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DX Dialogue/Roundtable!


    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed!     a light line will seperate weekly entries:

    A heavier line will seperate monthly entries:

Also SS on 930 which of course faded by ID time, 1250 seemed to have an All News outlet or TV news simulcast.... but who? what?

Nice SRS session! SS on 620 670 690 770 890 1050 and 1060. It is getting better!

SS loaded the band for a bit this morning: 590, 690, others.

Unid on 1230 which I'll search for, SS on 1570, SS on 750 (KAMA?) and 800 (XEROK?) u/others. So-so session.

New 1180 WUMY was nice. Also, there's an UNID oldies stn on 1240 I'll have to try for again tonite!

Not the greatest listing but after a few days away from dials.....will be better by month's end.

Not great dx here but watched Cubs/Brewers w/sound off and dx'ed. Aah dedication! :)

Well maybe the season is starting at long last. Conditions have been fair to poor until the last two days.

After 1 week away from the dial, it felt great to be back! Most not great, tho WOCO WCMY WAQI and WCRA were better catches!

Well I brought out both of my ULR's and Smartphone in an attempt to not only gran some Friday night HS football games that always seem to stand out but maybe take advantage of the auroral conditions. I ventured out to our "tree bench," in an effort to get away from TV and PC generated RFI. I guess that I never took how much racket that tree frogs and crickets make but I was able to add two new ones to the ULR only book - both TN "cheaters." That seems to have been a pattern in that state, for decades and neither was carrying HSFB! I gave up after 45 minutes of cold and noise and I guess lack of practice.

Finally after chasing this one for a very long time. Nice way to start a new DX season.

FM rig still OTS indefly, so instead decided to check AM. Not much, but cx seemed somewhat decent toward the east.

KDIZ-MN will be silent beginning 9-26 along with some 20 other Radio Disney stations nationwide, which would make for some interesting DX.

Lackluster morning, mostly spent 20 mins on 750 waiting for what finally was KAMA, so worth the wait, I guess.

Lightning static for 3rd morn in a row. Not a great session, I know. hi.

Tried for 1070 KNX this AM. Hrd notes of Emmys in WTSO null at 0510. Could say I heard it again and this morn was horrible compared to yesterday.

What an excellent reward for dragging myself out of bed! Others were in, but after these 5, anything else seemed so-so dx. Will be at the dials tonight. It is getting noticeably better! Several lightnight crashes, but still glad I went to dials, all coffeed up for another day!

Maybe being an old stubborn guy has its benefits if you keep trying for a targeted station.

Certainly not the greatest listing, but, after a few days of thunder, lightnight AND associated sleep loss, best I could do, hi.

Well it looks like even in the midst of summer if you are very patient you can dig out something new.

Greetings. I've been a long time lurker.

Certainly not the greatest list, but none are "common" and I believe are first/only reports from here in 2014. Others like KDWB, Z100 Eau Claire not reported, but more than this was heard, for the curious.

In the middle of a hot wet humid summer there is still some DX to be found so keep listening.

2 days, 3 countries via E's. Not all bad

Thanks to John R for the text tip Sunday night. It really paid off John.

An exciting day of skip all over the country with stations ranging far and wide being heard, all times CDT.

That was sheer excitement. Letís have more of this again.

I wonder if anyone caught a double hop when I was getting TX and ME NS NB? I had to double check my logs for those 2 new ones from Texas, I had a hard time believing I was getting something new from Texas!

COMMENTS YES there is DX out there. Two new states in 5 minutes!!!!!!!

Not a bad day. First FM logging from Idaho and first FM from DC at this QTH within hours of each other. :)

Wild opening today!

NM to NS to FL. Bizarre.

Things turned to the West last night

FM rig still OTS indefly, so instead decided to check AM Wendesday night 2 July. Times EDT.

Quiet last night for once so I could get some DX in acceptable cx for summer.

Weird scattered E conditions the past couple of days. Hard to keep anything in long enough to ID>

A little or a lot, hearing Eís is challenging and fun.

Not a long opening, and I'll check logs to see if any are new. I'm hoping! Was NOT on all freqs. Not strong stuff. Mostly in/out and gone.

Another summer with little or no Es!

Really felt good to dx the old AM band and KNX always a treat to hear. Not expecting much, but trying anyways.

Having no cable here, I just decided to "scan the TV" and 1st NEW TV station since 1987! Hello! Will have to Scan/DX more thru summer!Long live skip!

Well sometimes you can get a new one even as the official DX season seems to be ended

Only been at it for 2 days, and already I've nearly matched my total of new FM loggings from last year! Needless to say, 2014 should be much more productive. :)

WJUB has rarely been hrd here and WREY never at night. Sat on GYs a bit, tho nothing worth reporting.

