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This is where quotes from the show are kept. Please contribute your quotes from the show in the format we have them below! Thanx!

Zim: What are you hiding Dogman?!? Tell me! TELL ME!

Gir: Angry monkeys!

Gir: It's just a baby! HI BABY!

Gir: Yes, wait a minute. No.

Gir: Let's make biscuits!

Gir: I love this show!

Zim: But Invader blood marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants, the pants command me, do not ignore my veins!

Almighty tallest R:Werent you banished to food-courtia, shouldnt you be frying somethings?
Zim: Oh I quit when I heard about this.
Allmighty tallest P: You quit being banished?

Zim:It looks kinda, not good...
Allmighty tallest P: Yes well, thats what the enemy will think, get it?
Zim: I see. Very good, it even fooled me!

Zim: Oh I will bring my parents, and they will be the most parental parents, ever.

Gir: Im gonna watch it again!

Ms. Bitters: Zim!
Zim: Sir!
Ms. Bitters: There's a pidgeon on your head, you've got head pidgeons, head to the nurses office before they spread to the other children.
Zim: Yes, ms. Bitters!

Zim: Who are you dogman, tell me!
Poopdog: I am-
Zim: who are you?
Poopdog:I am-
Zim: Who are you?
Poopdog: I am Poop Dog! The Gangsta Specta of Defeat!

Zim: "What happened? How did you run out of fuel so quickly?"
GIR: "I emptied it out."
Zim: "You emptied it? Why!?"
GIR: "To make room for the tuna."

Teacher: "Is your dad feeling alright?"
Zim: "Yes, he's perfectly fine."
Robodad's arm flies off and writhes on the floor a little bit.
Teacher: "AAAAAAAA!"
Zim: "Nothing to worry about, my dad lost his arm in the... the war."
Robodad: "That was my squeezin' arm. They took my squeezin' arm! Why my squeezin' arm?! Aaaarrggaahhh!"

Gir:....or I will explode, that happens to me sometimes.

Zim: This is so not right! It's jepordizing everything I worked for! How can I study this entire planet if everyone is looking at my freakishly deformed head!

Gir: Ehehehe!
Gir: Yes, I will stop, I will obey......
Zim: You, obey? OK Gir, roll over..
Gir: (he rolls over) I obey.
Zim: Hmmm....(he turns away)
(Zim faces him again, he is hipnotized, and then looks away)
(Zim faces him again)
Gir: Obey.....
Zim: This hideous blemish seems to have hypnotic powers

Gir: we ho ho ho! weeeee ho hoh ho!
Zim: Ummmm, is it supposed to be stupid?
Almighty Tallest R: Its not stupid, its advanced!

Zim: Ha! Nice try squirrel Dib, I laught at your pitiful attempt at spying, here I go. Mehahahahahaha!

Almighty R: Its also a thermos.
Almighty P: Who wants this one!!!?
Invader ...: I do!
(Almighty P throws it at him)
Invader ...: OW! Thank you......

Zim: Squeely fools! These human filthies should honored to even be considered as possible friends of Zim!

Zim: Too ugly, too stinky, that one looks good!

Zim: And keep it down, you wanna wake up the whole planet?
Gir: I do......

Gir: oooooOOOOOOOoooooooooouuuuu!
Zim: A hunter destroyer-
Gir: what is it?
Zim: A hunter destroy-
Zim: a hunter destoyer machine

Gir: Yeay, we're doomed!

Bitters: Dib! The warranty on your desk has run out! Grab one from the pile!

Gir: Why is his head so big? Why is his head so big?

Zim: Please ma'am, buy some candy, or my little brother will go insane!

Gir: Ooo, the mystery of the prize!

Zim: They've locked down their fortress! With locks!

Guy: Welcome to our club, of DOOM.

Zim: Lemony fresh victory is mine!

Dib: Go on, laugh. But one day, you'll be sitting in your house, feeling all safe and secure, and then you'll look over and Ill be there, doin' STUFF!

Gir: WHY?! Why my piggy? I loveded you piggy, I loveded you!

Gir:ohhh..... I can't take it, your too smart for me! Keef is planning a surprise party for you after school. He gonna bring all the kids because he loves you, that boy loves you SO MUCH! I'm makin' the cake!

Zim: Hello friends! I am a perfectly normal human worm baby. You have nothing, absolutly nothing to fear from me! Just pay no attention to me, and we'll get along just fine.

Tallets Purple: . . . a sack of tequitos???

GIR: You get my tequitos yet????

Zim: Yes, but I'm quite good at annihilating!

Tallest Red: Zim, your exhiled mission is to observe Earth, not annihilate it!

GIR: Tequitos! And a clown with no head!

Tallest Purple: We'd love to grant your request, but we think you're insane.
Tallest Red: Untrained! We think you are untrained!

Tallest Purple: Why don't we send Zim to Hobo 13? It's only the, uh, finest military training planet! Zim, on Hobo 13 you'll be torn limb from limb!
Tallest Red: Uh, evaluated! You'll be evaluated!


GIR: How 'bout clown tequitos?!?

Zim: Foolish, gullible, Skoodge. . .

Guy: The finish line is a dreaded fortress of pain!

Guy: . . . the holding pen of pain!
Throbulator: the holding pen is painful?
Guy: yep.
Throbulator: does it have to be?
Guy: not really.

Red: You, tableheaded service drone bob, you will bet 500,000 moneys on zim!
Bob: but i only made five moneys every two years.
Red: 500,000 for zim!

Zim: Victory!

Guy: What about your solider, Skoodge?
Zim: It's what Skoodge would have wanted!

Zim: No one will say Zim never tried!

Zim: Eh, takes a little while, doesn't it? Okay, I tried. The fortress of pain awaits!

Zim: I am invincible! All I had to do was reprogram the turrets to lock on to, eh, what's her name, eh? but she was a fine solider and better luck to her in the future.

Zim: Behold the fortress of pain!

Zim: Well, I made it to the fortress of pain, victory is mine!

Guy: I'm really looking forward to twisting you into a twisted horrible knot made of you!

Guy: this is surrounded by a transportation field! the first person outside of the ring will be transported!
Zim: to the holding pen of pain?
Guy: No, its full. Now the loser gets sent to the Outhouse of madness!
Zim: Eh!?