was TALK, 98.7 WLDN*MI Pentwater CP calls, 1570 WLKD WI NewsTalk dropping NOS:MYL., 1340 WMTE MI NewsTalk //100.1 WCUZ. "Talk Radio 1340 WMTE-100.1 WCUZ" Had been SILent, 1240 WOBT WI OLD C&W(&DialGlobal), was SPO:ESPN.

1-12: 156 AM, 26 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620, TFM:96Mhz TS:Texas
NEWS: Not a bad month. Still below AMDX average but better than previous five Januaries! Also, higher numbers than Dec, Nov and Oct!
Format/call flips: 1310 CHLW AB SILent. Moves to FM 97.7, 960 CKNT ON CP calls, 1700 KKLF TX Comedy, 95.7 WMT-FM IA //NewsTalk WMT, was C&W, 1400 KQDE MT License cancelled, DELETED, 96.3 KTWN-FM MN "K-Twin" Adult Top40, was Top40/RHY EX:KHTC, 95.1 KUSQ MN EX:KWOA-FM, 890 KYWN ID [SILent]EX:KDJQ, 92.9 KYYY ND HotAC, drops AC, 940 WCSY MI SILent, 1440 WDOW MI DELETED, 96.7 WHTQ WI EX:WLJY [Top40], 93.7 WKAD MI SPO:FOX 93.7theTicket was OLD, 1220 WKRS IL ESPN Deportes, dropping NewsTalk, 1340 WMBN MI SPO:FOX//93.7 WKAD, drops NOS, 860 WNOV WI SILent, 1010 WPCN WI //92.1 W221CN News/Talkd OLD"True"N/weekends, 102.5 W273AT WI Mequon-Milwaukee SILent

12-11: 131 AM, 0 FM tips
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1610, TFM:95Mhz TS:South West
NEWS: AM was down a bit from Dec'10 and under average. News in review for 2011: All months down a bit, and FM months of May,June, and July were all above average and August was our best FMDX month ever! TVDX was above average in July. Highs and lows of year posted: a best of, if you will.
Format/call flips: 1490 KJNT-WY SILent, 88.3 KJTT-IA NEW STN:CCM, 102.9 KMNB-MN C&W "Buz'n" Calls" MN Buzzin", was AC "W-Lite", 1050 KMTA-MT SILent, 1560 WIVS-WI Vlge of Superior CP, 101.1 WIQI-IL EX:WWWN, 96.7 WLJY-WI Top40 "Hot96-7FM", was BriteAC, 1400 WMAN-OH News-Talk-Sports now //100.1 WSWR and 98.3 WXXR, 1530 WMBE-WI 2b WLWB. Power 2b 320/--- 2b: OLD"True//WGBW, 820 WOSU-OH 2b REL, 1010 WPCN-WI EX:WSPT, 97.7 WQEZ-MI SoftAC "EZ97.7", 106.7 WTDY-FM-WI TALK//1670WTDY dropping EX:WWQN, 96.7 WUPG-MI Republic AdultSHUFFLE, dropping //100.3 WUPT Gwinn ClHITS,

11-11: 110 AM, 1 FM tips
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 1700, TFM:94Mhz TS:SC
NEWS: AM continued a bit of slide in this seemingly lackluster fall season. DX-midAMerica celebrated 30 years, founded in 1981 as a 2 page tipsheet, later a 12-24 page bulletin to today's internet site.
Format/call flips: 800 KBRV-ID 10000/150 [vd] EX:790, 1340 KGGS-KS Garden City 1000/880 NEW STN:C&W, 95.3 KKWZ-ND Crary CP calls, 94.1 ---- MN Red Lake Falls CP, 1190 WBHA-MN C&W, dropping OLD C&W, 1350 WPDR-WI Portage OLD, was TALK, 97.7 WQLZ-MI Cheboygan NEW STN:Stunting, 1480 WSPY-IL NOS, dropping ClHITS, 1180 WSQR-IL NOS, dropping ClHITS, 105.7 WXCX-WIAdultShuffle, was ClHITS

10-11: 114 AM, 0 FM tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690, TFM:93Mhz TS:OK
NEWS:AMDX was below normal or average. 1590 WGBW WI ran a dx test noted fom BC to CT! On a personal note, my father passed away after 85 years. Good guy!
Format/call flips: 1550 -CBE ON Windsor SILent 1o-28 1450 KBFS SD Belle Fourche NewsTalkd SPO:ESPNn //FM103.1 mid-6am [vd] 1o-21 1160 KFXE IA Waukon SPO:FOX, was AC, EX:KSFF 1o-14 1380 KLIZ MN Brainerd SPO:Yahoo [vd]1o-21 800 KQAD MN Luverne NewsTALK, was AC 1o-28 1230 KRXK ID Rexburg SILent, NewOwners 1o-21 930 KSEI ID Pocatello OLD"True", was SPO:FOX 1o-28 1270 WEIC IL Charleston noted SILent 1o-14 1450 WQKC IN Jeffersonville SPO:Yahoo, was SILent 1o-7 104.7 W284BQ MI Detroit ordered off the air:FCC, due to complaints of interference to WIOT-104.7 Toledo in its protected contour. 1o-28 104.7 W284BQ MI Detroit SILent due to complaints of interference to WIOT-104.7 Toledo in its protected contour.

9-11: 100 AM, 27 FM tips, 1 TV tip
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680, TFM:92Mhz TS:OH
NEWS:Best GYDXin past year:1450, 1490!
Format/call flips: 1370 CFOK-AB to97.9FM. 90 days left on AM//, 1270 KFAN-MN ex:KTCN, 1300 KPMI-MN Bemidji CP calls, 107.1 KRQN-IA Top40, drops ClHITS, 1340 KTFI-ID Wendell 1000/1000 NEW STN:REL, 1400 KXGF-MT SPO:ESPN was HotAC, 1620 WDND-IN Top40//92.9FM WNDV "U-93", dropping SPO, 1570 WNDA-IN NewsTalk, drops OLD "NewsTalk 1570", 100.3 WRHN-WI AdultSHUFFLE, 1360 WWOW-OH OLD, dropping CCM, 92.9 WXMM-WI Chilton-Appelton NEW:C&W, 104.5 WZTC-MI Traverse City NEW STN::AdultSHUFFLE "BobFM"

8-11: 107 AM, 358 FM tips, 28 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670, TFM:91Mhz TS:ND
NEWS:FMDX:8th best month ever! Best August on record! TVDX:ahead of 2010! AMDX:107 tips, besting past eight years! Averages for FM/TV/AM all up! Sporting News Radio flips to Yahoo SportsRadio on 8-1.
Format/call flips: 106.1 CFJL-MB Winnipeg NEW STN:Top40, 1130 KFAN-MN TALK, dropping SPO,100.3 KFXNFM-MN SPO ex:TALK EX:KTLK, 1210 KHAT-WY OLD C&W, drops SPO:ESPN, 99.1 KINFFM-ID [TALK] EX:KQLZ, 1090 KTGO-ND SILent, 850 KXGM-IA delete calls,license, 92.3 WKRK-OH SPO: "92.3theFan", dropping ModROCK, 96.7 WUPG-MI //WUPT "Classic Hits 100.3 the Point" no ment of 96.7, 92.9 WXMM-WI Chilton C&W, 1270 WXYT-MI TALKradio1270, drops SPO:SNR and 97.7 -----MI Cheboygan CP:Del M. Reynolds,

7-11: 9 AM, 394 FM tips, 49 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660, TFM:90Mhz TS:NC
NEWS:FMDX:6th best month ever! 3rd best July on books! TVDX:8th best ever! AMDX:up from Jul'10. Radio host Papa Joe Chevalier, 62, passed away.
Format/call flips: 730 KINF-ID NewsTALK, drops Jazz, 101.1 WWWN-IL now AllNEWS. Was Q101 ModernRock, 96.7 KQZZ-ND HotAC, drops ClROCK, 780 WBBM-IL now//105.9 WCFS, 1230 KVOC-WY noted SILent, 1190 KBHA now OLD C&W//KCUE. EX:KMFX

6-11: 1 AM, 434 FM tips, 87 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650, TFM:89Mhz TS:ND
NEWS:June FMDX/TVDX were our 2nd best June for both FM&TV. Fourth best FMDX month going back to 1981!
Format/call flips: 1530 KQSP-MN OLD R&B, 93.9 KSWN-NE Top40 "The Zone 93.9", drops HotAC, 1310 WDOD-TN SILent, 1530 WMBE-WI OLD C&W& was SPO:FOX, 1400 WPAY-OH SILent, 104.9 WPCK-WI C&W//WPKR "Wolf". Had been "Kicks 104.9" and 1490 WPNT-IN License returned.

5-11: 10 AM, 91 FM tips, 27 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640, TFM:88Mhz TS:NY
NEWS:May AMDX was a below average, FMDX was above average. NO records for TVDX are kept for May. Those start in June.
Format/call flips: 1590-WODJ-MI CP calls, 105.3 WLVE-WI EX:WKMZ, 103.7 WFAV-IL Top40, was OLD, 1090 WCAR-MI ETH, was REL, 99.5 KRQU-WY ex:KAAZ, 98.7&1240 KFH-KS SPO:ESPN, was TALK and 1430 KOAL-MO and 101.3 Xlator now Top40.

4-11: 52 AM, 3 FM tips, 0 TV tips
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,1630, TFM:107Mhz TS:NE
NEWS:Apr AMDX was a little below average, but we bested our past 5 years!
Format/call flips: 1050 CHUM-ON SPO:TSN,ESPN "TSN Radio 1050", 95.5 KCHH-MT NewsTalk//970 KBUL "Channel 95", 1160 KCTO-MO SS:LaSuperX, 1240 KJCR-MT REL:EWTN, 103.3 KSAS-ID 2b:103.5, 1660 KUDL-KS EX:KXTR, 940 WCSY-MI SPO:FOX

3-11: 70 AM, 7 FM tips, 0 TV tips
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16, 1720 TFM:106Mhz TS:MT
NEWS:Mar was a little below average, but we hit HOT TIP #44,000! FMDX was above average!
Format/call flips: 1500 WPJX-IL goes SS, 99.7 KGEX-MO goes HotAC dropping AdultSHUFFLE, 105.1 KYSX-MT dumps SPO:ESPN for ClROCK, 1570 WHTX-OH goes NOS, dumping ClHITS, 1510 WQQW-IL SILent, 1280 KYRO-MO now on w/ClHITS, 104.3 WJMK-IL now ClHITS dumping "Jack", 540 WXYG-MN ROCK "540 the G", 1460 KKAQ-MN now ClROCK dumping longtime C&W//FM.

