Welcome To Matthew's Sports And Nature Page!!!
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Welcome To Matthew's Sports And Nature Page!!!

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Hi, My name is Matthew and I am a 26 year old Police Law graduate. I have been a Wisconsin native all my life. Wisconsin has the nations largest water park in Wisconsin Dells and Ripon, WI was the founding city for the Republican Party!!! (back in the late 1800's) We get a nice change of all 4 seasons and a 95-100 degree day is possible in the summer, as well as an 18-24" snow fall in the winter and blizzard conditions. We live in a "tornado alley" as well, and we see severe summer storms. This is just all part of being a Wisconsinite!!!

I am very much in to nature and sports/fitness.Click here to see my Wisconsin Nature Page!! I am 6'4" tall and weigh about 225 pounds! I worked for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections - My academy training was in 1998. I passed the academy with flying colors, and I elected to work at Kettle Moraine- Adult Male Correctional Institution. KMCI is located in one of Wisconsin's finest State Forests, between Lake Winnebago and Lake Michigan. I resigned from this job in late April. I am on a waiting list for two sheriff's departments in Wisconsin. (after a long testing and interview process) I am also under the interview process for 3 other departments- I hope all goes well!!! I am currently employed at the Kohler Company under the Corporate Security Division. I work at Kohler Plant as well as at "The American Club", a AAA five- diamond hotel. Some rooms are priced between $600-$800 a night here!!! We've had many famous celebrities stay here. We also have 2 great golf courses here. We have hosted the Women's US Open at Black Wolf Run and the men will play one of the big tournaments here in 2004. I think it is the PGA Championship, (please excuse me golf is not my thing) I have also been offered a part-time job as a professional fishing guide. I could actually get paid to take people out and teach them the skills of fishing. Have I died and gone to Heaven??? I have over 20 rods/ reels and 5,000 dollars in tackle, but the people who want to learn from me better bring their own. NO ONE USES MY EQUIPMENT!!! I am the "Hats Off For Cancer" president for Wisconsin as well. Our group collects new hats from donors, and takes them to children's cancer treatment centers in Madison, WI. This is a national charity that I started volunteering for back in the summer of '98. Former Governor Thompson donated over 100 hats to this cause!!! I also like to run to keep in shape. For one of the Sheriff's interviews, we had to run a mile. My time was pretty pathetic, so every night I run 1 mile, and I keep pushing my self. I have my time down to 6:37 minutes. This is how I keep my heart so strong!! (and not smoking)!! I ran college track as a sprinter and I also have a serious love for basketball and volleyball!! I have been a Packer Fan
all my life and I still remember the good old days when a "first down" was a reason to cheer! The Packers 32 game HOME win streak came to an end on Sunday 8-16-98!!! God Love 'Em!! ( Personal "Packer" Page!!)
Now they are just a "Kick Ass Team" (Official Packer Page)!!
Well I would like for anyone to e-mail me if you think we have any common interests!! I am getting the hang of this web page thing now!! Any hints on how to better my page or add on to this page can be directed to my e-mail below, please!! I have two links to my other two pages, and one of them is pretty lame, and the other one has a longer bio about me. Please stop on in and see them both!!

O.K., you guys are doing a good job of finding my page by accident while surfing the net-- BUT not many people are signing my guest book. If you can't take the time to please sign my guest book, then you must leave now. I am serious, get 'outa here!! My pages aren't that bad, and I would like for all of you to tell a friend about my page. Also if any of you need help with a web page like mine here, I can offer to help you and get you started!! I have made about 10 so far for strangers!! Thanks,

Here I am showing my Mother Where She Can Put Her Dang Camera!!

Here is a photo of me and my friend Keith!!!

My "Other Friend" Dick!!

The look of "DEATH"!!!

My best friend Dustyn and I show how secure we are in our
"Man Hood"!!!
(only a joke-settle down!)

My Better Side!!!!

I am getting ready to walk out the door "LOOKING LIKE A FREAK"!!

Pal and I playing a 'lil volleyball!!

Umm-uhh-oh... just an "OLD FRIEND" and me over Devil's Lake State Park!!!

The aftermath of a Wisconsin Storm!!!

A near 200 pound Doe, from the '96 Wisconsin Deer Season, click on nature link in my Bio to see more "Wisconsin Nature and Wildlife Pictures!!"

Here I am with another, "OLD FRIEND" (can't show it, need her permission- OK got the permission!!)

This is a photo of my beloved pen pal, Pam who attends St. Norbert College!! She has a thing for Green Bay Packer, Antonio Freeman, so if you are out there Freeman- WATCH OUT!!! SHE HAS YOUR NUMBER!!!

What web page would be complete, without a picture from "THE BEST MOVIE EVER"!!!


MY other Motto..... Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!!-See Clinton's voters for proof!!

The Best Car Made For Practical People!


My WAY COOL links!!!!

My THIRD of 3 web pages-Matt's Condo On The Net- done on 6-21-98

Web Page For Giants and Amazons! Us Tall People!

The Real Reason Why Sticks Can't Reproduce

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My FIRST Home Page With A Guest Book To Sign!!!

INFOSEEK- Search The Web In Style

Best Interactive Map Ever! Mapquest!!

The Start Of A New Web Page, Soon To Be Done!!!

You are all lucky I even let you look at my page. Most of this stuff is copyrighted material, you better ask me before you go "taking my ideas and stuff"!! You will not be allowed to leave until you see all my links to my other pages!!! Have you taken the time to see my "Ring Of Web Pages"??? Ok if your answer is yes, you may leave- but one last thing- sign the guest book, please?? Ok now stop back again, because I change this page all the time and add new stuff as I find it!! Thanks, Matthew!!

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