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My Brother's Stock Cars

This section of my website is dedicated to my brother and his stock cars. He started racing when he was 16 years old, and has been a strong competitor in his division of Super Stocks since then. These are some pics of the different cars and wins my brother has had in his racing career.

This is Tim's first car and Tim's first win as well. He was only 16 in this pic, and this was quite a proud moment for everyone. The number of the car, 63, was his late grandfather's number when he was racing many years ago.

This was Tim's second car. The pic was taken for another win at our local race track, Golden Sands Speedway. This local race track was also the starting track for Nascar racers Dick Trickle, Ted Musgrave, Dave Marcis, Kevin Cywinski, Mark Martin, and Bryan Reffner. He chose to change his number to 24 at this time because he and his wife got married on the 24th of August.

This is a pic of Tim with his third car.

Another pic of Tim with his third car

Tim's third car after a wreck. This car and all of Tim's other cars saw plenty of those!!

Here is another win for Tim at Golden Sands Speedway. This time with his third car.

This is Tim's fourth car, and my personal favorite. This was another win at Golden Sands Speedway. This win was very special though. The Porter's are close personal friends of our family. Their son, Gary Porter, was a popular and successful racer at Golden Sands. In the prime of his career, Gary was killed in a motorcycle accident. Ever since then, the Porter's sponsor one night of racing at Golden Sands every year. This win was achieved on Porter night.


Here we have Tim's 5th and last car, as well as another win at Golden Sands Speedway. He is currently building another car from scratch, and we all look forward to seeing him back on the track and back in action very soon!!

Here is Tim's new car all finished and ready to go!! Doesn't it look great?? Just kidding! Actually, this is a pic of Tim sitting in Dale Earnhardt's car. It was taken when he went to Charlotte, NC for a Winston Cup race. The humor in this pic, is that Tim claims to hate Dale Earnhardt. We believe he did this for my father, who is a huge fan of Dale's.