2-11: 96 AM, 10 FM tips, 0 TV tips
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 1710 TFM:105Mhz TS:MO
NEWS:Feb was a little below average, tho FMDX was above average!
Format/call flips: 1590-KGFK MN ex:KCNN, 93.1 KTIK-FM ID EX:KMGK, 94.7 KZGF-ND EX:KNOX-FM, 1270 KRVT-OK goes SS, dropping OLD and 1460 Shawano,WI gets a CP.

1-11: 101 AM, 3 FM tips, 0 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16, 1700 TFM:104Mhz TS:MN
NEWS:Jan was a little below average, dx-wise, but FMDX was being reported.
Format/call flips: 92.7 CJSP-ON AdultSHUFFLE "MaxFM", was C&W, 1490 KFGR-MT NEW STN:TALK, 93.1 KZMG-ID SPO:ESPN//1350KTIK. 2b:KTIK-FM. Drops Top40 after 2+ decades, 107.9 WMUS-MI[C&W] EX:WSHZ, 106.9 WOOD-MI NewsTALK//WOOD Was:C&W

12-10: 135 AM, 0 FM tips, 0 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16, 1700 TFM:103Mhz TS:MI
NEWS: run down of month by month dx action. FMDX for 6-'10 was our 3rd best month ever and best June FMDX ever! Other months were even w/2019: July FMDX and September was ahead of the average for TVDX. AM basically was below average the whole year tho.
Format/call flips: 1550 WSHN-MI silent, 1450 WKLA-MI now TrueOLD was NOS, 1140 WVHF-MI returns to the air REL:EWTN, 1390 WNIO-OH SPO:FOX, was NOS, 101.5 WSBT-IN goes HotAC, 100.3 WNIC-MI HotAC as "Fresh100.3", 106.6 WOOD-FM now //1300, 106.9 WMUS-MI now on 107.9. Muskegon/GrRapids has had its share of flips, 94.3 CHIQ-MB to OLD "Fab94.3", dumping long run as Top40, 98.9 CP for Two Rivers,WI and 93.7 WEKZ-WI goes OLD as "Big Oldies 93 dot 7".

11-10: 131 AM, 21 FM tips, 1 TV tip
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1690 TFM:102Mhz TS:MI
NEWS:Not the greatest conditions, thus the lower number of reports. Celebrated birthday #29. Began in 1981 as a two sided tipsheeet, grew to 16 & 20 pages bulletins and went to internet in 1997, and has been updated every day since! Several pages on back burner: webstreamers, Top40 battles and hot-clocks.
Format/call flips: 940 KDIL-ID now on, 1420 WKPR-MI buys 1440 WDOW-MI, turns it off and will move to 1440, 105.7 WSRW is ex WOOD-FM, 97.7 WOXY-OH goes SS, 1590 KCNN now Rock 107.9 with AM hyping the FM Xlator on 107.9, 96.7 WJJH-WI updates Rock sond to "Rock 2.0", still known as J-96.

10-10: 161 AM, 0 FM tips, 0 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:101Mhz TS:LA
NEWS: 1590-WGBW's Mark Heller contacted us. We got word out of dx test and was widely heard and verification letters went out quickly!
Format/call flips: 1570 WTAY-IL now SPO, 1340 KTMM-CO goes SPO:FOX, 1310 CIWW-ON now AllNews dropping "Oldies 1310" format, 95.7 WLHT-MI goes HotAC as "Channel 95-7", 1340 WMTE-MI is silent, 1290 CFRW-MB goes SPO dropping their oldies format, 94.7 WOZZ-WI goes ROCK dropping their AdultSHUFFLE format. The KYYA call now on 730 KYYA MT with a news format while 93.3 KBLG-MT now REL. 93.3 KYYA "Y93" was the #1 pop music station in Billings for years!

