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       Welcome to CAN AM plus! Since HT&T has always had the Target State of the month, I had given some thought to a Target Province (of the month.) However,later I thought why not lump everything together instead of being a carbon copy of another feature. The Pan AM plus booklet was first. This was a booklet in addition to the bulletins that came out. The CAN AM plus booklet was another idea. Whereas pan AM plus is now called the pan AM page, deleting everything above 1600 and the few TransAtlantic catches, CAN AM plus IS CAN AM plus! It is everything reported on AM and FM. I hope you find this a useful dx tool, and hope you use this often. I also thank anyone who has reported anything and made additions or corrections to this list.

       One thing that hit me while I typed this was the stations that have left the AM band. While I have read of a few here and there, the fact is A LOT have left AM forever! Examples, by calls only:CFFT, CJSB, CFNB, CFBK, CHYR, CHEX, CKRD, CKCY, CBO, CKFR, CFLS, CHRS, CKGB, CKLY, CHNR, CFYN, CKRX-CHEC, CKJD, CKXL, CJRC, CJLB, CFOR, CHLO, CKAN, CKCK and CJOC to name the ones once reported to HT&T but now vanished forever!

       This page is also dedicated to the dx'ers in Canada who have reported to DX midAMerica! You have kept me abreast of changes and your kind words have helped this effort. My thanks to you! I have been to your Country and find it absolutely breathtaking!

# of reports, freq, calls, notes on reception thru October 2014 logs, including many FM E's/Tropo catches! 23 new updates with 11/14 updates!

AM reports:

23 530 CIAO ON Brampton G in these FEB & DEC reports. Dance mx heard at night. SSS/NiteOWL & SRS reports. Latest: 2-Twil 2-OWL 4-OWL 7-OWL 8-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil "Chow-AM 530"
2 530 CHFS ON Ft Francis One report F a/SSS Nov. The other SRS in Dec.
5 540 CBGA-1 NB Grande Anse 3-Twil 8-Twil 10-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS FF
1 540 CBT NF Grand Falls: 1-OWL
3 540 CBEF ON Windsor, 1-OWL 9-OWL, 10-DAY CBC-FF
1 CBGA1 PQ New Carlisle: 9-Twil
17 540 CBK SK Regina-Watrous: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-OWL
1 560 CJKL ON Kirkland Lake, P in NOV NiteOWL action, oldies
31 560 CFOS ON Owen Sound, Dec is best month for reports,. Sometimes dominant, one report "P u/WFIL" Latest: 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-OWL 3-SRS 3-OWL 3-OWL 4-Twil 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil 12-OWL
1 560 CKCN QU Sept-Iles noted in JUNE NiteOWL dx. P signal. FF.
24 570 CKGL ON Kitchener F-E around Mid in winter months. Many old-timers, myself included, will remember this as CHYM Latest: 1-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-Twil 3-SRS 3-SSS 4-Twil 5-Twil 5-Twil 5-OWL 8-SSS 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-OWL 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil "570News"
2 570 CKSW SK Swift Current: 1-SRS 8-OWL
1 580 CKXR BC Salmon Arm 6-OWL w/oldies/AC
3 580 CJML MB Winnipeg: 11-SRS 11-DAYS 11-SSS. 99w-on occasionally
11 580 CFRA ON Ottawa: 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-SRS 8-SSS 8-SSS 10-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS
11 580 CKWW ON Windsor: 1-Twil 2-OWL 4-Twil 7-OWL 7-OWL 7-OWL 9-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 12-SRS 12-SSS OLD"AM580"
1 590 CFAR MB Flin Flon: 12-SRS
1 590 CKRS QC Saguenay: 11-SRS
12 590 CJCL ON Toronto: 1-SRS 3-SRS 4-SSS 5-Twil 5-Twil 8-OWL 8-OWL 9-Twil 10-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-OWL Sports "590 the Fan"
7 590 CKRS QU Junguiere: 1-Twil 1-Twil 5-Twil 7-OWL 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-Twil 12-SRS. FF

