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Codes from the Doc!

So, your looking for codes right? I will write down every single code I know on this page. Suggest a game to be put in here and I will put it in. And find codes for it.


DNKROZ or DNCORNHOLIO = God mode on/off
DNSTUFF = All items
DNITEMS = Just items, and I think keys too
DNSCOTTYE*L* = Replace the * with the episode and level you
want to warp to!
DNRATE = Kinda useless, displays the frame rate in the upper left corner


NOTE:Before typing any codes, press Ctrl+Alt+X all at the same time.

SWCHAN=God mode on/off
SWGREED=All weapons items and god mode on

that's all the shadow warrior codes I can remember.

Links to game sites to help you out.

Ozone games has codes galore!
Gamezone has lots of game related info
FF7 game info
Game Mansion has lots o' games
Free Ware, plenty of programs and other stuff.