09-10: 94 AM, 7 FM tips, 40 TV tips
TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:100Mhz TS:MI
NEWS: .com added years ago, and noted here on internet daily since 9-3-97.
Format/call flips: 1220 CHSC-ON STILL ON, pending appeal w/CRTC, 95.7 KDAL-MN ClROCK, 102.5 KDWZ-WI Top40, 97.7 KGLM-MT Top40 "Magic97-7&100.3", 920 KKLS-SD OLD "97.5TheHills"//K248BT, dropping True Oldies Channel, -93.3 KURL-MT [SIL] EX:KYYA, 730 KYYA-MT [SIL]EX:KURL, 106.3 KZLK-SD HotAC, was AdultSHUFFLE, 1170 WFDL-WI ClHITS, was OLD, 94.7 WOZZ-WI EX:WOFM, 93.5 WOZZ-WI now ROCK, dropping ClROCK. New:"93Rock", 94.3 WRQE-WI ClHITS//99.7 EX:WROE, 92.1 WWAX-MN now HotAC "New92", was AC.
08-10: 17 AM, 53 FM tips, 2 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:99Mhz TS:LA NEWS: FMDX has fizzled out, as has TVDX. AMDX likely to rebound in late August w/HSFB. Format/call flips: 1220 CHSC ON 2b SILENT by 8/31. Ordered off by CRTC, then on with appeal, 1220 CJUL ON Corwall SILENT, 1160 KHPP IA AC&, dropping "True"OLD&, 99.1 KMA-FM IA TALK, was HotAC, 94.7 KNOX ND Top40 was ClROCK, 1470 KSMM KS OLD, dropping ESPN Deportes, 1450 WDLB WI AC&, was TALK.
07-10: 8 AM, 372 FM tips, 30 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1650 TFM:98Mhz TS:IN NEWS: FMDX was exactly equal to 07-'09, as Es/tropo pooped out after early July! TVDX and AMDX were less than 2009. FMDX was over average, TVDX was close to average, while AMDX was below average. Format/call flips: 820 CHAM-ON REVERTS to OLD C&W, 1230 WSAL-IN NOS, 94.1 KFML-MN HotAC, 1510 KIFG-IA ClHITS, 95.3 KQMG-IA ClHITS, 103.7 KMHK-MT ,ClROCK, EX:KBBB, 1400 WATW-WI TALK, was NOS, 950 WERL-WI TALK, was NOS, 980 WPFP-WI TALK, was SPO, 92.3 KIMX-ID Top40 "iMiX".
06-10: 1 AM, 514 FM tips, 20 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,1640 TFM:97Mhz TS:IN NEWS: A DX-midAMerica FMDX record for June was broken. 514 FMDX tips! 3rd best FMDX month ever! Thanx to all! Format/call flips: 540 WXYG-MN on/stunting, 1170 WFDL-WI reverts to OLD, 1380 CKPC-ON drops OLD for C&W "AM1380", 100.3 WILV-IL now 80's/90's"Rewind 100.3", 106.9 WNQW-WI goes OLD C&W, 97.3 WRNW-WI goes Top40 "RadioNow", 99.1 WIKB-WI now C&W "99-1 theBull" dropping AC.
05-10: 11 AM 101 FM tips, 13 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,1630 TFM:96Mhz TS:IL NEWS: FMDX overtakes AMDX. We had enough of a lull, hi! New page listing AZ,NV,NM GY stations. We've had many folks from CA, CO, MT, TX, and WY who've made our site possible. This might be of help to them. Format/call flips: 1340 WTRC-IN TALK//95.3WTRC-FM, drops OLD, 1070 KLIO-KS OLD, was OLD C&W EX:KFTI, 106.9 WJZX-WI STUNTING, 103.9 CHNO-ON ClHITS, 1020 KJJK-MN now CCM "Family 1020" dropping OLD "Groovy 1020", 1300 KBRL-NE now TALK "The Big Talker", was OLD&, 1520 KZOY-SD 80sHITS, dropping OLD//KXQL EX:KSQB, 980 WPFP-WI EX:WNBI, 93.7 WJBC-FM IL (NewsTALK) EX:WTRX, 95.7 WAOR-IN CLROCK EX:WYPW, 106.1 KLMI-WY Top40, dropping SS. EX:KKHI, -820 WCPT-IL Willow Springs ADDS 1,500w nights, 1500 WAKE-IN OLD C&W, drops NEWS, 98.7 WDZH-MI (Top40) "97.1Ampradio"EX:WVMV and 105.5 WSRJ-MI TALK//107.7WSRT, dropping AC.
04-10: 12 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1620 TFM:95Mhz TS:GA NEWS: Apr'10 was low AMDXwise. Lowest AMount of reports for April, ever, sadly. Possible extra hour added for PSSA stations. Proceedings now at FCC. Format/call flips: 1560 WWYC-OH EX:WTOD now REL, 910 KJJQ-SD OLD C&W, was SPO, 1340 CIBQ-AB 2b FM105.7, 106.7 WSRT-MI "YOU-FM" 2b TALK, dropping AC, 1480 WSPY-IL ClHITS, 860 WMRI-IN SPO, 1340 KROS-IA TALK, was ClHITS, 1230 WFER-MI EX:WIKB 2b:TALK "by July", 1240 WCBY-MI 2b:OLD C&W "soon" dumping longtime NOS format, 1340 WLDY-WI TALK, 105.5 WYKT-IL ClROCK, was HotAC, 102.3 WGBJ-IN SS, was Top40, 102.9 WGL-FM-IN AC "V102.9", was NOS, 99.7 WIMI-MI Ironwood is now heard on 102.3 W272AY Park Falls,WI "99-7 & 102.3 the Storm", -95.1 WIIL-WI now Union Grove EX:Kenosha.
03-10: 16 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1610 TFM:94Mhz TS:FL NEWS: Mar'10 was low AMDXwise. 2nd lowest AMount of reports since 1981! WBBM-AM seems to have turned of IBOC, Red River (MN-ND) crested, but not as bad as in past years. Format/call flips: 1550 WLTI-IN EX:WMDH, 99.1 KMA-FM-IA EX:99.3, 97.9 WIHC-MI noted SILent, 96.7*WBAP-FM-TX NewsTalk//WBAP-AM, 1480 KLMS-NE "ESPN1480", was OLD, 102.5 W273AT-WI Milwaukee IS ON! R&B//WNOV Non-ider as "Majic102.5" and 1230 WJBC-IL TALK//93.7WTRX
02-10: 42 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1690 TFM:93Mhz TS:CO NEWS: Feb'10 was below av, below Feb'09 for AMDX reports. Format/call flips:1370 CFOK-AB granted 97.9, 1310 KDLS-IA now OLD, was NOS, 1480 KQAM-KS goes OLD, 1570 KQWC-IA goes OLD, 1450 KQYX-MO now OLDies, 107.1 KTMY-MN (TALK) EX:WFMF, 1330 KWLO-IA "OLDies 1330" dropping NOS, 1480 WDJO OH (OLD) EX:WCIN, 1170 WFDL-WI OLD"HitParadeRadio", 1440 WPRS-IL C&W, 1490 WQQX-IL NOS, was OLD C&W, 1180 WSQR-IL now ClHITS, 97.5 WTAQ-WI Glenmore NEW STN:News-Talk//1360WTAQ, 1230 WTCJ-IN now OLD.
1-10: 49 AM 15 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:93Mhz TS:AL NEWS: 690 and 940 in Montreal both go silent! Jan'10 was lowest ever for Jan AMDX reports. Format/call flips:1480 KLMS-NE goes OLD, NEW 100.5 WDTX-WI is SPO:ESPN//1230WXCO, 1360 KMJM-IA goes OLD C&W, 1450 WHLS MI+1590 WHLX-MI go OLD dropping NOS.
12-09: 107 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:92Mhz TS:WY NEWS: Seemingly a down year for AMDX. Basically a below average year. FMDX-TVDX in June and July did set records, however! 3rd best Nov FMDX ever. Format/call flips: 102.9 KTOP-KS ex:KQTP, 95.7 WRIT-WI goes OLDies again, CP calls for 540 in Sauk Rapids,MN: WXYG, 1230+99.3 WBET AM/FM-MI ex:WMSH, 1540 WTKM-WI goes OLDies.
11-09: 214 AM 50 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:91Mhz TS:WI NEWS: 92.1 stays solidly at #1 as the most dx'ed FM frequency. Congrats to Shawn Axelrod-MB, who is now on BoD with National Radio Club. 3rd best November for FMDX: 50 Hot Tips! Celebrated birthday #28. Founded on 11-15-81 with a double sided tipsheet mailed to 7 Milwaukee,WI dx'ers. Melodie Wilson, WITI and WTMJ TV reporter/anchor lost battle with breast cancer. She was 59. AMDX loggings had a print makeover. Now, easier to read. Format/call flips: 1360 KRKK-WY goes TALK, dropping OLD, new 95.9 CJWF-ON on with C&W.
10-09: 200 AM 33 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1650 TFM:90Mhz TS:TheWest NEWS: Paul LaFreniere passed away in Sept. In October we bested 2006, 2007 and 2008 for AMDX and were above average! Format/call flips: 1410-CKSL ON goes OLD dropping NOS, 1380 WOTE WI reverts to NOS, dropping OLD, 98.7 WVMV-MI goes Top40, 900 WATK WI goes NOS, 106.1 WACD WI goes C&W, 92.9 WJZQ MI now AdultTop40 at, New 1450 WJCV WY is REL.
5-09: 4 AM 2 FM tips 6 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1600 TFM:105Mhz TS:SoWest NEWS: numbers for AM/FM/TVDX flat Format/call flips: 101.1 KQDJ-ND goes Top40 dropping HotAC,101.1 KQDJ Valley City,ND is Top40, 95.1 KRKR-NE noted SILent, 107.3 WBBL-MI EX:WKLQ. "107.3 WBBL The Ball." Sports//AM1340, was Rock, 1480 WCIN-OH now OLD, was Jazz, 95.5 WNUA-IL now SS"Mega95.5", was Jazz, 107.1 WPVL-WI now Top40, was OLD,and 94.9 WUPZ-MI (Chocolay Twp-Marquette)now on w/Top40. A three way CHR battle! Magic 97, Q107 and 94-9 the Bay.
4-09: 36 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1690 TFM:103Mhz TS:SC NEWS: numbers for AM/FM/TVDX flat Format/call flips: 99.1 KSOO-SD now SPO:ESPN, 1400 WCCY-WI drops all ESPN night/weekend programming for NOS.