1 600 CKBD BC Vancouver noted afterSSS in DEC w/c&w mx in this report.
45 600 CKAT ON North Bay. Winter-NiteOWL, c&w G w/u WMT. Latest reports: 1-SRS 1-OWL, 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-TWIL 2-TWIL 2-TWIL, 3-OWL, 4-Twil 5-Twil 7-OWL 9-OWL, 9-OWL, 9-OWL, 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS, 10-OWL 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS, 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS, 12-SSS 12-SSS, 12-OWL 12-OWL
8 600 CJWW SK Saskatoon. C&W Latest:1-SRS il 2-Tw9-SRS 9-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS
1 610 CKYL AB Peace River: 1-OWL
1 610 CHNL BC Kamloops: 11-SRS "NL"
5 610 CHTM MB Thompson P w/pop mx. At the time this was "2nd furthest catch ever. Best catch ever!" for Robert Kramer. THIS IS DX! Shawn Axelrod notes "FINALLY AFTER 13 YEARS!" November Twilight DX! Latest reports: 3-SSS 12-SRS 12-OWL "very rare here."
11 610 CKTB ON St Catharines: 1-SRS 1-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil "Newstalk 610"
8 610 CHNC PQ New Carlisle: 1-OWL 9-Twil 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-OWL FF
1 620 CHRQ ON Timmins: 11-SRS 11-SSS
42 620 CKRM SK Regina - Latest reports:1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-Twil 2-OWL 2-OWL 2-OWL 4-OWL 4-OWL 6-OWL 6-OWL 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-DAY 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-OWL 12-OWL 12-OWL. Sad to see CKCK leave the AM band! C&W now as CKRM moved from 980 in October 2001.
1 630 CHED AB Edmonton on SSS in this lone NOV rpt. AC "630 Ched" ids
2 630 CKOV BC Kelowna 6-SRS 11-SRS
20 630 CFCO ON Chatham. Latest reports:1-SRS 1-SSS 1-Twil 2-SSS 2-TWIL 3-SRS 3-SRS 4-TWIL 4-OWL 5-OWL 5-DAY:WI 5-DAY:WI 9-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 12-SRS C&W//FM92.9
2 630 CHLT QU Sherbrooke: 2-Twil 11-DAYS to ON
11 640 CFMJ ON Richmond Hill: 1-SSS 2-Twil 7-Twil 8-SSS 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-SSS 12-SSS "AM 640 Toronto"
1 650 CISL BC Richmond 3-OWL "C-Isle" OLD
33 650 CKOM SK Saskatoon. F when in, winter months SSS-SRS. Latest:1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-SRS 3-SRS 6-SRS 7-OWL 8-SSS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil [CINT]
19 660 CFFR AB Calgary: 1-SRS 1-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-SRS 8-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS AllNEWS
22 680 CJOB MB Winnipeg. G signals. One report, the typical NiteOWL report from SEPT, but how about the DAYtime report in FEB at 0920 w/ a G signal into WI! Latest: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-DAY:ON 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-DAYS:ND 9-OWL 10-SSS 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS  
15 680 CFTR ON Toronto. P-G winter month reception, SSS-SRS and NiteOWL when reported."680 News." Latest:1-OWL 2-SRS 2-OWL 3-Twil 5-Twil 8-Twil 8-OWL 10-OWL 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-DAYS:MI AllNEWS
10 690 CBU BC Vancouver in on a few reports on a super Western opening or beverage expedition! Latest reports: 3-SRS 3-Twil 4-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-OWL

15 690 CKGM QC Montreal: 1-SSS 1-Twil 4-DAYS:WI! 4-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil SPO:ESPN
15 690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg: 5-SRS 8-Twil 8-OWL 9-DAYS:MB 9-TWIL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS

