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DX Dialogue/Roundtable!


    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!     a light line will seperate weekly entries:

    A heavier line will seperate monthly entries:

Not the greatest session. WKEI always a nice surprise.

Decent SSS, so-so cx twilight. Cx are definitely improving.

WVHI is a common catch; I only posted it so that anyone else who hears KY sports on 1330 doesn't get tricked by it like I did at first.

Horrid compared to yesterday. 11/11 dx in til 10am EST. 11/12: 8am! Will be at dials tonight.

Excellent morning. Nice! Many others unid'ed of course and stns that go on and on w/no calls! 30" of sno expected and this time looks like they are right, hi! Still nice looking and dog loves it. 40 days to winter, hi!

You have to try for them but you cannot hear them all!

SS domestics on 1600, 1380, lost, of course at LID time, hi. Cl HITS on 930 Long Time/Boston (long version), and 760 with an info-mercial into another one and, of course, no ID. WJR nulled.)

Nice, nice morn w/2 NEW logs, rare WWDC and WFUN which showed up 2x this week. Rare otherwise!

Finally something new to put in the log. Conditions here have been poor of late.

Horrid morning. Just horrid, but still a few bites in fishing pond of dx!