3-09: 49 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:103Mhz TS:SC NEWS: numbers for M/FM/TVDX flat Format/call flips: 1500 WPJX-IL now Metal dropping SS, 88.3 WKPK Michigamme,MI now on as CCM "SmileFM", 1050 CHUM-ON drops OLD again. This time for TV24 news simulcast, 97.5 WHDG-WI will move to 97.3 in summer, paving the way for 97.1 WTRW Two Rivers-Green Bay, 102.9 KARS-WY now ClROCK dropping OLD, 93.3 KSJZ-ND now AC, was HotAC.
2-09: 65 AM 0 FM tips 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:102Mhz TS:OK NEWS: -- Format/call flips: 1250 KIKC-MT now OLD C&W dropping OLD, 96.7 KIMX-WY oes Top40, was HotAC, 101.5 WMTE-MI now ClHITS, was OLD, 1100 WISS-WI now SoftAC dropping C&W, 104.9 WKQ-WI now OLD C&W, was C&W.
1-09: 98 AM 1 FM tip 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,1640 TFM:101Mhz TS:OH NEWS: AM average! Format/call flips: 1570 WFRL-IL now OLD dropping NOS, 1370 KGNO-KS now OLD dropping NewsTalk, 92.7 WYVN-MI now ClHITS, was OLD, 1230 WYTS OH now SPO, was Talk. Years ago, this was Great Trails' WCOL! 1550 WHIT (x-WTUX) now OLD, dropping NOS, 1490 KQDS goes SPO dropping OLD, 1570 WLKD-WI now NOS, dropping SPO, 1340 WAGN-MI now TALK sending OLD to 103.7FM WHYB.
12-08: 263 AM 1 FM tip 0 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,1630 TFM:100Mhz TS:NC NEWS: renewed for 5 years. Records set in 2008: FMDX:Jun,Sept with July, Aug above average. TVDX records set in Jun,July and Sept. AMDX was average or better in Apr,May,Oct,Nov and Dec. Tip #40,000 published! Format/call flips: 1600 KDAK-ND goes Talk, 1010 WMIN-MN now NOS, 940 WIDG-MI now REL//90.7WTCK, dropping SPO after sale. .
11-08: 341 AM 41 FM tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,15,16,1740 TFM:99 Mhz TS:NC NEWS: DX-midAMerica celebrates 27th birthday. Format/call flips: 1550 WZRK-WI now silent, 94.5 WLWK-WI EX:WKTI. Now adult shuffle, was HotAC, 1410 KWYO-WY now OLD C&W dropping OLD and 1400 WQXO-MI goes "True" oldies.
10-08: 196 AM, 1 FM tip TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1730 TFM:98 Mhz TS:NY NEWS: Top3 GYDX repots: 1450, 1240 and 1490. Format/call flips: 1350 WOAM, 94.3 WPMJ-IL go silent, 1410 WSHY-IN now talk, 1380 WOTE-WI now OLD, 1090 CKKW-ON to go FM 99.5, 1500 WAKE-IN now all news.
9-08: 223 FM, 75 AM, 106 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1720 TFM:97 Mhz TS:NE NEWS: TVDX for Sept sets new record! FMDX for Sept set a September record! Format/call flips: 1230 WHCO-IL now C&W, 970 WGEE-WI now NOS, 990 KAYL-IA goes SS, 920 WOKY-WI goes OLD C&W dropping OLD, 1230 WKPO-OH now Black talk dropping talk, 950 KRWZ-CO goes OLD, 820 CHAM-ON goes talk and 95.9 WMQA-WI goes OLD.
8-08: 137 FM, 34 AM, 40 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1710 TFM:96 Mhz TS:NEast Format/call flips: 1170 KJOC-IA goes "True" oldies, 1010 WPPI-MN begins testing, 92.5 KDAD-WY drops OLD for Rock and 960 WDLM IL noted silent
7-08: 283 FM, 6 AM, 104 TV tips TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,1700 TFM:94 Mhz TS:MT NEWS: IBOC now added for AM-FM stations in Mexico within 200 miles of US border: competitive reasons! September targets up, earliest ever on July 6th, with 100 new targets added! Format/call flips: 1360 KRWC-MN goes TALK, dropping C&W/AC, 100.7 WUPF-MI NEW STN goes ClHITS, 104.9 WLMX-WI now AdultSHUFFLE and 1520 WNWT-OH ex:WDMN.
6-08: 339 FM, 07 AM, 62 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,1690 TFM:93 Mhz TS:MO NEWS: FMDX and TVDX records were set in June! Format/call flips: 94.7-WLS-FM OLD, ex:WZZN, 900 CKDX-NS granted FM101.7, 1270 WCMR-IN ex:WFRN, 105.3 WKMZ-WI EX:WFZH, Still "K-Love", 940 CINW-QC goes ClHITS, 1200 WCHB-MI now Black GOS, dropping TALK, 880 CHQT-AB drops OLD for AllNEWS while 95.7 KDAL-FM goes AAA,
5-08: 60 FM, 32 AM, 6 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:92 Mhz TS:MS NEWS: Passing of djs Marc Chambers, Jackson Armstrong and JD Barber noted. Format/call flips: 1620 WPNT-IN ex:WWLV, 1100 WZFG-MN EX:WZFN 2b:TALK, 101.3 CJCH-NS replaces 920 CJCH, 1360 WKYO-MI goes OLD, 1500 WGEN-IL silent, 1600 WMCW-IL silent, 1420 CKPT-ON silent going FM, 1490 KXLQ-IA silent and 1010 WSPT-WI drops OLD for NOS.
4-08: 1 FM, 44 AM, 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 1670 TFM:91 Mhz TS:MN NEWS: 92.1, 92.9 and 88.3 most active FMDX frequencies. Format/call flips: 1090 CKKW-ON app FM, 1380 KCIM-IA now OLD, 98.3 KXGT-ND goes SoftAC dumping OLD
3-08: 0 FM, 43 AM, 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 1660 TFM:90 Mhz TS:MI Format/call flips: 1280 KCOB-IA now OLD, 94.7 KNEN-NE goes ClROCK, 1430 KZQZ-MO (EX:WIL) dumps C&W for OLD
2-08: 0 FM, 86 AM, 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 1670 TFM:91 Mhz TS:MN NEWS: Finally got domain back! Thanx much:Jeah Communications! Format/call flips: 1700 KBGG-IA goes SPO:ESPN, NEW 105.9-WKAWI is REL, 630 CFCO-ON goes C&W dropping OLD, 94.9 WSJM-MI //1400 TALK shifting 98.3 WCXT to HotAC from OLD, 540 WAUK (ex:WRRD) now SPO:ESPN "540ESPN", 102.7 KMXZ nr Rapid City goes Top40.
1-08: 2 FM, 68 AM, 0 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 1660 TFM:90 Mhz TS:MA-PA NEWS: Long list of "first reported in 2007." Format/call flips: Many freq changes granted in Idaho, 1590 WAKR-OH goes OLD, 1340 WAGN-MI dumps "OldiesRadio" for VT'd "1340 Gold", 105.3 WFZH-WI now "KLove" was "Fish", 95.9 WHOW-IL goes EZL, 1600 WMHG-MI goes SILent, 93.1 WIBC-IN goes Talk, was "RadioNow" WNOU.
6-07: 256 FM, 10 AM, 4 TV tips TFs:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,1570 TFM:102 Mhz TS:CO NEWS: Nighttime IBOC approved. Ouch! Format/call flips: 1450 KATE MN Albert Lea goes TALK, dropping C&W, 94.9 KCPI MN Albert Lea goes AC, was ClHITS, 900 KTIS MN Minneapolis GTD 50000/500, 1100 WISS WI Berlin GTD 14000/---, 106.9 WFMR WI Brookfield-Milwaukee now Smooth Jazz, was Classical, 93.3 WJZI WI Milwaukee now AC, had been Smooth Jazz, 1300 WJMO OH Cleveland now BLK GOS, was TALK EX:WERE, 1490 WERE OH Cleveland Heights goes TALK, was BLK GOS. EX:WJMO and 91.5 CKPR ON Thunder Bay CP now on! AC//580
12-06: 192 AM tips TFs:890 1580 TFM:96 Mhz TS:The West NEWS: DX tip #35,000 posted. In 2006, we had the BEST ever May and Nov FM, 2nd best Mar, 3rd best Sept and Nov. 2nd best Jun and July TV. Solar activity hampered AM DX. Format/call flips: 950-IN silent, 1230-WYTS OH now on it's 7th or 8th call-format change from Columbus, 1580 WHLY-IN now REL;EWTN having been sold, 1050 KMTA-MT silent pending sale, 97.3 KHDK-IA goes Top40, 1570 KMUR-OK goes OLD, 99.7 WWIS-WI now OLD C&W dropping it's AC format it had for years! "Oldies" now a "dirty word" as stations use other monkiers. 50's-63 oldies are all but gone from radio, as owners going for younger demographics.
12-05: 280 AM tips TFs: 610 1570 TFM:104 Mhz TS:NY NEWS: DX tip #33,000 posted. In 2005 we had our BEST March ever for AM tips, 2nd BEST July for FM tips, BEST September ever for FM tips and BEST October ever for AM tips! Thank you! Format/call flips: 99.1-1230 WIKB-MI go SoftAC dropping longtime OLD format, 102.1 WRKU-WI goes Cl HITS, was AC, 96.3 WMAD-WI drops ALT for C&W, 100.7 CKFE-MB goes AAA as "Cafe" dropping NOS, 96.3 CKRA-AB drops Top40 for C&W and 97.9 WSPT-WI goes "JackFM" dropping HotAC.
11-05: 344 AM tips TFs: 660 1580 TFM:103 Mhz TS:NEast NEWS: Birthday #24 on 11-15. We began 11-15-81! Format/call flips: 860 KWPC-IA goes OLD, 960 CHNS-NS applies for FM 89.9 to leave AM band, 1380 KUVR-NE goes OLD, 740 WMIN-WI goes SPO:SNR dumping SS, 1590 WNTS-IN goes SS, 1400 KLBB goes SS upon sale, 1290 WOMP-OH, 1490 WOHI-OH, 1340 WSTV-OH all go SPO:ESPN.