2 730 CHMJ BC Vancouver: 11-SRS 12-SRS. EX:CKLG
43 730 CKDM MB Dauphin. F alone or w/others. SRS/SSS in Jan/Feb or fall-winter late nights. Latest reports:1-Twil 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-DAYS:WI 2-Twil 3-Twil 3-OWL 5-OWL 6-OWL 7-OWL 8-SSS 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil 12-OWL AC/C&W/OLD
17 730 CKAC QC Montreal, winter-summer months, just get around others. Latest:1-SRS 1-SRS 2-Twil, 2-OWL 3-Twil 4-OWL 5-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-DAYS to WI, 11-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-OWL
11 740 CBX AB Edmonton, F-G NiteOWL, winter months, Get around CFZM. CBC Radio 1. Latest: 1-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-OWL
15 740 CFZM Toronto: 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-OWL 4-Owl 5-OWL 7-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL 12-OWL NOS2 750 CBGY NF Bonavista Bay: 1-Twil 9-OWL CBC
1 750 CBGY NL Bonavista (CBC R.1)8-SSS
8 750 CKGB ON Timmins. P-G, sometimes alone or in a mess. One report had them in even before SSS! (NOV rpt) Slogan:"Hot Country 750 CKGB" 1-SRS
35 750 CKJH SK Melfort: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS long fades 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-Twil 8-Twil 8-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil OLD CK-750
6 770 CHQR AB Calgary: 1-Twil 4-Twil 9-SSS 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-SSS
2 790 CFCW AB Camrose: 1-SRS 10-SRS C&W
2 800 CKOR BC Penticton: 3-OWL 6-SRS Light Rock
5 800 CJBQ ON Belleville 1-SRS 1-OWL 3-OWL 4-OWL 12-SSS
12 800 CKLW ON Windsor:1-SRS 1-Twil 1-OWL 1-OWL 1-OWL 2-Twil 4-OWL 5-OWL 6-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 11-Twil
14 800 CJAD QC Montreal: 1-SRS 2-SSS 5-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-OWL EE
41 800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw. P-G in winter months, and some G reports on SRS! OLDIES. Latest:1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 3-SRS 4-SRS 5-SRS 5-OWL 8-SRS 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil OL6
1 810 CJVA NB Caraquet 12-Twil FF
1o 810 CKJS MB Winnipeg: 1-SSS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 6-OWL 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 11-SSS
21 820 CHAM ON Hamilton. Winter months on SSS-SRS. Latest 2-Twil 3-Twil 5-Twil 8-OWL 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil
1 840 CJXX AB Grand Prairie: 1-SRS
1 840 CKBX BC 100 Mile House: 6-OWL C&W
1 860 CBRJ BC Grand Forks: 6-Twil CBC-Radio 1
2 860 CFPR BC Prince Rupert: 1-OWL 9-Twil
2 860 CKSB-1 MB Ste Rose du Lac: 3-SSS 8-DAYS into MB FF
1 860 CKSB2 MB Lazare: 3-SSS FF
4 860 CJBC ON Toronto DEC NiteOWL report. CBC-FF. Not uncommon in mid-AMerica. Latest: 4-DAY to WI 5-OWL 10-Twil
1 860 CKBF-2 SK Saskatoon 9-Twil <---First reported in 2013!
1 870 CKIR BC Invermere 3-SRS OLD 1000/250
8 880 CHQT AB Edmonton: 2-OWL 3-Twil 3-OWL 3-OWL 3-OWL 9-Twil 11-OWL 12-OWL AllNEWS
49 880 CKLQ MB Brandon. F-G, September had most reports, SSS-Midnight. "Q Country 880-CKLQ" Always a good "Up North" indicator. Latest:1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-OWL 3-OWL 4-SRS 5-Twil 5-OWL 6-Twil 6-OWL 7-OWL 8-Twil 8-OWL 8-OWL 8-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-OWL 12-OWL
4 890 CJDC BC Dawson Creek: 7-OWL 9-Twil 9-Twil 11-SRS C&W

