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Welcome @ Sophia Bush Web, a fansite dedicated to the amazing actress and model, Sophia Bush. Sophia is currently appearing on the WB's series, One Tree Hill. Enjoy the site and please sign the guestbook or the tagboard with your comments on your way out.

Clips and Pics! posted by Gaby on 05-20-2004 18:40

I added a ton of things first i added clips of Sophia as Brooke in the episode To Wish The Impossible. Then, i decided i need to make caps of it and Every Night is Another Story,The Living Years ,caps of Real Access and New Yearsfinally the best of all rare pics of Sophia and her cast at the WB Upfront Party

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Wallpapers and Affiliates posted by Gaby on 05-19-2004 20:32

I added 4 beautiful wallpapers today of Sophia and added some affiliates...if your intrested in becoming one e-mail one of us.

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Audio Clips and Buddy Icons posted by Gaby on 05-18-2004 23:10

Ok Sophia clips from the finalie are coming-im in the process of capping them and zipping clips. But i DID post some Audio Clips thanks to Nicole from the charity football game and added some aim icons. Also look for caps of Sophia on the late late show tomorrow. Enjoy!

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Clips! posted by Gaby on 05-17-2004 19:51

Very exciting! I have clips from the season finale of Sophia Bush portraying Brooke. They should be up by tomorrow!

Attention-please submit pictures or graphics to Sophia Bush Web. They are always very much appreciated!

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New Live Journal Icons! posted by Tea on 05-17-2004 19:06

14 new live journal icons are uploaded!! A big thanks to Punk and Barbara for donating them!!

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Welcome posted by Gaby on 05-16-2004 19:44

Hey welcome to Sophia Bush Web! I have put a ton of pictures in the gallery...and Tea has made beautiful graphics. Check them out!

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Welcome @ SBW posted by Tea on 05-16-2004 12:50

Today, the news Sophia Bush fansite is opened!! Look around and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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