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This was a great layout. I'm really proud of it. I did the background in a very secret way that I don't even remember, seriously, I was just messing around and it turned out really good! I didn't really follow her color scheme which was black and red because, well, the background sort of didn't go with black and red. So I chose the next best, christmas friendly color scheme: red and green. I hand picked the best images I could find from google, then I put them together like a colage. I didn't really like how it looked with the sharp edges, so I blurred out the edges with an airbrush. I then used a picture of Avril walking, removed the white, and decided to put it next to the blogs. The blogs were made by air brushing squares. The text for the title "Avril L. Fan Club" is from and I outlined it in white, also going over it with airbrush.
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December 22nd 2004
December 24th 2004

More Coming Soon! I started on: 12/22/04

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