20 900 CHML ON Hamilton: 1-SSS, 1-Twil, 2-Twil, 2-Twil, 3-Twil 3-OWL, 3-OWL, 3-OWL, 5-Twil, 5-OWL, 7-Twil 8-OWL 9-OWL 10-OWL 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SSS 12-Twil
2 900 CJBR PQ Rimouski: 1-SRS 11-OWL
35 900 CKBI SK Prince Albert F in SEPT SSS, MAR&NOV NiteOWL and OCT/afterSSS sessions! C&W. latest:1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-SRS 5-Twil 8-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil C&W
8 910 CKDQ AB Drumheller: 1-OWL 5-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 12-SSS "Q91 Country"
48 920 CFRY MB Portage la Prairie: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 4-Twil 4-Twil 4-OWL 6-SSS 8-SRS 8-OWL 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 10-OWL 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil C&W.
20 920 CKNX ON Wingham: 1-SSS, 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-Twil, 1-OWL, 3-SRS, 3-Twil 3-Twil, 5-SSS, 7-OWL, 8-OWL, 9-SRS, 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL, 10-Twil 11-SRS, 11-SRS, 11-Twil 11-OWL, 12-SSS 12-SSS C&W
10 930 CJCA AB Edmonton: 1-SRS 2-OWL 3-SRS 4-OWL 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 11-SRS 12-Twil SoGOS"AM930 the Light"
6 930 CFBC NB St. John 3-Twil 3-OWL 3-OWL 3-OWL 4-OWL 12-SSS C&W
52 940 CJGX SK Yorkton. F-G, most often hrd on SSS or NiteOWL Now c&w, they are still "GX94" One of the "easier" Canadians to hear. Latest reports: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-TWIL 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS, 2-SRS 2-OWL, 3-SRS, 3-SRS, 3-OWL, 3-OWL, 4-TWIL, 4-TWIL 4-TWIL 4-OWL 7-OWL, 8-OWL 8-OWL 9-SRS, 9-OWL 9-SRS, 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-SRS, 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-OWL 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL 12-OWL 12-OWL
28 950 CFAM MB Altoona: 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-Twil 2-OWL 3-Twil 6-OWL 8-SRS 8-SRS 8-Twil 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-SRS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-OWL
6 950 CKNB NB Campbellton: 1-Twil 3-Twil 8-Twil 8-Twil 8-Twil 11-Twil
21 960 CFAC AB Calgary. G in SEPT, NOV&JAN NiteOWL reports. Latest:1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-OWL 2-OWL 4-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-OWL 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-Twil 12-SRS SPORTS
1 980 CKNW BC New Westminister: 2-Twil
1 980 CHRF QC Montreal 11-Twil FF "Radio Fiente" <--FIRST REPORTED in 2014!
31 980 CFPL ON London: 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-DAY:MI 2-SSS 2-Twil 2-Twil 2-Twil, 3-SRS, 3-SRS, 3-OWL 4-SRS 4-SSS 6-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-0WL 10-SRS 10-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS
16 980 CJME SK Regina: 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS
1 990 CKBN BC Shalalth: 6-Twil CBC-Radio 1
19 990 CBW MB Winnipeg. E signal, nitely to mid-AMerica. CBC Radio One. Latest:1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-OWL 5-OWL 6-OWL 7-TWIL 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-OWL 10-SRS 11-SRS 12-OWL
2 990 CBY NL Corner Brook 8-Twil 12-Twil
23 99O CKGM QU Montreal. F steady o/u WCMF in our winter reports. SSS or later.SPORTS:"Team" 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-Twil 4-OWL 8-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-Twil 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil AllSPORTS