A very slow month. Only 3 new ones heard here.

Lackluster morning, tho KNX is always nice to hear and KQWB is now Willie 1660 w/OLD C&W.

What a nice session. Nothing new, but not the same stuff for a change. Will be at dials tonite.

Certainly not the greatest session, but it is April, hi.

Not the greatest logs, obviously. DX'ed last night overnight and the morn. Squat really.

Very good to South this morn. Always hoping for more than reported stuff, but no luck.

Much, much better than yesterday. SS noted on 1020, 700.

Wish I had more to report, but cx really not that good tonight. Some easterly catches in better than normal (CKOC, CIWW, etc.) but really nothing worth writing home about.

Haven't done SSS in 4 days. Believe I'll try tonight to make up for lack of dx this morning. Still, in June this listing will be considered large!

Nothing new, but a decent session anyway.

Very nice session w/new 1350 WGDN MI this morning. New stuff still there. Just gotta try.

After a few days of no dx, "best" I could muster up.

Triplets on same freq.

You never know where the new ones will show up unless you look around.

SS on 990 800 1570 and 700. That one hour window I'd had netted nothing new, but always keep trying.

Lousy cx the past couple of days, but was able to log a few.

Wish I had more, but this is it. Conditions here as of 2200 EST are more like daytime. Most common catches by day are in here, but very little skip is in.

Band was horrid, but this stuff popped through. Most freqs were super dead nd the SRS session certainly ended early!

When you hear a GY 4 states away after just turning on the radio, it's going to be good!

Ultra weird cx Sunday night, ended up with three new catches with most 50 kw clears out of the picture.

Not a great morning. Some freqs had quite common stuff.This is the "best" and yet in June this stuff won't even be here, hi.

Band tanked today so I went for close in stuff, figuring there might be stuff on my most wanted list I could catch. No such luck, tho some nice rare stuff! Otherwise band was quite dead.

Have to love the DX tests for getting those weak stations from far far away.

Other UNIDS were SS on 1140, SS on 1070, probably KLIO and SS on 1150. Each morning, it seems the day starts as normal, and then for 60-90 min things seem very, very different/good.

You can make KNAB, a 1kw daytimer your target unless you've already heard it.

What a morning! I've had pipelines to No.Dakota or the West on occasion and the KS/NE stations noted this morning we just great, rather than the 'norm" and new 1580 KKTS helped. NEW #10 this year of which I'm proud!

Conditions are a bit better today and if you get a new one the conditions donít matter.

You never know what you might hear and where you might hear it. That is the link click on Shortwave Pirate for loggings board I used

The band has been poor of late but getting better today
Conditions have been poor here but you never know when something good will pop up.

Giving 1050 a rest for a bit. CJNB now an official pest

Wow! TWO NEW LOGS within seconds of each other. FOUR new logs in first 8 days of 2014. In 2013, had to wait until February 3rd! So, I must say I am content and while not a morning person, these results make it all worthwhile!!!

CHUM makes station number 4 heard since CKSB went black. There has to be more out there to fill my thirsty ears.

Well a new frequency to DX here:1050. Had these three IDíed but had several religious and or talk stations and a bit of Spanish over night on a recording all of which were UNIDís

CX for Dec should be way better than this. Woke up TOO easrly today. DX'ed:nothing, sleep, up, sleep, up and finally at 6:45, dragged my dead butt out of bed. Glad for this stuff, but always, always hoping. Can't get a new one if you don't try I guess!

Hereís wishing to all of you a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hey the year is not over yet. There is still time to grab a new one or two orÖ.

2 minutes and will give you the world? Nope, two minutes and 2 new ULR logs! I had two minutes just after midnight Eastern, and was rewarded with two new loggins to the ultralight logbook. I was surprised by Frederick, MD but that was actually a relog to the overall logbook.

See never say never in this hobby as things donít always go the way you might think they will. Thanks for putting on the test it was very much appreciated

Caught extremely slow Code ID @ 0222 ET. I think that Rome NY was actually stronger but that's not surprising as Lima doesn't throw much in my direction. Two for two! Thanks to all that made this one possible.

Finally an end to December's DX Drought! Nice to hear good stuff and even one new logging.

Not much action here but I keep trying

These are horrid examples of dx for today. December DX should be way, way better than this. Like April-ish.

Excellent morning to West. Always loved those "Dakota Nights" so I'm glad I tried vs looking at A/K and going back to sleep. Sometimes you just cannot explain or figure things out!

Good DX come in pairs on the same frequency:1050.

Finally, 2 new logs in past 2 days and much better than "normal" stuff. Maybe the DX log-jam is breaking. Anyway, different area of country nice to hear. Now I'm waiting for one of those "Dakota nights."

Still trying for OR or CA on 1640, but still no dice.