10-05: 434 AM tips, 47 FM tips <-AM record! TFs: 600 1580 TFM:102 Mhz TS:MT NEWS: Two new reporters: Bill Coury-MI, Dougl Tip #32,000 posted. TNT page up, then taken down: overkill. Format/call flips: 1240 KOFE-ID to ClHITS&, was OLD, 96.1 WVTI-MI to SHUFFLE as "MaxFM", 1450 WELY-00.3 KSNR MN drops OLD, 95.5 and 98.3 in Jamestown,ND area flip calls, 92.7 KFAB-ND drops "MyFM" SHUFFLE for C&W, 990 KAYL-IA goes SPO:ESPN, 94.7 WOFM-WI drops OLD for RHY "Wild 94-7", 1160 KHPP-IA goes OLD dumping SPO:ESPN and 1360 WWOW-OH reverts to OLD format, dropping short sas TALKer.

9-05: 166 AM tips, 184 FM tips: a record, 00 TV tips TFs: 880 1570 TFM:101 Mhz TS:MO NEWS: Internet birthday for DX-midAMerica. Went from bulletin to net in 1997. Format/call flips: 94.7 WZZN-IL goes OLD, dumping ROCK, 1550 KAPE-MO goes TALK, dropping NOS, 1410 CKSL-ON now NOS dropping OLD, 97.5 WJIM-MI goes Top40 dumping OLD, 104.7 WDDW-WI now SS, was C&W, 106.3 KZLK-SD now "MaxFM" SHUFFLE, turning off "Light," 890 KDJQ-ID goes SS dumping OLD and new 1070 KVKK-MN is on w/C&W
8-05: 92 AM tips, 159 FM tips, 22 TV tips TFs: 860 1580 TFM:100 Mhz TS:MS NEWS: 810 KLDC-CO daytime site goes up, tip #31,000 added. 12th annual Madison-Milwaukee GTG was held. Format/call flips: 105.1 KQBL-MT goes AdultSHUFFLE, 1470 KWSL-IA goes SS:LaPreciosa, 101.1 WUPY-MI cranks to 100,000 watts, 102.9 WHQG-WI now "102-9 the Hog" as "Lazer 103" is re-invented, 98.3 WYBL-OH drpos stunting for C&W, 107.1 KMGK-MN now Smooth Jazz, 1270 WUCO-OH now REL:EWTN dumping C&W and 630 CFCY-PEI and 720 CHTN-PEI request FM freqs, leaving the AM band, sadly.
7-05: 41 AM tips, 300 FM tips, 30 TV tips TFs: 830 1570 TFM:99 Mhz TS:MN NEWS: 910 WFDF at new Carleton,MI site and many updates to the website! Format/call flips: 106.7 WHTO-MI goes OLD, 970 WZAM goes SPO:ESPN, as AP All News format dies, 1490 WESL-IL now R&B OLD, 1480 KLEE-IA goes OLD dumping TALK, 590 WJMS-MI now OLD C&W dropping TALK and 1050 WLIP-WI goes OLD dropping NOS.
6-05: 22 AM tips, 154 FM tips, 16 TV tips TFs: 860 1580 TFM:98 Mhz TS:MI NEWS: Lousy AM-FM dx conditions. Format/call flips: 1400 KCOG-IA goes OLD, TWO new FMs in Minot area: 94.9 KTZU and 102.9 KWGO, 97.5 WEFG-MI dumps C&W for SPO:ESPN and 640 WMFN-MI drops TALK for UrbAC.
5-05: 78 AM tips, 84 FM tips TFs: 1160 1570 TFM:97 Mhz TS:MA-PA NEWS: Many, many pages were updated. Format/call flips: 1250 WGL-IN drops SPO for NOS, 1160 KNEI-IA here from 1140, 890 KDJQ-ID now on w/OLD, 92.7 KFAB-ND drops C&W for SHUFFLE as "MyFM", 96.9 KAML-WY now ROCK dropping Top40.
4-05: 162 AM tips, 27 FM tips TFs: 1050 1580 TFM:96 Mhz TS:LA NEWS: vacations coming up with less AM dx expected. Format/call flips: 1380 KJUA-WY now SS dropping OLD, in Omaha, SPOrts goes from 1490 to 590 and NOS from 590 to 1490, 93.1 WDRQ-MI drops Top40 for SHUFFLE and 1490 KRIB-IA dumps OLD C&W for OLD.
3-05: 411 AM tips, 0 FM tips, 0 TV tips TFs: 680 1570 TFM:95 Mhz TS:KS NEWS: Our best March ever for AM DX tips! Two radios are now out of production: The Drake R8B and the Icom IC-R75. DX tip #30,000 was published. Format/call flips: 100.3 KLSK-MT now Contemporary Christian "K-Love", 1520 KOLM-MN now SPO:ESPN dropping TALK, 1400 KRPL-ID dumps NOS for oldies, 1450 WDXR-KY now Urban Contemporary, 104.5 WGLD-IN drops oldies for HotAC as "Jack FM", 101.9 WLDR-MI now C&W, dropping AC, 1440 WNFL-WI goes SPO:FOX, dumping TALK and 100.5 WTLX-WI goes SPO:FOX, dropping TALK.
2-05: 334 AM tips, 5 FM tips, 0 TV tips TFs: 770 1580 TFM:94 Mhz TS:IA NEWS: We welcomed Joseph Thompson-AL as a new reporter. Denver's new number one station is SS 1280-KBNO. Old timers (like your editor) will remember this as Top40 KTLK. Format/call flips: 590 WLVA-VA, 970 WRKN-MS, 1440 KETX-TX and 1490 KXLQ-IA go silent, 1360 WLBK-IL drops AC for TALK, 100.1 WVIB-MI is EX:WSHN, 101.1 CKXA-MB dumps Top40 for C&W as "101FM the FARM", 680 WJCE-TN goes TALK, dumping NOS as "Easy 680" and 105.3 CKTG-ON dumps Top40 and the CJLB calls for Cl ROCK.
1-05: 253 AM tips, 7 FM tips, 0 TV tips TFs: 540 1570 TFM:93 Mhz TS:IN NEWS: Added monthly breakouts of all graveyard frequencies. In other words, 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490 will have target list info updated every month! DX Tip #29,000 was noted. Format/call flips: 1240 WMFG-MN now NOS dropping SPO:SNR, 107.7 KLCX-MN now Cl HITS dropping OLD, 100.1 WSHN-MI drops Top40 for UrbanAC, 98.3 WRUP-MI drops OLD for Cl ROCK, 100.7 WOBE-MI drops OLD for Cl HITS and 1310 WDTW-MI [EX:WXDX] is now Air AMerica Talk.
12-04:287 AM tips, 6 FM tips, 0 TV tips TFs: 1210 1490 1580 TFM:92 Mhz TS:IL NEWS:Yearend wrap-up: Most months were above average for AM DX. Our best month ever for FM was July,2004 with 687 FM DX tips reported. Also had our best September for FM with 148 reports filed! Format/call flips: 1320-KLWN KS goes TALK, 99.1&1230 WIKB FM-AM MI go 24h, 1250 WEMP WI becomes WSSP, 1440 WPRS IL drops TALK for OLD, many, many format changes in Aberdeen,SD due to sale of stations: 1560-KKAA goes REL, 1420 KGIM goes TALK dropping C&W, 94.9 KQAA drops OLD for REL "K-Love", 1280-KQKD goes REL dropping C&W, 106.7 KBFO goes HotAC dropping AC and 97.7 KNBZ drops HotAC for OLD. Got all that?
11-04:283 AM tips, 14 FM tips, 11 TV tips TFs: 560 1450 1570 TFM:91 Mhz TS:GA NEWS:23rd bithday noted. Who da thunk? Format/call flips: 1520 WHOW-IL goes News-Talk, 1490 KBUR-IA drops OLD for TALK, Longtime 1400 WQBH-MI goes to WDTK, 92.7 WAUN-WI drops FM TALK for Cl ROCK as "U-Rock", 1370 KWTL-ND (EX:KUND) now REL:EWTN, 560 WIND-IL goes TALK dropping SS.
10-04:324 AM tips, 53 FM tips, 0 TV tips TFs: 570 1400 1580 TFM:90 Mhz TS:FL NEWS:Freebies start in December. DX-midAMerica hats, t's or tote bags given away just for hot tipping! TA's still being reported! New message board slapped up. Format/call flips: 1600 KZGX-MN now SS, was silent as KWOM. 98.7 WFGR-MI now OLD, WKLQ-MI moves from 94.5 to 107.3, 1260 WPNW-MI goes with NewsTalk, 1430 WRTH-MO dumps Real Oldies for NOS, 1330 WELW-OH drops OLD for TALK, 1400 WQBH-MI now TALK, dropping GOS.
9-04: 141 AM tips, 148 FM tips, 2 TV tips TFs: 580 1340 1570 TFM:89 Mhz TS:CO NEWS:Mexico begins testing IBOC on 690-XEN Mexico City, FM tips record broken for September with 148 tips. The old high was 113 in 2001. We celebrated our seventh birthday on the net. Canada says US IBOC will hurt reception of Canadian stations in Canadian borders. Format/call flips: 980 KUPI-ID now OLD C&W dropping NOS, 910 KINA-KS now SS dumping OLD C&W, 97.3 WLTQ-WI goes 80s Rock as "97.3 the Brew". Was "Lite 97.3" for years. 1230 WTPG-OH goes talk, dropping oldies as WCOL.1520 KOMA-OK is no more. It's now KOKC. 900 WATK-WI and 1570 WLKD-WI go SPO:ESPN.
8-04: 21 FM tips, 0 TV tips, 72 AM tips TFs: 1190 1240 1580 TFM:88 Mhz TS:AL NEWS: A rather quiet dx month with no action at all on FM or TV and AM picking up at the end of the month. Format/call flips: 1490 WIGM-WI goes SPO:ESPN, 98.9 KAAK-MT goes HotAC from AC, 1180 WGAB-IN goes GOS, was TALK and before that a lively oldies format, 1090 KBOZ-MT goes TALK dropping classic country and 1430 WQOQ-WI is no longer silent. Back on //95.3 WGMO, one of the best classic rock stations around!
7-04: 687 FM tips, 30 TV tips, 22 AM tips TFs: 1180 1230 1570 TFM:107 Mhz TS:WY NEWS: Our best month ever for dx tips, besting any previous AM or FM records! 3 days of over 100 reports: July 7,8 and 29. We welcomed new reporters Chris Bubb and Chris Kadlec, both from Michigan. New features added to homepage: message board, grapics and more links. Format/call flips: 95.9 WWWI-FM now TALK, ex:KBKK with C&W, 1480 KRAE-WY now OLD C&W, dropping News-Talk, 1350 KBRX-IA now Cl ROCK, dropping oldies, 1340 KIJV-SD now SoftOLD dumping oldies/talk, 1290 CFRW-MB much improved oldies now that KY-58 (CKY) is silent.
6-04: 48 FM tips, 12 TV tips, 31 AM tips TFs: 1220 1490 1580 TFM:106 Mhz TS:WI NEWS: Without a doubt, a bad start to summer, with storms/lightning every other day on AM, very little tropo/Es on FM or TV and we had numbers that were below averages for all three bands. Message board provider shutting down in August. Format/call flips: 970-CBZ in NB to leave AM for FM 99.5 soon, new 93.1 KGCX now on in Sidney,MT, 900 WFRO-OH now off for good so 910 WFDF-MI can pump up power, 1400 KCOW-NE now OLD dropping C&W, 1390 WGRB-IL is the old WGCI and 92.3 KQRK-MT flips to Top40.
5-04: 61 AM tips:3rd best May. TFs: 590 1450 1570 TFM:105 Mhz TS:WV NEWS: DX tip #27,000 was received. Format/call flips: 97.3 WEEG-MI goes HotAC as "97.3 JoeFM", 1330 WMNN-MN is no more! Calls are now WLOL and REL, dropping the all news format, 93.7 WLSL-WI drops oldies for classic hits, 1370 WLJW MI is the old WKJF. It's now REL, 1480 WJBM-IL now talk, dropping oldies, 105.7 WXCX-WI now classic hits, dumping oldies, while 1490 CFPS-ON has an application for FM.
4-04: 125 AM tips:3rd best April. TFs: 1070 1400 1580 TFM:104 Mhz TS:SouthWest NEWS: Idaho was added to our HOT-List lineup. Format/call flips: 1600 KWOM-MN goes silent pending a recent sale, 1230 WCWA-OH goes SPO:FOX, dropping its shortlived talk format, 100.3 KLSK-MT now OLD C&W and 99.5 KKMA-IA now Classic Rock dropping Oldies.
3-04: 155 AM tips:4th best March. TFs: 1510 1340 1570 TFM:103 Mhz TS:The West NEWS: There was a new TIS in Detroit on 1670. Freebie #3 was run. sun visors were sent out to those who requested them. Our way of saying "thank you" for contributing! Format/call flips: 1580 KNIM-MO goes all news, 1540 WBCO-OH goes oldies, 95.9 WHOW-FM in IL now SoftAC(ww1) after being silent, 1520 KRHW-MO drops SoGos for classic C&W, Bismarck,ND gets another Top40 as 97.5 KKCT (Hot 97-5) goes against longtime Top40 "Y93," 98.5 KQKQ Omaha drops Top40, 100.5 WTCF-MI drops it for RHY OLD, as does 107.9 WYCO in Wausau,WI for classic hits. 1270 KLXX-ND drops NOS for TALK and oldies are replaced on 95.9 KIIK-IA with HotAC(&ABC) as "Hot96FM."
2-04: 279 AM tips. 3rd best February. TFs: 790 1240 1580 TFM:102 Mhz TS:VA NEWS: The My Doom virus had run its course and all was well by mid-February! Format/call flips: 1520 WHOW-IL now SPO;SNR, 1590 WTVB-MI now OLD, dropping NOS, 590 WJMS-MI is TALK, dropping longtime C&W format, NEW 99.9 WPIQ-MI now on with TALK, 99.5 WYSS-MI drops Top40 for HotAC, 1270 WKBF-IL dumps NOS for OLD C&W, 1080 KNDK-ND adds night service, 107.1 WFON-WI is ex:KFIZ-FM and 1390 WRIG-WI reverets to NOS dumping TALK.
1-04: 306 AM tips. 4th best January. 2 FM and 0 TV tips. TFs: 1290 1230 1570 TFM:101 Mhz TS:UT NEWS: 580-CKY Winnipeg,MB to leave the air. Oldest MB station is now simulcasting its new FM, Star 102.3, and the AM will sign off in about 3 months. On the 27th, the "My Doom" virus was first noticed, playing havoc with the mailboxes of many. We'll see how long this one lasts. Format/call flips: 1470 KWAY-IA now OLD C&W, dumping SoftAC format it had for about 6 months, 1430 WION-MI is silent, 97.7 KLGR-MN now HotAC, 1580 KAMI and 104.5 KAMI-FM-NE are silent, 96.7 KISN-MT now Top40. Was HotAC as KSCY, 104.1 WMLL-IL now NOS as "Red@104.1" for St.Louis, 1530 WLSP-MI now NOS dumping Talk, 950 KSNB-MN now BIZ days and SPO:SNR nights and 950 WCLB-WI now SPO:ESPN dropping it's OLD format and "Cool 950" handle.

