Memories of Rosa A. Temple High School of Vicksburg MS

Willie L. Robinson

During the two school years (1968-1970) prior to my leaving Jackson, Mississippi in 1970 and relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, I was employed as a teacher of Spanish and French at Rosa A. Temple High School in Vicksburg. The two years I spent at Temple High were very rewarding for me as they contributed greatly to my maturity as a professional in the field of education. I consider myself fortunate to have had an opportunity to teach at the school, which was under the leadership of Principal James E. Stirgus at the time. Prior to working at Temple, I taught Spanish at Brinkley High School in Jackson during the school year 1967-1968 after graduating from Jackson State College (now JSU) in May 1967.

Temple High School Students in Monterrey, Mexico in 1969

One of the highlights of my tenure as a teacher at Temple High came in the Spring of 1969 when I, with the assistance and support of Mr. Stirgus, Ms. Bessie Barnes Otis and others, organized a trip to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico for students of our Spanish and French classes. Coincidentally, Ms. Otis (Miss Barnes) had been my French teacher when I was a junior at George Washington Carver High School in Picayune, Mississippi during the school year 1960-61.

I think the students, other teachers and the parents who made the trip to Mexico that year enjoyed the experience as well. Sometime I think about my former students, friends and colleagues from my days in Vicksburg of more than forty-one ago. The photo above was taken during that trip to Mexico in 1969. Do you recognize yourself, a parent or anyone else pictured with the group?

I would like to hear from anyone who was part of the group that went to Mexico that year, or friends and family of the group members. Please let me hear from you if you can relate to what has been presented on this page.




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