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My Online Friends

This is Kevin (Nitro). He is an online friend of mine who shares my obsession with wrestling. He is one of the biggest sweethearts I have ever had the opportunity to talk to, and this webpage would not be here without his patience, encouragement, and tutorials. He also acts as my online personal

This is Dave & Lisa. I met them through mIRC chat and we became instant friends! They were married recently (CONGRATS GUYS!!) and are currently living very happily together in Oregon! I have spent many long hours with these two online and on the phone, and would like to thank them for being such special and wonderful friends to me! We all have so much in common and the time I get spend with them is always full of laughs and fun!

This is Adam and a friend. If you know which one is which, please let me know because I have yet been able to tell them apart! Though they are both kinda cute, aren't they?? I met Adam in mIRC as well, and have since become very good friends with him. Unfortunately Adam needs the assistance of my online spell-checker, Kevin, more then I do...LOL. I quite often need an interpretator to read through all of his typos! Just kidding Adam! The funny part is that he works with computers for a living (hehehe). But all of that is just part of the wonderfully quirky package he comes equipped with.

This is Lissie-pooh, er, Lisvender! He is one of the most talented, intelligent, funny, and sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to in my life! He is a wonderful person and a wonderful friend! He also has a certain talent that I am quite greatful for (hehe)!! I consider myself very lucky for being given the opportunity to meet such a gifted and caring person. He is truly one of a kind.

This is Cazzie. Isn't she a doll? She is yet another mIRC friend (don't ya think it's time you should download mIRC now? Look at all these cool people you get to meet and talk to!) Cazzie is such a love. She is funny, bright, hard-working, and as straight-forward and down to earth as you will find! She also assists me with class registration and enrollment for Adam's Typing 101 classes, hehe!

Here is HuskerDu. He is one more friend from mIRC. He also aspires to be David Copperfields apprentice (giggle). He is such a sweet person. He is always chipper and always there if you need someone to talk to. I am very happy to have had the chance to get to know him.