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Stuff About Me!

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Me, hmm.. well, um... ah.. oh yes, I really like Computers, it's a hobby of mine. I'm just learning how to program in HTML and I'm learning fast. I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, coldest major city on earth! And I have two good friends, Tyler and Dylan. And a girlfriend too, named Jamie. Here are some really neat links:

South Park, I mean, who DOESN'T watch that show!

Visit Comedy Central!

Calvin and Hobbes, the author retired but check out his homepage!

Calvin and Hobbes

Here's a link to Celebraty Slugfest, a cool game where you can beat up everyone from Bill Gates, to Hanson!


A funny weekly-updated comic called Red Meat, from the secert files of Max Cannon! A huge archive of comics to choose from!

From the secert files of Max Cannon!

A game I built and call: The Legandary Spix 2! The first one wasn't so good, heh heh. Ahem.

It won't download: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

A guide to HTML, 5 megs free space, full editing power, who can resist Angelfire? I couldn't and look at me now! Building a homepage is easy with

Whoa! Back it up buddy!

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