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My Appearace on the Web

This page is a list of different ways to communicate with me on the web. I usually partake in chat rooms and other entertaining things.

Here is a list of my many E-mail addresses, I don't know how I got so many!

My ISP given e-mail address:
My Yahoo! e-mail address:
My Angelfire e-mail address:
My Hotmail e-mail address:

Here is a list of names I go under in chat rooms and other public places:

My name for, the best multiplayer gaming network on the net is:
You can catch me playing Duke3d on Heat at almost any time.

A list of my names on Yahoo chat:
And one more I shall keep secret to preserve my life, as the person who'se name i've plundered will not be happy with me.

That is my complete list of names, e-mail addresses and whatever else I feel like putting in, oh yes, my Zone address is Spix, and I can be found playing Duke3d and X-wing vs. Tie Fighter (great game)