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The Doctor's Opinion on the Mac

In this section I will explain why I do not like the Macintosh. They cannot work under high stress conditions, and having a little bomb appear over and over really makes me mad. Stick me in the head with a fork, I just will NOT work with the inferiour expensive Mac. I can hardly wait to see Bill Gates parading around on the roof of the Microsoft building with Steve's head on a stick. While loyal Windows users cheer below. Mac's are okay for beginners but just don't give you the advanced options of Windows. I can squeeze more memory out of a PC then a memory hungrey Mac OS.

I believe Microsoft hate pages were created as a defence, because Macintosh is doomed to the same path as a T-rex, Extinct! Little smiley faces and bombs don't work with advanced users, beginners use Mac's because they are afraid to use Windows and all it's really cool options.

I do not absolutely HATE the Mac, but dislike the way it looks, feels, and works! I just HATE THOSE LITTLE BOMBS! Mac users can't use their computer to it's full potential and they will be forced to buy another computer once software is no longer written for it, or they come to their senses.

Windows(tm), Microsoft(tm), and Macintosh(tm) are all Copyrighted, Etc. I don't know how the rest goes.

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