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My friends

This is one of my closest friends, Amy. We have been friends for 10 years now, and I would never have made it this far without her. She keeps me sane, and she keeps me in stitches as well. You see, poor Amy has a reputation for being quite a klutz. I have seen her with more injuries in the last 10 years then a amatuer stunt-man (hehe). She can be quite goofy at times, as you can see as well! But she is one of the best friends a girl could ask for!

These are pics of my closest friends, Melissa and Darin. They got married this last August, which is where these pics are from (obviously..hehe). Darin is a riot and a half, and Melissa is a nut. I have more fun with these two then I do in any other aspect of my life. They are also expecting a child right now, and have already asked me to be the Godmother. I AM SO EXCITED! My love and congrats to both of you!

Here is my good friend Tonya. She is away at college, so I don't get to see her as often as I would like right now. She is one of the biggest sweethearts I have ever known in my entire life. She is also the most talented person I know. She has sung professionaly, danced professionaly, and enjoyed a career as a model for DD (a Japanese company), and JC Penny's. She has an awesome sense of humor as well. A wonderful friend.

This is Dona (Starre). I met her back in Junior High about 12 years ago. We became friends because of or common intrest in Wham, a popular pop group back then (hehe). The stuff you do when you are teens! She is a really nice person, and also holds the reputation as the biggest flirt our state has ever seen! The second picture was taken at my 16th birthday slumber party. I can guarentee you I will be killed for including it on this page (giggle)!!

This is Karen. I also met Karen back in Junior High, and have remained good friends with her to this date. She is so much fun to party with, and has one of the most out-spoken, yet coolest moms I know. She also changes boyfriends as often as she changes the toilet paper roll on the dispener in her bathroom, hehehe.

This is Jeff. He is my drinking buddy, and also my dance partner! He is one of the best dancers I have ever seen, and that is a big plus for guys in my book! He is a lot of fun to hang with, as well as a lot of fun to pick on (giggle).

Here we have Kelly. He is another drinking buddy (as you can Kelly and I have been friends for about 9 years, and we used to get into a lot of trouble together when we were younger, hehe. Thank God we grew out of it (sort of)! I will never forget giving him his first driving lesson and watching in horror as my car found it's way onto the sidewalk! He is a blast to hang with.

This is Paul. His dad was the sherriff when I met him and started dating him. A very scary experience! We went steady for about 2 years, then decided to just be friends. But we never lost that love and connection between us. He is a love and a half and I think the world of him!

This is Murray, Oh, I mean Marie! LOL! Actually, Murray is my dad's pet nickname for her. She is Melissa's twin sister. They make a cute set! They look alike, but Melissa is almost a foot taller then Marie! Quite funny seeing the two of them together. Marie is like my little sis, even though she is older then me. But I still feel protective over her, and have this desire to look after her all the time..LOL. Goofy, isn't it? But Marie is a sweet girl and a great friend!

This is another pic of Melissa. I didn't have any embarrassing or incriminating pics of her, so this is the best I could do..LOL. I just wanted to include a casual one of her to show everyone she is a goddiss no matter how she looks! Also, to show that her and Marie are actually twins..hehe.

This is Rick. We met online in yahoo chat, and found out quickly that we lived in the same town! We also found out that we had a few very important things in common, hehehe. We met one another and became instant friends. He is such a sweetheart and total proof that the people you meet online are complete weirdo's!! Just kidding Rick. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to meet him and become his friend.

This is a pic of (in order, from left to right) Jeff, Marie, Frank, Melissa, and Darin. This was taken at the local night club we all go to for dancing and drinking. It is also the night club that my husband occasionally DJ's at. All of my friends apparently felt the need to express their opinions of me for this shot! LOL

This is Chris. Well, this is Chris's butt anyhow..LOL. This pic pretty much describes his entire lookout on life. Always backwards! LOL. Unfortunately for us, this is also Chris's better side (just kidding)!