12-03: 566 AM tips. 2nd best December ever. 11 FM and 0 TV tips. TFs: 1280 1490 1580 TFM:100 Mhz TS:TX NEWS: December was not only our second best December ever, but our second best month ever for AM DX reports. This goes back to 1981! Format flips was moved from Saturday to Wednesday and the "local page" (listing all midAMerica GY stations) moved from Wednesday to Saturday. A new "discussion" message board was added. Now we have three message boards. Format/call flips: 92.7 KFAB-ND goes OLD C&W as "Outlaw Radio 92.7", 1510 WLKR-OH dumps NOS for OLD, 103.9 KVMI-ND dumps OLD for AC, 980 WONE and simulcast 1340 WIZE-OH dump NOS for SPO:FOX, 106.9 WMOZ-MN now OLD dumping C&W and 3 new X-BANDERS went on in December: 1650 KBIV-TX, 1660 WFNA-NC and 1640 KMMZ-OK.

11-03: 357 AM tips. 3rd best November ever. 6 FM and 1 TV tip. TFs: 1430 1450 1570 TFM:99 Mhz TS:SD NEWS: Sunspots/solar activity played havoc with the band in early November and late November. Welcome to Tom Doty from MN, our latest Hot Tipper! Our front page was laid out a little differently with the Hot Pages being closer together, thus more info can fit on the home page. QSL, longform and format flip pages now are laid out a bit better. We also celebrated birthday #22! Format/call flips: 830-WCSN IL to go REL, dumping SPO:SNR, 1270-WWCA IN back on w/REL, 1210-KKHI WY returns to the air w/OLD, 1460-WBOG WI now OLD while 94.5 WTMB WI is C&W. Both calls and formats were flipped. 98.3-KRKQ IA goes TALK, 1460-KXPN now SPO:ESPN, dumping NOS and KKPR callswhile 880-CHQT AB dumps OLD for AC. No more "Cool 880". Now it's "880 Joe AM".

10-03: 397 AM tips. Best October ever! Tenth best AM DX month in DX-midAMerica records. 8 FM and 4 TV tips. TFs: 1530 1400 1580 TFM:98 Mhz TS:SC NEWS: Very, very good for most of the month! Two new Ex-Banders: 1690-WSWK and 1690-WRLL. Format/call flips: 1570-WBGX IL EX:WBEE, 1400 WNGB EX:WDUZ, 95.1 KSQY-SD dumps ClROCK for Adult Alt, 104.9 WKQH-WI now rock, 580 CKY-MB to move to FM 102.3 by 8-8-04. Already on FM testing. This is/was MB's oldest radio station. 1660-KQWB now News-Talk, dumping NOS and 1690 WRLL-IL now on w/OLD.

9-03: 236 AM tips. 2nd best September ever! 52 FM, 0 TV tips. TFs: 1470 1340 1570 TFM:97 Mhz TS:OK NEWS: New reporter Wayne H from KS. Kent Winrich warns of fake E-Bay e-mails asking for info. Not from E-Bay. Don't respond. Hoax! 600 WSNL Flint MI has 3 of 4 towers down. DX tip #24,000 posted and we celebrated birthday #6 on the net! Format/call flips: Two new Top40's in Waterloo: 92.3 KKHQ (Q92.3) and 99.3 KWAY (Y99.3), 1380 KJJL WY moved from 1370, 92.7 KGFX SD now HotAC giving Pierre,SD two HotACs!

8-03: 77 AM tips. 269 FM tips! 2nd best FM DX month in our records! 9 TV DX Tips! TFs: 1540 1240 1580 TFM:96 Mhz TS:OK NEWS: TV information added listing slogans, etc for midAMerica markets. Patrick Griffith sends in many vacation reports and Michael Procop logs #1000 on FM! Format/call flips: 610 WDAF Kansas City to go SPO, while C&W goes to FM, 560 WRDT Monroe,MI EX:WLLZ, 1220 WMGT Stillwater,MN EX:WEZU, 92.7 WAUN Kewaunee,WI dumps C&W for talk and two new stations go on: 105.5 WUSP Nekoosa,WI is oldies and 106.3 WPLT Spooner,WI is C&W.

7-03: 13 AM tips. 254 FM tips! 5th best FM DX month in our records! 27 TV DX Tips! Now in a 3 way tie for 8th best TV DX month! TFs: 1090 1230 1570 TFM:95 Mhz TS:OH NEWS: TV stats were added showing best months and averages of summer months. Added local channels page to our "changed daily" section. Graveyard info will be changed weekly vs. monthly. Format/call flips: 1690 WHTE CP new city: Berwyn,IL from Johnston City, 105.5 WADW-MI now silent but 2b Rel:EWTN, 94.3 KULO-MN now oldies, new 93.1 WHIT-WI is classic hits, 1430 WRTH-MO now oldies, dumping NOS and 1240 KBIZ-IA is talk dropping oldies.

6-03: 56 AM tips. Our 4th best June! 158 FM tips. 3rd best June for FM reports! 39 TV DX Tips, our best June ever! TFs: 1350 1490 1580 TFM:94 Mhz TS:ND NEWS: New reporters: Justin Grenier (FL) and Tom Kraft (MT) reported for the first time! Format/call flips: 1430 WQOQ Durand WI and 640 CFOB ON added to silent list, 1680 WDSS Ada-Grand Rapids flips to Disney from Urban AC, while 1140 WJNZ Kentwood MI is now UrbanAC dropping NOS, 94.7 KNSG Springfield,MN now Classic Hits, dropping C&W, 98.9 KFLW St.Robert,MO joins the Top40 ranks, dumping Classic Rock, 1600 KLGA Algona IA now OLD C&W dropping its long simulcast of HotAC from KLGA-FM. A shocker as 106.5 KFMC Fairmont MN drops HotAC for Classic Rock.

5-03: 57 AM tips. Our 3rd best May ever! 66 FM tips. 6th best May for FM reports! FM passes AM! TFs: 1360 1450 1570 TFM:93 Mhz TS:NY NEWS: Lake Superior and Michigan Circle Tour info added. Will include AM-FM and tourist info. This is on our homepage. Format/call flips: 1270 WXYT-MI now SPO:ESPN dropping SNR, 1230 WFXN-IL now SPO:FOX, 1490 KBUR-IA dumps NOS for OLD, 94.9 KCPI-MN now Classic Rock, 1390-KXSS-MN goes SPO:FOX and 1010 WSPT-WI drops SPO:ESPN and goes all TALK.

4-03: 84 AM tips. Our 4th best April ever! TFs: 1270 1400 1580 TFM:92 Mhz TS:NE NEWS: GYDX and flea power pages added. Now one can look up individual loggings over several months without going through months and months of dx tips! QSL #2000 was posted to our website. Format/call flips: 95.9 WKSZ-WI drops Top40, going HotAC, 1250 WSPL-IL now NOS, dropping talk, 102.5 KDVL-ND goes oldies, dumping AC, 98.3 WRIK-IL drops Top40, going satellite HotAC, New "Fox" in Northern Michigan: 92.5 Atlanta and 94.3 Leland. Now Classic Hits, dumping C&W. 94.1 WIAL WI drops Top40 for HotAC, 1340 KIJV adds Talk & SPO:SNR to its satellite OLD format, 1090 KTGO OH drops live C&W for the bird and 1450 KYNT SD is now AC dumping OLDies.

3-03: 207 AM tips. Our 3rd best March ever! TFs: 960 1340 1570 TFM:91 Mhz TS:NE NEWS: Not much. Help with UNIDS now is added to the website, rather than each person individually. This way, one might get different answers and more help. "HQ" temperature and city links were yanked. Format/call flips:1370-KGNO KS to talk dropping oldies, 710-KXMR ND now FOX sports, with TALK moving to 550-KFYR, 1420-WJUB WI dumps REL for NOS, 1090-XEPRS to SPORTS and 1360-WGEE WI now WTAQ.

2-03: 426 AM tips, our second best February, and seventh best month since 1981!. 12 FM tips! TFs: 1300 1240 1580 TFM:90 Mhz TS:N-East NEWS:Nan Wyatt of KMOX and earlier at WBBM killed. 1150-KCUV CO goes dark. Two new dx tests announced! 910 WEPG TN and 1420 WKWN GA to test for DX-midAMerica, thanks to CE Phil Patton. Format/call flips:92.5 WBYC/94.3 WBYB in No.Michigan dump c&w for classic hits, 920 KWYS/92.9 KEZQ in MT go silent, 107.9 WCZW in Charlevoix now on //107.5 WCCW with oldies, 98.7 WGLI in Hancock MI now on. The "Rockin' Eagle" is sister to "Eagle Country 105.7 " WCUP in L'Anse, 1520 KOMA OK drops oldies for news-talk, and 99.1 CJZZ in Winnipeg MB now on with jazz.

1-03: 250 AM tips, our fifth best January! January dx-wise started and ended slow. Lousy conditions. 0 FM tips! TFs: 1170 1230 1570 TFM:89 Mhz TS:MT NEWS:Format flips plus "now on" and "silent" lists have been combined into one page for easier navigation. Everything now on one page. New AddFreeStats link added showing people visit from all over the World. Recent visitors were from Finland, Sweden, Motorola and Ford Motor Company! Neat! AllTheWeb search engine added on the home page as was a "fun & games" page, the Message Board and our weekly DX quiz! FCC/CRTC info returned to the homepage also. Format/call flips:710 KUET in AZ, widely dx'ed in late 2002, flipped to SS, in Illinois, trimulcasters WKIE WKIF WDEK all go SS, silent 1540 WKKM-MI returns with classic country, 1430 WQOQ-WI (ex WRDN) returns to the air and 1550 WZRK-WI comes back on with REL:EWTN. 1400 WEEP-MN goes silent. 1390 WRIG-WI goes talk and 1410 WNWZ-MI flips to SS. 1530 WSAI-OH goes oldies and 1650 KBJD-CO relaunches as "KNUS2." Oldies 1290 in Winnipeg still oldies but is now CFRW, dumping CFST calls. 1580 WTTN-WI goes oldies as "1580-The Goose."

