Get fuckin plugin support dumbass Get the Freakin Plug in......god whats the matter with you

You Just Got Knocked The Fuck Out


Well i've added some new music... I've done some things so I can finally relax...well not really but it will help...even though I probably don't get too many visitors but all the visitors please sign my guest book 

Hey I've finally updated my site......well a little some new stuff has been added but not a lot and plus instead of using the big flashy background I've decided to go [adult swim] style fo' ya yea


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oh yeah another thing check This out tell me if you'll like this new heading to the site its the same just translated to Japanese:

Miscilaneousness Zims のページ: 土曜日のnignt 10:43 以来の非永遠のdamnation を持って来ること

hey i hope you like the new music the new background will be on in a few minutes or days


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