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Welcome to      Please Bookmark! 50000+ loggings reported! DX-midAMerica! ...since 1981 thanks to you! the on line dx daily!       DX: latest reports 
The master inDeX to everything in DX-midAMerica! Pick an area, then a link and learn more on our great hobby! All CURRENT AM, FM and TV TIPS are accessed through the home page! The possibility of other links being added is open.Your comments are always welcome! It is a privilege to be your guest! Thank you!

The Targets:
Twilight DX! (afterSSS-before 2300 CDT) MAY!
Night OWL AM DX Targets: MAY!
APRIL TARGET FREQUENCIES:=== 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700
APRIL "FM HEARD!" 104 Mhz!
MOST REPORTED 7+3! How many do you have?
MOST REPORTED FM! How many do you have?
NON REPORTED GYDX! mid-AMericas never ever reported GYDX!
MEDIUM-WAVE RARE! mid-AMericas NON-powerhouses!
CAN AM plus!Canadian AM's + FM & TV!
Pan AM Page! Pan-AMerican Target List!
Pan FM Page! Pan-AMerican FM loggings!
World AM page! More exotic DX!
EXPANDED AM BAND Where they are! Where they'll be!
MIDAMERICA'S LOCALS! Graveyard formats, nets, slogans, etc!
MIDAMERICA'S MARKETS a few complete market listings!
Upcoming DX tests! a listing of DX tests is right here!
Stats! Top Months, AM-FM statistics, most frequented freqs!
UNIDS! Stump the dx'ers!
RDS info! call letter RDS readout listings!
All 50! The best bets from the US!
All Canada! The best bets from Canada!
NPR Stations/Phones! Helpful midamerica listing!
Hurricane Blowtorches! Listing of stations to hear, look for!

NEWS and INFORMATION:HOT NEWS & BULLETINS: Headlines, Bulletins, News!
Flips! Call, format flips, etc The Station Update page!
NOT ON Our list on silent stations!
Format flips, Archived! Past few months of action is here!
Station Updates:by Political Unit!
Station Update: by Frequency!

DX-midAMerica.com HOT LISTS:
Alberta HOT List AM database!
Colorado HOT List! AM database!
Idaho HOT List! AM/FM database!
Illinois HOT List! AM/FM database!
Indiana HOT List! AM database!
Iowa HOT List! AM/FM database!
Kansas HOT List! AM database!
Manitoba HOT List AM database!
Michigan HOT List! AM/FM database!
Minnesota HOT List! AM/FM database!
Missouri HOT List! AM database!
Montana HOT List! AM/FM database!
Nebraska HOT List! AM/FM database!
New Brunswick HOT List! AM database!
Newfoundland and Labrador HOT List! AM database!
North Dakota HOT List! AM/FM database!
Nova Scotia HOT List! AM database!
Ohio HOT List! AM database!
Ontario HOT ListAM database!
Prince Edward Island HOT List!FM database!
Saskatchewan HOT List AM database!
South Dakota HOT List! AM/FM database!
Wisconsin HOT List! AM/FM database!
Wyoming HOT List! AM/FM database!

The HT&T Reading Room:The DX-midAMerica Story How this got here!
HT&T Archives! Issue by issue headlines!
DX'ing! How to up YOUR totals!
RETRO mid-AMerica Radio Dials radio years ago!
Top Receivers/Antennas ('97/'98): The Best!
Your kind words!Quite a few have been said!

AbbreviationsWhat do // and those other things mean?
Aircheck Arcade! Aircheck collecting!
DX-midAMerica Archives a look at a three decade history!
DX'er PRO-files! your fellow dx'ers interests, radio info, more!
DX'er Thoughts thoughts on how to, etc.
Equipment Links! A DX'ers wish list!
FAQ! Frequently Asked Questions about this site!
Food Files: a good burger recipe. More on the way!
Canadian FootballHere's the complete listing!
HSFB list High School football and the station list!
LINKS links to other dx sites!
On The 9's Promise your dx will be fresh. Here's why!
DX-midAMerica DX reporting Form! reporting is easy with this!
QSL Tips! QSL signers lists!
Hit Music Survey! I started a weekly chart in 1969!
Year End ChartBiggest Hits of years' past!
Top 40 was & is! Listing of Top40's from 1967 - now!
DX-midAMerica POWER POLL! Your vote counts!
DX-midAMerica POWER POLL results! Your vote counts!
Suggest-A-Link! AM/FM/TV DX link suggestions!
Wisconsin Weather Radio! listing of Dairy State's stations!
Yellow Pages! Not on the web? Find it here!
Et Cetera! Interesting postings from newsgroups!
Bandscans Up and down the dial!
Goodies spell checker and calculator!

FORMAT FILES:listing for NOSTALGIA stations in mid-AMerica!
FORMAT FILES:listing for OLDIES stations in mid-AMerica!
FORMAT FILES:listing for SPORTS stations in mid-AMerica!
FORMAT FILES:listing for TOP 40 stations in mid-AMerica!
FORMAT FILES:listing for COUNTRY stations in mid-AMerica!
FORMAT FILES:listing for NEWS, NEWS-TALK stations in mid-AMerica!
FORMAT FILES:listing for RELIGIOUS stations in mid-AMerica!

AM Slogans North AMerican AM slogans!
FM Slogans: North America slogan listing!
88.1-91.9 92.1-96.9 97.1-101.9 102.1-107.9 non-midAMerica
LA SL Latin American slogan listing!
TA SL Trans Atlantic slogan listing!
TP SL Trans Pacific slogan listing!

Trans-Canada AM radio stations on Trans Canada Highway
Sun/Gulf Coast GYDX GYDX stations: formats, updates!
I-15,25 AM radio stations on I-15/25
I-15,25 FM radio stations on I-15/25
I-35 AM radio stations on I-35
I-69/75 AM radio stations on I-69/75
I-70 AM radio stations on I-70
I-80 AM radio stations on I-80
US2, I-90, I-94 FM radio stations on US2, I-90, I-94
US2, I-90, I-94 AM radio stations on US2, I-90, I-94
US 66 AM/FM radio stations on US 66

TRAVEL TIPS fellow dx'ers have shared quite a few!

NON DX-midAMerica pages:
Mapblast where is it?
How far...was that last catch?
USNO clockset your clocks to this!

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