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April, 2014 SRS - SSS Target Listings
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Welcome to the APRIL 2014 SRS-SSS Target List! FIVE new SRS/SSS targets this year. None were added in 2000, 2001, 2003 or 2009 so I guess we're doing ok! A few of us are getting that good SRS/SSS stuff! Please remember that ALL of these have been logged in past Aprils by YOU, the DX'er in mid-AMerica! Good luck and never give up!

0500-0529 CENTRAL: 
 600 KOGO CA San Diego, F
 630 WBMQ GA Savannah   P-F o/u CFCO                
 690 KOAQ NE Terrytown, F-G               OLD
 860 KTRB CA Modesto    P clear u/CJBC 
 860 WDMG GA Douglas    P clear 
 860 WGOM IN Marion,    G 
 860 WOAY WV Oak Hills, F 
 880 WKBZ GA Jefferson  F URB GOS            
 940 WGMY MI South HavenF NOS                
 970 WFUN OH Ashtabula  F o/WLKY 
1120 WKCE TN Seymour    G KMOX nulled. NOS:MYL
1140 WQBA FL Miami      G in WRVA null.SS,EEid
1180 WXLA MI Dimondale  E! LOUD 0500 Sign on 
1220 WERT OH Van Wert   5AM CENTRAL Sign On         
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake  P//96.1 WJMC-FM             
1320 WLOH OH Lancaster, P u/WILS 
1360 WPTT PA McKeesport F 
1370 WGOH KY Grayson,   G 
1370 WRTK NY Rochester  F 
1370 WTAB NC Tabor City P
1400 WQXO MI Munising   P fade up in mess 
1440 WMDJ KY Martin,    F-G several reports 
1440 WEZJ KY Williamsburg P in mess 
1460 KKPR NE Kearney    P     SPO:ESPN
1480 WPFJ NC Franklin   G o/others 
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha      F - faded up in mess        
1500 WDEB TN Jamestown  P 
1510 CKOT ON Tillonsburg E! No WLAC 
1550 KKLE KS Winfield   P id,              52w!     
1550 WCTZ TN Clarksville, F dominant at times
1560 WNWN MI Portage    G o/others 
1560 WCNW OH Fairfield  P 
1560 WTOD OH Toledo     P in mess            

0530-0559 CENTRAL:
 620 KMNS IA Sioux City VG-alone
 730 WFMC NC Goldsboro  P clear
 910 WJCW TN Johnson City SPORTS
 930 WZNS FL Jacksonville SPORTS                    
 940 WMWR GA Macon
 970 KBBK ID Rupert     F-P u/WDAY
1150 WGOW TN Chattanooga
1220 WEZU MN Stillwater G 
1260 WWJQ MI Zeeland    F on top
1270 KVRT OK Claremore  "The River 1270"  NOS
1280 WGTX FL Defuniak Springs F-G             
1340 KIJV SD Huron      P o/others        OLD
1340 KWOR WY Worland    in/out            OLD
1370 WCCN WI Neilsville F in fade up      NOS
1410 KIIX CO Ft.Collins F -               NOS
1430  KLO UT Ogden      P                      
1450 WASK IN Lafayette                       
1480 WQOH AL Irondale   P            REL:EWTN
1560 WAGL SC Lancaster  P C&W                
1580 WALK NY Patchoque

0600-0629 CENTRAL:
 690 KZNR ID Blackfoot                     NEWS-TALK
 690 CBU BC Vancouver    G o/KOAQ
 770 KATL MT Miles City No WABC at all!       ABC:00
 840 KTIC NE West Point  F til fade out. WHAS
 880 WCBW IL Highland                               
 890 KDJQ ID Meridian                            OLD
 970 WKCI VA WAynesboro                             
1030 WNVR IL Vernon Hills                           
1090 KKYN TX Plainview   G Ag news noted            
1270 WAIN KY Columbia    F -OLD                     
1270 WTSN NH Dover                                  
1330 WEBY FL Milton      F steady                   
1330 WEBY NY Owego       AC "So.Tier's Hometown Stn"
1350 KRNT IA Des Moines  P o/all             
1420 KBTN MO Neosho      F ABC:OO                   
1440 KDIZ MN Golden Valley                   
                         G DISNEY            
1450 WHLS MI Port Huron                             
1450 KFIZ WI Fond du Lac G quick fade in

0630-0659 CENTRAL:
 880 WMEQ WI Menomonie   F News-Talk         
 970 WZAM MI Ishpeming   P-F                SPO:ESPN
1060 KDYL UT Salt Lake City G on top of freq        
1080 KYMN MN Northfield  F o/others, fluttery
1230 KTNC NE Falls City  F
1240 KFOR NE Lincoln     F
1250 KOFC AR Fayetteville F               GOS
1370 KGNO KS Dodge City  G                OLD
1410 WLSH PA Lansford    F-                         
1450 WHTC MI Holland     Vp                     TALK
1560 WBYS IL Canton      F                          