12-02: 402 AM tips, our third best December ever! 7th best AM month to date! 11 FM tips! TFs: 970 1490 1580 TFM:88 Mhz TS:MO NEWS: Atlantic Canada Hot Lists added. Rare DX added near the bottom of the homepage, listing rare areas of US/Canada with the latest logging, daypart and a link to that logging. Tip #22000 received! "New to the hobby" link added. FM added to Wyoming and lower part of Michigan added to MI Hot List, formerly having info on Upper Peninsula only. LA TA and TP Slogan Lists added. Format Flips Archives and abbreviations lists added. AM loggings broken down to domestic, LW (longwave, under 530 kHz), LA (Latin AMerica/Pan-AM), and TA (Trans Atlantic.) Calendar added to the home page. Jeff Ball logged #800: 1330-KVOL! Format/call flips: 1080 KYMN-MN drops live AC for NOS, 710 WDSM WI Back to Sports:ESPN, was talk. 1210 KKHI WY silent and longtime C&W outlet, 570 WNAX SD goes news/talk.

11-02: 481 AM tips, our best November ever! 3rd best AM month to date! 9 FM tips! TFs: 1390 1450 1570 TFM:107 Mhz TS:MN NEWS: DX-midAMerica celebrates birthday #22! Format/call flips: 95.9 WHOW FM, 1520 WHOW-IL silent, 1500 WPJX-IL now oldies, 104.7 KDAM ND goes on the air with rock, 1230 WCWA OH dumps NOS for talk+sports, 1380 WDLW OH dumps SS for oldies, 1410 WLAS now C&W//FM, 1640-WKSH WI is Disney, 1480 WLMV WI now SS, 1170 WFDL WI was WMRH.

10-02: 262 AM tips, our best October ever! 24 FM tips! TFs: 910 1400 1580 TFM:106 Mhz TS:MI NEWS:Eric Berger-MI got QSL #200! On our home page, "Other DX" yanked. Now DX is listed as AM DX, LA DX, TA DX, FM DX and TV DX. LA is Latin American DX while TA is Trans Atlantic DX. I-70's listings added to travel pages. Format/call flips:1310-WTTL KY now SPO:FOX, 910-KJJQ SD now talk/SPO:ESPN dumping oldies, 1480-WLMV WI now SS. Remember this as Top40 WISM years ago? 560-KLZ now SPO:ESPN, 1550-WSHN MI is silent, 107.9-WYCO WI goes Top40, 950-WCLB WI goes oldies dumping NOS and 89.5 WNCB MN here from 89.3.

9-02: 222 AM tips, 2nd best September! 76 FM tips! TFs: 1260 1340 1570 TFM:105 Mhz TS:MA-PA NEWS: Tip #21,000 was published, top gy's for Sept 2002- Sept 2002 were 1450, 1490, 1240, 1230, 1340 and 1400. Stephen Monnik-LA was our newest Hot Tipper! Format/call flips: New 96.3 KACZ in KS is Top40, 1260 KIMB NE is silent, 1450 WNBY MI goes OLD C&W dropping talk. All CHUM group stations in Canada drop "Team" sports. Most go to oldies, including 1050-CHUM, 1290-CFST, 1090-CKKW, 1380-CKLC. The "Team" format began April 1, 2001.

8-02: 185 AM tips, 172 FM tips! TFs: 1320 1240 1570 TFM:104 Mhz TS:LA NEWS: IBOC tests at 700-WLW. Buzz-boards gone. Canadian CFL and High School FB lists added. New contributor: Neil Kazaross. Format/call flips: 870 WINU IL here from 1560, 96.7 KVMI-ND reverts to oldies, 910 WFDF MI to Disney, many MN ND and SD AM's flip to sports, including 1230 KYSM MN, 1280 KVOX-MN and 1440 KKXL ND. 106.7 WDTW MI dumps "Alice" for "Drive."

7-02: 82 AM tips, 12 FM tips! TFs: 1330 1230 1570 TFM:103 Mhz TS:KS NEWS: FAQ and National/World news pages added. Format/call flips:950 WXLW IN to ESPN sports dropping REL, 1290 WHNE Saline MI takes the familiar "Honey Radio" moniker, long at 560 in the Detroit area.

6-02: AM and FM records broken! 86AM and 267FM tips!! TFs: 1460 1490 1580 TFM:102 Mhz TS:KS NEWS: AZ fires mean some stations on with emergency broadcasts, Eric Berger nails QSL #500 while Michael Procop gets #1000! Format/call flips: 1570-KHPN CO now talk, 107.1 WFMP MN now on with talk. Was WIXK-FM in WI. Historic KFGO-FM calls gone. Now KKBX. New Top40 in Thunder Bay: "Hot 105" (CJLB).

5-02: 127 AM TIPS, a new AM record for May! TFs: 1520 1450 1570 TFM:101 Mhz TS:AR NEWS: rated #9 site in the World for DX-Listening information, according to Google search engine. Wow! Format/call flips: 1210-WLDR MI dumps WWJR calls, 1170-KVOO OK now KFAQ, 94.3 in Chatham ON now CKSY AC, while 95.1 in Chatham now CKUE with Rock, flipping calls and formats May 4th, 1560 WATJ OH now sports and 102.1 WRKU now AdCon, dumping oldies

4-02: 173 AM tips! Our best April ever! 73 FM Tips, a new April record! TFs: 1020 1400 1580 TFM:100 Mhz TS:UT NEWS: Allen Standard-MS and Chris Arroyo-OH were our newest reporters. Regional News-Weather page updated quite a bit and travel ideas page was added. Format/call flips: 105.7 WFXJ in OH now on with Classic Rock, 1580-WKKD IL flips to SS, 970-KXTP WI now Talk-Sports, dumping Disney. 1210-KLDU flips back to oldies as KKHI. 710-WDSM WI goes talk, dropping sports, 107.7 KBMX Duluth MN still HotAC, but using MIX 108 handle, dropping "Point." 92.7-KULW ND goes c&w dropping oldies. 640-WHLO Akron now //98.1 WKDD HotAC and 99.7 WLYD Sturgeon Bay flips to Dance Top40 as "Wild 99.7"

3-02: 260 AM tips! Our second best March! 13 FM Tips, a new March record! TFs: 930 1340 1580 TFM:99 Mhz TS:KY NEWS: New Travel Lists were added. The listings cover the main roads in midamerica. Listings are for AM and/or FM and include many states/provinces along each highway. Nice for travel. Updated on Thursdays. Format/call flips: 96.3-WCJZ Sauk City-Madison goes jazz, 1470-KWSL IA goes FOX sports dumping oldies, 1490-KQDS MN goes CNN news and 99.9-CFWM MB goes 80's/90's hits as "Bob 99.9."

2-02: 263 AM tips! An above average month! TFs: 1370 1240 1580 TFM:98 Mhz TS:AZ NEWS: Our 1,000th QSL tip was posted! Wow! 1620 WDHP Virgin Islands hits the air as does 91.7 WSUM WI! Format/call flips: 1430 WRDN WI goes off, tho will return, 97.9 WIHC MI drops C&W for Classic Rock as "the Bear", 101.9 KLTQ NE now Lite Rock 101.9, was Classic Rock as KZFX. 1260 KBRH LA goes Top40. An AM Top40 in 2002? Wow! 1520 WDMN OH operating as a daytimer.

1-02: 558 AM tips! Our second best month! TF:900 1490 1580 TFM:97 Mhz TS:MT NEWS: Tip #19000 was logged this month. We are now doing three AM target frequencies each month! A regular frequency, a graveyard and 1570/1580 rotating every other month. In this fashion the gy channels will be done 2 times per year! Format/call flips: 850-WAIT IL goes talk, 1570-WAPL WI gone forever! To return as WSCO with sports. 94.9 KLCH Lake City, MN now on with HotAC

12-01: 603 AM tips! Our best month ever, breaking any previous records for any month! TF:1250 TFM:96 Mhz TS:FL NEWS: We now have two domain names: and DXMW reflects the medium wave focus of mid-west part of the North American continent, thus DXMW. The main message board was renamed the hype board, to hype your totals, dx or how you got a station. Musings if you will! We welcomed James Niven-TX as our latest hot tipper! Format/call flips: 1340 KCKN-KS now FOX sports, 1140 WKWM MI now NOS& dropping R&B oldies. 1550 WTUX WI now NOS. Was WHIT and sports.640 WHLO OH sold to Clear Channel. Watch for changes! 1670-WRNC GA flips format again. Now URB GOS //1280 WLCG. "The Light."

11-01: 309 AM tips! Our 3rd best November! So-so conditions. TF:1570, 1580. TS:IA NEWS: Home page re-jiggled a bit. FCC AM Query link added. DX-midAMerica starts 21st year! Format/call flips: 105.3 WFZH Mukwonago signs on w/Contemp Christian music. 105.5 WFBZ now //1570 WKBH ESPN programming, 106.5 WRWK-OH now Modern Rock. 1620 WDND-IN is the old WHLY. WHLY calls go to 1580. 1560 WGLB-WI goes 24h. WMFN-MI KHND-ND sold

10-01: 261 AM tips! Best October ever! TFs:920, 95 Mhz. TS:SD NEWS: Propogation links added to longform page and after trying to divide AM tip areas into 15 day pages vs 30, a special vote was taken: 30 day pages go back. Also, CLT was kept in as the reporting time. After all, this is MID-AMerica! Format/call flips: 560 KLZ Denver drops oldies for female format, 1310-WCCW+1370-WFJF MI go ESPN, dropping NOS, 1260-WXCE Amery WI goes talk dropping oldies and 106.1 KOQL Columbia MO flips to Top40. Also, 99.5-WNGE Negaunee MI goes oldies (WW1), 104.1-KZLT Grand Forks goes 80s/90s as "Z104", 570-WMAM Marinette WI goes "ESPN570" and 94.5-WLRW Champaign IL reverts to Top40. WBOW-WZZQ-WBUZ in Terre Haute IN and KFMZ Columbia MO ordered off the air by the FCC.

