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Stitch News


We're playing the rave's "Back to Basics" show May 19th. Email me for your tickets not (they wil not be sold through ticketmaster)

The band has a new name. Incase you can't read (and you wouldn't be reading this anyway) we are now called Stitch Head.

We have 4 new songs written. These songs are all completely differnt than the songs we played as FLATLinE. There is no more rapping and we have alot more melody. By melody, I mean melody that was inspired by TOOL. The heaviness remains, but is about 10 times heavier. By heavier I mean Slayer.

We have a show coming up at the Rave Saturday, May 19. It is an all day festival, going from 12 til 12. Tickets are $8 and other bands include Isolation, Detained and Septik8. Email me for tickets.

Work continues on our fourth coming new website, thanks to up and coming perfessional web site design company called Neo Sound and Web Studios. This is a great new company located in Sulivan Wisconsin. This is also the company who is working on Guilty.Org, a Gravity Kills and Purge fan site. Once completed the site will be able to be reached through this adress, as well as the new domain name, that will be posted soon. the site will feature a flash friendly format, news, pictures, show information, and most importantly: Downloadable music (and no stupid ads, thanks to the server!). Neo Sound and Web Studios can be reached at

Now go join our mailing list, the first mailing will be sent out soon.