0700-0729 CENTRAL:
 830 WMMI MI Marshall    F Chicago splatter,
                         alone            OLD
 970 KJLT NE No. Platte  G
 990 WCAZ IL Carthage    F o/Rochester NY
1260 KFGO IA Boone       F
1310 WKJV NC Ashville    G So.GOS                   
1390 WLCM MI Holt        P "Victory 1390"               REL
1400 KVOE KS Emporia     F "1400am-101.7fm" 
1490 WOSH WI Oshkosh                                
1490 CFPS ON Port Elgin                             
1600 WBFB PA Bedford                                
1600 WKKX WV Wheeling    BIZ TALK                   
1715-1729 CENTRAL TARGETS:                                  
1430 WRDN WI Durand      P             OLD C&W"Real"

1730-1759 TARGETS:                                  
1380 KCNW KS Fairway     P-F REL              SRN:00
1430 WNAV MD Annapolis   P                       NOS
1490 WMRN OH Marion                                 

1800-1815 TARGETS:                                  
 850 WKVL TN Knoxville   P                      TALK

1815-1829 targets:                                  
1600 WULM OH Springfield                             
1830-1844 TARGETS:
 580 WILL IL Urbana      F NPR
 910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay G
1150 WGGH IL Marion      P S/OFF @ 1830 
1320 KSIV MO Clayton                      REL
1330 WKTA IL Evanston
1330 WNTA IL Rockford
1480 WYZE GA Augusta     P o/mess
1500 WAKE IN Valparaiso, F

1845-1859 CENTRAL
 800 KREI MO Farmington  F
1090 WMYD MI Rice Lake   G                c&w
1320 WDMJ MI Marquette   F-P u/WILS          
                         "WDMJ-WIAN"         SPO:SNR
1390 KJPW MO Waynesville                  c&w
1410 WRIS VA Roanoke     P-F                     REL
1430 WCLT OH Newark      P u/WBEV
1460 WIXN IL Dixon       P Des Moines nulled 

1900-1914 CENTRAL:
 690 WELD WV Fisher                                 
1100 WISS WI Berlin                                 
1110 WGNZ OH Fairborn    So.GOS                     
1210 WILY IL Centalia    o/uWPHT                 OLD
1230 WHUC NY Hudson      P in mess           NOS:MYL
1240 WIBU WI Poynette    G quick in/out   c&w
1310 WTLC IN IndianapolisP in fade up w/WIBA
                         "The Light"
1340 WENY NY Gloversville                           
1390 WRIG WI Schofield   G way o/WGCI        SPO:FOX
1450 WMBH MO Joplin      SPORTS
1460 KKPR NE Kearney     G rare             SPO:ESPN
1480 WTLO KY Somerset    Vp  calls               NOS
1490 WESB PA Bedford     Popped out of mud          
1570 WKDB MD Towsen      SPORTS, Baltimore mentions 
1600 WARU IN Peru        F "98FM"//FM     AoR

1915-1929 CENTRAL:                                  
 620 WKHB PA Irwin       F                        AC
1250 WGL  IN Fort Wayne  rare                       
1280 WONW OH Defiance    P -flutter, rare        NOS
1570 WSWV VA Pennington Gap             AC     191w!
1580 WTTN WI Watertown   CNN:00                     

1930-1944 CENTRAL:
 730 KWRE MO Warrenton   G                c&w
 850 WTAR VA Norfolk     F                      TALK
1000 WIOO PA Carlisle    s/off                      
1060 WJKY NY Jamestown   //FM                       
1240 WCBY MI Cheboygan   OLD C&W                           
1300 WJFK MD Baltimore   F SPORTS                   
1320 WLOH OH Lancaster   OLDIES, 16w!               
1360 WMOV WV Ravenswood  in/out                        REDS
1490 WTIQ MI Manistique  P in mud/slop.Oldies
1490 WESB PA Bradford    P-F                        
1490 WPAK VA Farmdale    o/mess a bit                      
1945-1959 CENTRAL:
 850 KWOF IA Waterloo    VG-alone on freq.REL
 850 WKGE PA Johnstown   Vp calls only hrd         .
 930 WLBL WI Auburndale  P u/WAUR.     s/off, no SSB
1250 WLEM PA Emporium    "Country 1250" CNN:OO 30w! 
1380 WTYM PA Kittaning   P in mess. OLDIES      28w!
1400 KVFD IA Ft Dodge    P-G w/others
1440 KITA AR Little Rock F id only                  
1590 KYOK TX Houston     F-G              DIS

2000-2014 CENTRAL:
1130 KAMB AR Batesville  G "New Life 1130"REL
1600 WCGO IL Chicago Heights      NOS           23w!
1600 KATZ MO St. Louis   F - KRVA nulled

2015-2028 CENTRAL:                                  
1080 KYMN MN Northfield  AdCon                      
1440 WMKM MI Inkster-Detroit                URB  GOS

2030-2044 CENTRAL:
 850 WGVS MI Muskegon G//WGVU RealOLdies1480&

2045-2059 CENTRAL:
1400 KWON OK Bartlesville F               c&w
1420 KULY KS Ulysses     P id in hash               

2100-2114 CENTRAL:
1340 KIJV SD Huron       VP-"Oldies 1340      
                          KIJV"           OLD