24 1010 CBR AB Calgary on SSS in fall-winter: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-OWL, 4-OWL 8-SRS 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-OWL are the latest
24 1010 CFRB ON Toronto, not rare, in nightly. Usually G in mid-AMerica. Latest:1-SRS 1-Twil 4-SRS 5-OWL 8-OWL 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-Twil
23 1040 CKST BC Vancouver: 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-Twil 4-Twil 6-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil "Team 1040"
11 1040 CJMS QC Saint-Constant: 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS FF
15 1050 CHUM ON Toronto: 1-Twil2-Twil 2-Twil 2-Twil 2-Twil 4-TWIL 4-OWL 6-OWL 9-SSS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-Twil 12-OWL
1o 1050 CJNB SK North Battleford 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-SRS 3-OWL 9-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS C&W
18 1060 CKMX AB Calgary: 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-Twil 3-SRS 3-SRS 3-SRS 8-SRS 8-Twil 8-Twil 8-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS COMedy
29 1070 CHOK ON Sarnia 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-OWL 3-Twil 4-SRS 4-SRS 4-Twil 4-OWL 5-SSS 8-SRS 8-OWL 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SSS 10-Twil 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-OWL 12-OWL Cl HITS//103.9FM

1 1110 CBLI ON Deep River 12-Twil CBC-1 LPRT!
23 1130 CKWX BC Vancouver Latest:1-SRS,2-OWL 2-OWL,4-Twil,6-OWL,7-OWL,7-OWL,9-SRS, 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil, 9-Twil 9-OWL, 10-SRS, 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL,11-Twil 11-Twil,11-Twil. AllNEWS"News1130"
2 1140 CKXL AB Calgary noted once in SEPT NiteOWL action and in OCT afterSSS action. C&W
28 1140 CHRB AB High River: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-Twil 2-OWL 3-OWL 3-OWL 4-TWIL 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-DAYStoMB 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS C&W
2 1140 CBI NS Sidney. 1-Twil 12-Twil CP to FM
1 1150 CKFR BC Kelwona: 1-SRS OLD "Oldies1150"
21 1150 CKOC ON Hamilton: 1-Twil 2-SSS 2-Twil 2-Twil 2-OWL 4-SSS 4-TWIL 4-Twil 7-Twil 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-Twil OLD
1 1150 CKBL BC Kelowna: 6-SRS C&W
18 1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 1-SRS 1-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-Twil 2-Twil 3-SRS 4-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS

26 1200 CFGO ON Ottawa F-G, w/even one DAYtime report! Most reports:JAN Format:sports. Slogan: "Team 1200" Latest: 2-SRS 3-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SSS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SSS 12-SSS
7 1210 CFYM SK Kindersley: 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS ClHITS
1o 1220 CJRB MB Boissevain. SSS or late night and G signals. Latest:1-SRS 1-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-OWL 12-SRS
19 1220 CHSC ON St Catherines. F-G o/WKNR, SSS, later in winter reports. Also one late August report. Latest: 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-OWL 5-Twil, 5-OWL, 7-SRS, 8-SSS, 8-Twil, 9-SRS, 9-OWL 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-TWIL LIGHT ROCK
1 1230 CJNL BC Merritt: 6-OWL Light Rock "NL"
8 1240 CJSP ON Stratford: 2-SRS 2-Twil 3-Twil 6-OWL 11-SRS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-Twil OLDIES
12 1250 CHSM MB Steinbach: Latest: 2-SRS 3-SRS 3-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS
12 1250 CJYE ON Oakville: 1-SSS 1-OWL 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 3-Twil 9-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-OWL "Joy 1250"
3 1260 CFRN AL Edmonton: 9-SSS 9-Twil 11-SRS
1 1260 CKHJ NB Fredericton 1-SSS
4 1280 CFYZ ON Mississauga: 3-TWIL, 5-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL 99w. Toronto airport info.
11 1280 CFMB QC Montreal: 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SRS 1-Twil 2-SRS 4-SRS 5-Twil 10-SSS 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS
6 1280 CJSL SK Estevan: 3-SRS 4-Twil 4-Twil 10-SRS 11-OWL 12-SRS C&W
16 1290 CFRW MB Winnipeg: 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-SSS 2-OWL 4-SRS 4-Twil 8-OWL 9-SRS 10-DAYS:MI 10-OWL 11-SSS 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-OWL 11-OWL SPORTS
7 1290 CJBK ON London: 2-Twil 2-Twil 5-SSS 6-OWL 8-OWL 9-Twil 10-SSS 11-SSS 12-SRS "The Fan, Sports Radio 1290"

