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The * System:

****** = You are probably asking for a banner or a logo, something easy that I can do really fast. Of course, this means you are going to get done first. That or your layout is urgent and I'm on a time limit to get paid extra.

***** = You are top priority. You have an easy layout, good directions, and you probably asked me before anyone else.

**** = You may not be top priority, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on your layout! Your layout is probably not as easy as it seems, you may not have given me good enough directions as to what to do, or too many people asked me before you.

*** = This is for difficult layouts, and it means I can't start on your layout until I finish 5 *'s and 4 *'s. Just be patient, it'll come out looking excellent! I assure you!

** = This is for animated stuff, that or I'm extremely backed up. You may have forgotten to mention a few things that I needed, like blog titles. If you see 2 *'s, I would neomail me right away to see if you forgot to mention anything to me.

* = I'm extremely backed up or you just asked me if I could make your layout and gave me a theme without mentioning anything else. That or your layout is extremely difficult.