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My family

My beautiful daughter Brittany, age 2!

Brittany sporting my favorite team's clothing at 1 1/2 years old!

Two pics of Brittany at 9 months old

Two pics of Brittany at 6 months old

This is my husband of 6 years, Brian.

Here is Brian spinning records as a DJ at the hottest local night club in town.

This is my mom! Next to my daughter, she is the most important person in my life and I love her very much! The second pic is from her Nursing School graduation.

These are two pics of my mom being goofy. I believe she did both of these for parties for co-workers. Is she cool or what?? I am also dead for posting these pics! LOL

This is my good old Dad! The second pic is Dad and my brother, Tim. My Dad's sole purpose in life is to make me live down every dumb or embarrassing thing I ever did! Like the time I called the Kalahari Dessert, the Alcohali Dessert. Okay, so it's pretty funny, but I was 10 years old! What do y'all expect! LOL

This is my brother Tim. He is my older brother, by a mere 9 months..LOL. The first picture was his senior portrait, and thank god my brother does not have a computer, or I would die for putting in the second pic from his Army days..hehehe. If ya happen to see this Tim, sorry, but I had to do it (I also had some encouragement from Dad!)!!

Here is my sister-in-law, Eunice. She is married to my brother Tim. They have been married 7 years, and have two children....Darren, age 3, and Kelsey, age 2.

This is my oldest kitty, Earnhardt. My Dad suggested we named him Stash when we first got him, do to the spot under his nose. It looks like he has half a moustache. But having the neighbors suspecting me of doing drugs from hearing me say "Stash" all the time did not sit well with me...LOL.

This is the middle cat, Rusty. He is the most affectionate cat I have ever come across in my life!

This is the baby, Wimmer. He is named after a local Stock Car racer, Scott Wimmer. Just as Rusty is named after Nascar racer, Rusty Wallace, and Earnhardt is named after, you guessed it, Dale Earnhardt. Gee, you can't tell we are racing fans around here, can ya?? LOL