3o 1310 CIWW ON Ottawa: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS, 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-SRS 3-SRS, 4-SRS,8-SSS, 8-OWL, 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS, 12-SSS 12-Twil "1310News"
4 1320 CHMB BC Vancouver:1-Twil 9-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS
17 1320 CJMR ON Oakville P-F o/UNID in 1-SSS report. Format: Foriegn Lang. Latest:1-Twil 2-Twil 2-OWL 3-OWL 7-SSS 7-OWL 9-SSS 9-Twil 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-SSS 12-OWL   
21 1330 CJYM SK Rosetown: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-SRS 6-OWL 6-OWL 8-SRS 8-Twil 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-TWIL. ClHITS

24 1380 CKPC ON Brantford: 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-Twil 3-SRS 6-DAYS:MI, 8-OWL 9-SSS, 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil C&W
14 1380 CKLC ON Kingston: 2-Twil, 2-OWL, 5-SSS, 7-OWL, 9-OWL 10-OWL, 10-OWL, 10-OWL, 11-SSS, 11-SSS 11-Twil, 11-Twil, 11-OWL, 11-OWL

1 1410 CJWI QU Montreal 2-Twil 8-Twil FF <----First reported in 2o14!
7 1410 CFTE BC Vancouver F o/u WING. A good west coast bet. "Team 1410" Latest:1-OWL 2-SRS 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-OWL. EX:CFUN
13 1410 CKSL ON London 2-Twil 3-SRS 3-DAYS:MI 4-Twil 5-DAYS:MI 5-Twil 7-SSS 8-OWL 9-OWL 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 12-SSS
1 1410 CJWI PQ Montreal 5-Twil [here from 1610]
12 1430 CHKT ON Toronto. Best in fall-winter. F-G, best bet:SSS-Midnight. Latest:1-Twil 2-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-Twil
1 1440 CKJR AB Wetaskiwin: 10-Twil "W-1440" OLDies

1 1450 CHOU QC Montreal 8-Twil
35 1460 CJOY ON Guelph: 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-Twil 3-SRS 3-SRS 3-Twil 3-Twil 4-TWIL 4-Twil 4-Twil 4-Twil 5-OWL 7-SSS 7-Twil 8-SRS 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-DAYS:MI 12-Twil OLD
6 1490 CJSN SK Shaunavon:1-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-Twil 12-SRS. Rare dx!

18 1540 CHIN ON Toronto has a few reports. ETHnic programming. SSS, VG and clear when in. Latest:1-SRS 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-Twil 5-SRS 8-SRS 8-SSS 8-Twil 8-Twil 9-SSS 10-SSS 11-SRS 11-OWL

13 1550 CBEF ON Windsor 5-SSS 9-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 12-Twil FF:CBC
15 1580 CKDO ON Oshawa: 4-Twil 4-Twil 8-SRS 8-SSS 8-SSS 8-Twil 8-Twil 8-OWL 8-OWL 9-SRS 9-OWL 9-OWL 10-Twil 11-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL OLD//107.7
3 1610 CHHA ON Toronto 1-SRS 9=Twil 10-SRS
2 1650 CJRS PQ Montreal 3-Twil 11-OWL
6 1670 CJEU QC Gatineau-Ottawa 2-Twil 3-Twil 9-Twil 11-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL
9 1690 CHTO ON Toronto: 1-Twil 2-Twil 9-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 12-SRS 12-Twil ETH
2 1690 CJLO QC Montreal: 10-Twil 11-OWL FF

FM Section: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3 88.1 CBEE ON Chatham 3-MI 3-MI 8-ON mono, CBC Radio 1
2 88.1 CBAF PEI Charlottetown 7-MI 8-MI
2 88.1 CJLR-FM-3 SK Prince Albert 7-IL 7-IL 1242 miles!!!!
1 88.3 CJIQ ON Paris 10-MI
2 88.3 CBQT ON Thunder Bay "CBC Radio 1 - 88.3 Thunder Bay" 5-MI 6-MI
1 88.3 CBF15F QU L'annonciation 6-WI CBC Radio One
3 88.5 CBAF NB Moncton E in for over a few hours! Latest: 7-MI
1 88.5 CKDX ON Newmarket "Foxy 88-5"
2 88.5 CBVG QU Gaspe 7-OH 7-OH CBC
1 88.9 CJSI AB Calgary "ShineFM" 6-MT
1 88.9 CHNI NB St. Johns 7-IL 7-OH
1 89.1 CJBR QC Rimouski FF mono "Premiere Chaine"6-OH
1 89.3 CKGW ON Chatham"UCB Canada" 6-OH 7-MI REL
1 89.5 CJRL ON Kenora 3-MI '89-5theLake" AC
1 89.5 CJBR1 QUE Riviere-du-Loup FF 6-MI
4 89.9 CKSB MB Winnipeg 3-ON 3-ON 5-ON 5-ON FF
1 89.9 CHNS NS Halifax 6-OH "89-9 Hal FM"
1 88.9 CKSB-FM1 SK Regina: 7-MB
4 89.1 CKSB9 ON Fort Frances: FF//1050 CKSB Latest: 7-MB 7-OH 9-MB

