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Hello friend,

I believe that faith comes by an understanding of God's word (Romans 10:17). The better we know the Word, the better we know the Lord and ourselves. If you already have a Bible please get it and let us reason together from the Scriptures. And, may God bless your search for Truth. If you need an online Bible, the Bible Gateway has several versions you can choose from. I recommend the King James Version. Now, please pick a study from the following list and lets get started.

God's speed to you.

Need an online Bible? KJV , - (Courtesy of Bible Gateway)

Why Did God Give Us The Bible? What is The Right Way?
What Is Truth? What Is Genuine Christian Life?
Has God's Kingdom Come? Do Real Miracles Really Happen Today?
Does God's Grace Have Demands? How To Worship God His Way
What Is True Repentance?

Looking for something in particular?

Readings For Your Home Bible Study Pleasure
Modern Day Miracles: Are They Fact Or Fiction? Must The Adulterous Divorce?

Questions? Comments?

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Thanks for studying with me. God bless your search for Truth.

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