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I get asked these questions so much, I just want to answer them and get it over with lol.

Do you do these Layouts custom: Yes, I don't have anything ready made unless someone didn't claim the layout I made for them for some odd reason. Then I'd tell you it was ready made and make sure you wanted the layout. I make everything with Adobe ImageReady. The only things I don't make usually are images, and I customize them if you ask me to.

How long does it take you to do a Layout?: If it's an easy one, under an hour. For example: The Shadow Wolf. No custom images, an even amount of blogs, simple easy directions. If it's got custom images and is an abstract idea, it will take longer. Sometimes days. For example: >-Hotel-> Cafe De La Neopets. This one has 1 custom image, so it wasn't too bad, an abstract idea of a menu and neopets eating, a lot of creative freedom, and I had to figure out how to do everything on my own.

How old are you anyway?: 17, weirdo.

Can you make me a wolf/horse/avril Layout?: I don't know if you realize, but I can do ANY type of layout you want. Anything. If you give me enough information, I can do anything. More abstract layouts will take longer though, I must warn you.

Do I have to pay you?: For a Logo? Not really. For a Banner? I'd appreciate it. For a Layout? Well if I'm doing a custom layout, I'm working really hard on it. I earn neopoints through making layouts. If you don't pay me, I won't advertise for you by putting your name on my petpage or this website, but I will still probably make you a logo or a banner. I really hate doing layouts for free because, like I said, it's a lot of work for nothing. If you're poor though, I might understand.