2 89.5 CJBR1 QU Riviere-du-Loup 7-MI 8-MI CBC:FF
1 89.7 CBF-2 QU Sherbrooke F in AUG E-action! FF!
1 90.1 CFJU NB Kedgwick 8-OH
1 90.1 CJLF1 ON Owen Sound //100.3 8-ON
1 90.1 CBBS ON Sudbury: 8-OH
1 90.1 CBEG ON Chatham 8-MI
1 90.1 CBFX-5 QC Gaspe 6-OH
1 90.3 CBAF18 NB Lameque FF:Premiere Chaine 6-MI
1 90.3 CBNM-FM NFLD CBC Radio One 6-MI
3 90.3 CBEG ON Sarnia: 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI CBC Radio1
1 90.3 CBAF18 NB Mameque 7-MI CBC
1 90.3 CBHA NS Halifax 7-MI CBC Radio1
4 90.5 CBQQ ON Fort Frances: 6-MB 7-MB 7-MB 9-MB CBC Radio 1
1 90.3 CBEG ON Sarnia 8-MI <--First reported in 2014!
1 90.7 NF CBN-FM-1 Grand Falls 6-OH
1 90.7 CFBO NB Moncton FF 7-IL
1 90.9 CBBX ON Sudbury 8-OH
2 91.3 CBD NB Saint John7-MI 7-OH
1 91.5 CIWM MB Brandon: 6-MB "NCI"
1 91.5 CBAF23 NB Campbellton 7-MI
1 91.5 CKBT ON Kitchener 8-MI HitMusicRadio
1 91.5 CKPR ON Thunder Bay 5-MI HotAC <--First reported 2014!
2 91.7 CIBU-1 ON Bluewater 6-MI 8-OH
1 91.7 CIXL ON Welland-Niagara 8-OH GiantFM
1 91.9 CKNI NB Moncton TALK format 7-IL
1 91.9 CBKF-4 SK Bellgrade 10-MB CBC:FF
1 92.1 CJAY AB Calgary 6-MT
2 92.1 CHMX SK Regina 7-MI 10-MB
2 92.1 CKPC ON Brantford 7-MI 10-MI "FM 92.1" AC
1 92.3 CFRK NB Fredericton 7-IL
1 92.3 CBAF-FM-3 NS Halifax FF 7-IL <---FIRST reported in 2014!
1 92.5 CBSI7 PQ Havre St Pierre 3-MI
3 92.7 CBWS MB Brandon 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 9-MB CBC Radio II
2 92.7 CBWY MB Jackhead 7-MI 9-MB CBC
1 92.7 CKDR ON Dryden 6-OH
5 92.7 CJBX ON London 6-ON 6-ON 7-MI 7-MI 8-FL 10-MI 10-MI C&W BX-93
2 92.7 CJRQ ON Sudbury 6-MI 8-OH "Q92, Sudbury's best rock"
2 92.9 CKSF-FM1 MB Ste Rose du Lac 7-MI 10-MB FF
1 92.9 CKIC MB Winnipeg 9-MB
1 92.9 CKLE NB Bathrust: 1-MI
1 92.9 CFLT NS Dartmouth "92-9 Jack FM" 7-OH <--FIRST reported in 2014!
2 92.9 CFCO ON Chatham: 8-MI //AM
1 93.1 CFRY MB Portage-la-Prairie 9-MB
2 93.1 CHAY ON Barrie: 6-MI 7-OH "Chay Today"
1 93.5 CJEL MB Winkler-Morden 5-ON
2 93.5 CKSB7 ON Kenora 6-MT 7-MI CBC:FF
1 93.5 CBCL ON London 10-MI
2 93.5 CJLS1 NS New Tuscet 6-OH 7-MI
3 93.5 CBCL ON London. 8-MI G tele-talk. No stereo. CBC Radio1
2 93.5 CBGA8 PQ Cap-aux-Meules FF, Premiere Chaine. 6-MI 6-MI
2 93.7 CKYC ON Owen Sound 9-MI 9-MI "Country93"
1 93.9 CJLU NS Halifax REL 7-IL <----FIRST reported in 2014!
2 93.9 CIDR ON Windsor 8-WI 8-WI
1 94.1 CKNR ON Elliott Lake 5-AL
2 94.1 CBL ON Toronto: 8-MI 9-OH
1 94.1 CKZM ON St. Thomas 7-ON My FM
1 94.1 CIMG SK Swift Current 7-IL <---First reported in 2013!
2 94.1 CFGW SK Yorkton: 7-MB 10-MB
2 94.3 CBAL-FM-5 NB Edmundston FF 6-OH 6-OH
1 94.3 CKSY ON Chatham-Kent 7-MT <---FIRST REPORTED in 2014!
1 94.3 CJSD ON Thunder Bay 5-MI "Rock 94" <--FIRST ADDED in 2014!
1 94.5 CKCW NB Moncton "K94.5"
2 94.5 CJRG QC Gaspe 5-OH 6-OH FF
1 94.7 CHKF AB Calgary Multi-ETH 6-OH
1 94.7 CKLF MB Brandon: 7-OH
2 94.7 CHRW ON London: 7-OH 10-MI
1 94.9 CKWM NS Kentville 7-OH 8-ON "Magic94.9"
1 95.1 CHVN MB Winnipeg 6-OH
1 95.1 CKUE ON Chatham 10-MI
1 95.1 CFMC SK Saskatoon 7-MI
3 95.3 CING ON Hamilton: 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI C&W
1 95.3 CBVX PQ Quebec City 6-MT
4 95.7 CBWX MB Fischer Branch: 7-MB 7-MB 7-MB 7-MI CBC
1 95.7 CJNI NS Halifax 7-IL <---FIRST REPORTED in 2014!
2 95.7 CFJB ON Barrie: 7-OH 9-MI "Rock 95"
1 95.9 CKUW MB Winnipeg 9-MB
2 96.1 CKX-FM MB Brandon: 4-MB 9-MB"KX-96"
1 96.1 CBCT PEI Charlottetown 7-OH CBC Radio1
1 96.3 CFMX-1 ON Toronto 9-OH
1 96.3 CIOZ NF Marystown 7-OH
1 96.5 CKFM AB Olds 6-MT
1 96.7 CILT MB Steinbach 7-MI
2 96.7 CHYM ON Kitchener: 7-OH 10-MI
6 96.7 CHYR ON Leamington: 4-OH 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH 8-OH 10-OH "Chime"
1 96.9 CJAQ AB Calgary "96.9 Jack FM" 7-IL <---FIRST REPORTED in 2014!
2 96.9 CJXL NB Moncton: 7-MI 7-OH
1 96.9 CFIX QC Chicoutimi 8-OH
3 96.9 CBK SK Regina: 5-IL 5-IL 7-MI

