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I'd like to invite anybody who has an excellent Battle Net games related web site and who would like to get some additional traffic, to join. The process is quite simple. you just have to follow four simple steps: Submit your URL and related info Add the Battle Net RingHTML fragment to your page. E-mail me! Have fun!!


1.You must have a Battle Net Games related topics on your site.

2.You cannot edit or change the web ring banner. Doing so will cause you to be kicked off the web ring. The only editing that can be done to the banner is to size it to fit your site and changing the ID# and email address where it needs to be changed and inform me if you are going to do this.

3.No adult related material can be present on your web page, not even a banner or a link. If you have adult related material on your site you will be kicked off the web ring.

4.The banner must be put on your page before you are added to the web ring.

5.The banner must remain on your page in order for you to be apart of the web ring. You will be eliminated from the ring if you don't have the banner on your site.

6.I have the right to edit, add or change these rules at any time without any ones consent.

7.In submitting your site you agree to follow all rules of this web ring with the exception of #8

8.Have fun and spread the word about the web ring.

Metal's Battle Net Webring
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