9-01: 312 AM tips! 113 FM tips! Both are new records. TFs:1480, 94 Mhz. TS:SC NEWS: 1680 Monroe LA goes on! Format/call flips:94.7 WZZN IL flips to alternative, 970-KBUL MT News-Talk, 1530-WMBE WI now ESPN1530

8-01: 134 FM tips! 144 AM tips! No records here. Little trop/Es this month. TFs:1490, 93 Mhz. TS:OK NEWS:Barry Davies-UK and Paul LaFreniere from MN are our newest HOT TIPPERS! Tip #17000 is posted. Format/call flips:1220-WHKC ex:WHK, 100.7 KGBZ Harwood-Fargo, 99.5 WNGE Negaunee MI, and 99.9 WDRK Cornell-Eau Claire now on! 99.7 WXAJ Hillsboro IL now "Kiss FM" Top40, 1290 WHGR MI silent, 1450 and 1560 in Joplin MO flip calls, 97.1 WBNS OH now HotAC, 102.9 WING-FM OH now Urban "Hot 102.9" and 93.5 WKMJ-FM MI now HotAC, dumping WMPL-FM calls and // after recent sale.

7-01: 175 FM tips! 75 AM tips! A July FM record! AM was above average. TFs:1450, 92 Mhz. TS:OH Format flips: 105.7 WCUP MI remains c&w after sale. Now "Eagle Country," KXPO moves from 106.7 to 100.9 in ND, 1440-WMAX MI was silent, but back on w/REL. Cleveland changes still continue! 92.9-WJZQ MI now jazz. Was WKJF. 105.1-WMGC MI now AC.

6-01: 76 AM tips! 175 FM tips! A June FM record! AM was above average! TFs:1340, 91 Mhz. TS:ND NEWS:Homepage redesigned a bit. 1640-KBJA UT now on. Format flips:630-WDGY and 740-WMIN MN both flip formats, but not calls. Cleveland OH still changing as 1220-WKNR goes to 850 and 1220 to be WHK with REL plus more on FM! 1270-WWCA IN silent. 920-WMPL/93.5 WMPL-FM MI now talk & sports (at night), 1310-KEIN MT now NOS.

5-01: 80 AM tips! 189 FM tips! Both May records! TFs:1340, 90Mhz. TS:NC NEWS: Tip #16000 received! Added HOT Lists of IL, IN, KS, OH, MB and ON. New reporter: Terry Palmersheim-MT. 840-CJXX AB, 1220-CJOC AB and 1170-CKGY AB to move to FM. Cleveland shakeup continues! Format flips: 1340-KTOQ SD now talk, 1310-KOCR MO silent, 1600-KCRG IA now sports, 1050-CHUM ON and all Chum group stations (CFAC, CKST, CFST, CJCH, CLC, CKPT, CKKW, CKGM) go sports as the "Team!" 1390-KKSO IA silent, 1090-WMUS MI now News-Talk 1090. WMPL FM/AM, in MI, sold.

4-01: 130 AM tips, 68 FM tips! Both records for April! TFs:1240, 89 Mhz. TS:NE NEWS:Cleveland OH to swap many frequencies. 102.3-WAUH WI now on. Format flips:1480-WFXW IL silent, 100.1-KDWD ex KEMB. Still "Hot 100"

3-01: 401 AM tips, a new March record! TFs:1230, 88 Mhz TS:NY NEWS: Arthur Jackson wrote interesting info on propogation. 1680-KAVT CA first reported by SA-MB! Format flips:1550-WAUX WI silent, 1280-WWTC MN now talk, 580-CKAP ON to go FM soon, 1590-WPVL WI now oldies

2-01: 479 AM tips, a new February record! Our best month ever for am tips! TFs:1390, 106Mhz, TS:NorthEast. NEWS: New mail list up and running and new reporters John Mallery and Kelly Freeman! Format flips:820 Chicago goes 1on1 sports, 1380-KCNW KS now SS, 1340-KKYD CO goes news-talk as KCFR. Was silent. 540-WZER WI beck to WYLO calls, 96.9-WNIZ now//WTMX Modern AC, 1090-CKWW ON goes sports soon, 880 and 1510 in Highland IL swap formats/calls.

1-01: 334 AM tips, a new January record! TFs:1590, 105 Mhz. TS:MO. NEWS:New reporter Bob Walker-MI. QSL pages, UP hot list totally wiped out. Format flips:103.5 Chicago goes top40, 100.1-WRHN WI gooes HotAC as "Hits 100.1," 1600-KAKK MN goes oldies.

12-00: 464 AM tips! 15 FM tips! Both were records. The 464 is our all time AM record. TSs:1080, 104FM, TS:MS. Format flips: 1270-WXYT MI goes FOX Sports, 1150-WCEN MI silent, 106.9-WJMR and 98.3-WFMR, both Milwaukee, to flip frequencies. 107.1-KMOQ KS goes Top40.

11-00: 445 AM tips, not only a November AM high, but our all time AM high! 31 FM tips, a November record. TFs:1570, 1580 TS:MN. NEWS: New reporters Jeff Falconer-ON and Bob Klinger-PA. FORMAT FLIPS: 1350-KCHK MN now old c&w, 940-KXTK now sports and 1520-KOLM MN goes NOS

10-00: 139 AM logs, 256 FM tips, an October record! NEWS: New hot tippers JoeG-NY and Morris Sorensen-MB come on board! QSL page broken into 3 pages. AM cx were so-so. 1630-WRDW GA on. FORMAT FLIPS: 1510-WJKN MI silent, 101.3-WBFX was WCUZ-FM. Now "Fox" with classic rock. 100.1 WGLB-FM WI goes oldies.

09-00: 164 AM logs, 107 FM logs. Both September records! TF:1410 TFM:102 Mhz TS:MI. NEWS:Internet birthday #3. KQWB-ND moves from 1550 to 1660. 1510-WJKN MI silent. FORMATS/ETC: CIDR-ON goes AdCon as "Lite Rock 93-9FM" KLXS-SD now "KS-95" AdCon, was oldies, WCUZ-MI now classic rock, ex c&w.

08-00: 234 FM logs. 194 AM logs. Both August records! TF:1490 TFM:101 Mhz, TS:MA-PA. 1620-KBLI ID now on with talk as is 1700 Huntsville AL. WMAQ now gone, replaced by 670-WSCR. 970-WGTK Louisville ex:WLKY is news and talk. 100.5 WTCF Carrolton now "Mix 100." New home page put up and pulled down in four days: too confusing and too small to read.

07-00: 184 FM logs. 103 AM logs. This was our second best July ever (bested by 1999,) and our best July ever for AM reports! TF:1450 TFM:100, TS:KS. AM tips now arranged by date then frequency. ViaRDS feature added. 101.1 WUPY Ontanagon MI basically flips to Jones softAC, w/oldies in AM/PM drive. 1370 KDTH Dubuque IA goes NOS.

06-00: 88 FM logs. Second best JUNE ever. 70 AM logs! A JUNE record! TS: IN TS:1400 TFM:99 Mhz. 93.1 WNOU Indianapolis reverts to WNAP. 750 WWKK Petoskey MI now on w/oldies. 102.3 WVJM (ex WYAA) goes urban as "Hot 102", 106.9 KKJR Dassel MN now c&w as "Hit 106".

05-00: 97 FM loggings reported, a new MAY record, good for our 4th best FM month ever! 24 AM tips! TS: IL TS:1340 TFM:98 Mhz. QSL pages divided into 2 because of length (scrolling & scrolling.) Home page redone a bit. New HOT FM frequencies added showing the most reported freqs on FM! Currently 99.9 is #1. 790-KBME Houston lost 1 of 8 towers in a t-storm. 1310 WYUR Dearborn MI now //100.3 WNIC.

04-00: 47 AM loggings reported. TS:GA TF:1240 TFM:97 Mhz. Voting says typewriter look of tips gives way to more clear print (in tips, news, format areas). Links, longform & MI tips pages totally wiped out, tho they were later replaced (and better!) Plans to put QSL pages into 2-3 pages, add 1-2 "scrapbooks" and highlight recent tips on homepage announced. 98WSPT-FM Stevens Point reverts to Top40.

03-00: 139 AM loggings reported. A new March record! TS:CO TF:1230 TFM:96 Mhz. 1620-KAZW College Station now on //1150 WTAW. A late season TA opening noted. Several maps added with county boundaries for easy printouts! Formats:96.5 WKLK Clouque now K96.5 w/AdCon, 1490 KORN Mitchell SD now news/talk, 100.1 KEMB Emmitsburg noted with "Hot 100" Top 40! Passed tip #12,0000 reported.

02-00: 185 AM loggings reported. Our 2nd best February ever! TS:AL TF:1480 TFM:95 Mhz. 1400-WDWS Champaign IL runs DX test for DX-midAMerica. Eric Loy/WDWS reported several reports including one from ON. That was 700 miles away! Format changes a plenty: 680 WDBC MI now talk, ex oldies. 1490 KQDS now NOS//KZIO, 98.3 WHCH MI now Oldies 98, while WFXD Marquette goes c&w as B103. 93.7-WLSL WI drops c&w for oldies. 1370 WLTH IN returns to the air after being silent. 96.3 KARP MN has been sold. This interesting station (c&w, oldies & Hit 96 jingles) will flip formats.

01-00: 251 AM loggings reported! This was our 7th best month ever and second best January ever! TF:800,TFM:94 Mhz, TS:IN. We welcomed two new reporters: Michael Procop-OH and Brian Bergman-ON. A new feature was added: the DX pulldown button on the homepage. Now you could look up the latest reports by state/province! LPFM passes the FCC. Look for appeals. Format changes: 1490 KTOP KS was NOS, now Classic c&w, 107.1 WPVL Plattville, WI to Classic Rock from Oldies.95.1 KRVI Detroit Lakes MN-Fargo, ND goes Soft AC. Was KGFX-rock. WRIT-FM emerges in Milwaukee at 95.7