1 97.1 CKFI SK Swift Current 7-IL...1200 miles! Magic
1 97.3 CHWV NB Saint John 7-OH <---FIRST reported in 2014!
1 97.3 CJEZ ON Toronto 10-MI
6 97.5 CIQM ON London: 3-OH 6-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI"Q97.5"
1 97.5 CBEW ON Windsor CBC 7-OH <---FIRST reported in 2014!
1 97.7 CKEN NS Kentville 7-OH
8 97.7 CHTZ ON St Catharines: Latest: 6-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH 9-OH "Hitz FM"
1 97.7 CBKF SK Regina: 7-MI
3 97.9 CBWV MB Brandon: 4-MB 7-OH 9-MB CBC  
1 97.9 CBAA NB Allardale: 7-WI CBC
1 97.9 CFPS ON Port Elgin 6-MI AC"BeachFM"
1 97.9 CJRE QC Riviere-au-Renard 5-OH

5 98.1 CKLO ON London 3-MI 3-MI 7-MI 7-ON 8-MI "Free FM"
4 98.1 CHFI ON Toronto: 3-MI 3-MI 9-MI 9-OH 11-OH
1 98.1 CBVA QC Escuminac 5-OH
1 98.3 -CBA NB Moncton 7-MI
1 98.3 -CBW MB Winnipeg 8-ON
6 98.7 CBQX ON Kenora: 6-MB 7-MB 9-MB 9-MB 9-MB 9-MB CBC
5 98.9 CHCD ON Simcoe 3-MI 3-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI "CD98-9"
1 98.9 CIZL SK Regina: 7-MI
1 99.1 CJAM ON Toronto: "C-Jam Radio 99.1 FM" EX:CBLA 6-OH
1 99.3 CFAN NB Miramichi: 7-MI
8 99.3 CJBC-4 ON London - FF 1-MI 1-MI 5-OH 6-OH 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI
1 CFSF ON Sturgeon Falls 8-ON
1 99.5 CKSB MB Brandon: 4-MB
4 99.9 CFGX ON Sarnia: 5-OH 8-MI 10-MI 10-MI "The Fox FM"
1 99.9 CBCS ON Sudbury. E signal
2 99.9 CKFM ON Toronto: 7-OH 9-MI
1 100.3 CBAF-FM-4 NB Edmundston FF mono 6-OH
1 100.5 CIOK NB St.John 7-OH
6 100.5 CBBL ON London. VG w/CBC classical. Latest: 6-OH 8-MI 8-MI 10-MI
2 100.7 CHIN ON Toronto: 9-MI 10-MI
1 100.7 CKUE1 ON Windsor 7-ON Rock
2 100.9 CBQH ON Dryden: 5-MB 6-MB 7-MB CBC programming
1 100.9 CBLA-3 ON Wingham: CBC Radio 1 12-OH
2 101.1 CKXA MB Brandon: 4-MB 8-MB C&W "Farm"
1 101.1 CFAI NB Edmundston FF 6-OH
1 101.1 CKEY ON Fort Erie 9-OH "Wold101"
6 101.3 CKOT ON Tillsonburg. 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 10-MI 10-MI Easy 101
1 101.5 CJGL MB Gladstone 10-MB
2 101.5 CIGO NS Port Hawkesbury 6-OH 7-OH "101-5theHawk"
1 101.5 CKWF ON Peterborough 12-OH "CKWF the Wolf"
1 101.7 CBQ ON Thunder Bay 5-MI CBC <---FIRST REPORTED in 2014!
3 101.7 CKNX ON Wingham 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI "The One"
1 102.1 CFNY ON Brampton: 8-FL 9-MI "102.1 the Edge"
1 102.3 CKY MB Winnipeg 9-MB
3 102.3 CHSN SK Estevan: 7-MB 8-MB 10-MB "Sun102.3"
2 102.3 CHST ON London: 7-MI 8-MI
5 102.3 CKNX ON Wingham 5-MI 7-OH 8-OH 10-MI 11-OH "FM102"
1 102.7 CBH NS Halifax 7-OH
1 102.9 CFGW-FM2 SK Wapella 10-MB
1 103.1 CBH-FM2 NS Mulgrave 7-OH
2 103.1 CFMX ON Cobourg 7-MI 8-MI
2 103.1 CFHK ON St. Thomas 7-MI 7-OH HotAC FreshFM
1 103.9 CFQM NB Moncton 7-OH "Magic104"
2 103.9 CKDK ON London Classic Rock "Hawk" Latest: 7-MI
4 103.9 CKDK ON Woodstock 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 10-MI 10-MI MoreFM
1 104.3 CFRQ NS Halifax 7-OH
1 104.3 CJQM ON Sault Ste Marie F "Q104" c&w
1 104.3 CBWZ MB Fairford 8-MB
2 104.5 CHUM ON Toronto: 7-OH 8-MI "Chum FM" HotAC
2 104.7 CIHR ON Woodstock 6-OH 8-MI "104.7 Heart FM"
2 104.7 CBCH PEI Charlottetown 7-MI 87-OH CBC
1 104.9 CKBC NB Bathrust 7-ON
1 104.9 CHWC ON Goderich 8-MI "The Beach" <--First reported in 2013!
2 104.9 CFWF SK Regina: 8-MB 10-MB "Wolf"
1 105.1 CBI NS Sidney 7-OH
2 105.3 CBWW MB Dauphin-Baldt Mt: 7-MB 9-MB CBC
4 105.3 CFCA ON Kitchener. 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH Quick qsl'er KoolFM
2 105.3 CJMX ON Sudbury, E-G "Kool FM"
1 105.3 CKTG ON Thunder Bay 5-MI "Country 105" <---FIRST REPORTED in 2014!
1 105.5 CICY MB Selkirk-Winnipeg 9-MB
1 105.5 CBEF-2 ON Windsor FF //103.1 R. Canada 7-OH <---FIRST reported in 2014!
1 105.7 CHRE ON St. Catharines 10-MI "Niagara's Easy Rock 105.7" <---FIRST reported in 2014!
1 105.9 CICX ON Orillia 8-OH
1 106.1 CKJM NS Cheticamp 7-OH
1 106.1 CIMJ ON Guelph 9-MI "Magic 106.1"
1 106.3 CHKS ON Sarnia "K-106.3"
1 106.5 CJJJ MB Brandon: 7-MB
1 106.7 CBHB NS Mulgrave 7-OH
1 106.7 CION2 QC Saguenay 8-ON FF
1 106.9 CBN NF St. John's 6-OH
1 106.9 CKQB ON Ottawa. F signal
2 107.3 CJME3 SK Warmley 8-ON 8-ON 8-ON 8-ON
1 107.5 CBAF11 NS Mulgrave 7-OH
1 107.5 CKMB ON Barrie 8-OH
1 107.7 CHGK ON Stratford 9-OH "107-7 Mix FM"
1 107.7 CKOY QC Sherbrooke 8-ON FF
5 107.9 CJXY ON Burlington 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI "Y108"
[+:6,8,9f 13ok2aug]