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Wicked eXecutioners

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Wednsday 14th

Wut up everybody its kasket in this biatch ok we got some new shit comin out.we finnaly got the name of the cd for ya ass "Dayz In C-Town" were r gonna see if we can give u taste of the Wicked eXecutioners. and we kno this site isnt up right yet but it gonna be soon we promise. but if yall dont like mass murdering,seriel killing,wig slitting juggalos then get the fuck off this site.well kepp checking back peace

Friday 9th

Yo niggas, this is Spark and Kasket here fixing this muttha fucka, it still kinda sucks....but fuck you, we'll make it fresher and fresher.....I guess. We are gonna get Cut-Up and Toxic Bean to pop in some comment, but if they don't who cares. We are also writing some raps, and we got some beats so we might be having some songs and shit. ~MMFL Spark~

Thursday 8th

wut up everybody this is the wicked executioners and we comin out wit a cd we havnt found a name yet but we r workin on it well thats all i gotta say

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