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This was the first Guild Layout I ever did, and it is to my Guild (Death or Immortality). I made the background with a Lens Flare on Adobe ImageReady. I made the Text Boxes by Airbrushing the backgrounds. I used the Mage Image from which is one of the BEST image sites ever! I used the knight image I found off of Google. The Dragon was sent to me by a friend, I thought it looked awesome and I also used it. The title is curtosy of one of the two text generated sites I use because they are the Bomb Diggity!

Username: o0bobbygolucky0o
Guild Name: Death or Immortality

This was the first Guild Layout I made for someone beside myself. I made the background from Airbrushing dark green and black and then swirling it. I also made the text boxes from airbrushing Brown over the Green Background and then the Green over the Green Background. I got the Horse image from Google, easy as that. I used text from which is one of the best text generators I use! I picked the color scheme simply to match the horses, it was a simple layout, but still cute :)

Username: brute_wrestler8111
Guild Name: cutest horses and collies

This was, by far, one of the funnest layouts :) I made the trim by using a gold and a darker gold, striping it like a candy cane, then using a wood texture on it. I then made the background a rich plum color, following the color scheme given to me by lilmunchkin119. Then I customized a Baby Ruki by giving him a chef's hat and an apron, but it wouldn't have been complete without cookie dough smudges! I used text from and the lettering in the title "De La Neopets: from do those neopets look familiar? I bet you wouldn't have guessed that they were all shop keepers! I decided against customizing them because they looked perfect just the way they were! The grapes I made, and the chair belongs to Kauvara and the table, just a random table curtosy of neopets! The background of the title was made by me from mixing light plum and dark plum and swirling it!

Username: lilmunchkin119
Guild Name: >-Hotel->

This banner was made to match the layout up top. I incorporated the ruki to act as a mascot, and urged lilmunchkin119 to come up with a catch phrase. :)

Username: lilmunchkin119
Guild Name: >-Hotel->

What guild would be complete without a matching logo?! I also incorporated the ruki to act as a mascot once again in this logo!

Username: lilmunchkin119
Guild Name: >-Hotel->

This layout was pretty basic. I made the background from a dark blue and gray, and with that I made a cloud texture. I took the Wolf Moon from a graphic I saw that I got off of google. I got the text from and I put a black airbrush over it so that it would give it a more dramatic effect. I got the 3 baby wolf picture off of google also, and I thought it fit just perfectly! Don't you?

Username: sikis1312
Guild Name: The Shadow Wolf

Nothing much to explain here. I took the picture of the person on the horse from their guild front page. I got the pony and the horseshoe off of google. I got the lettering from It took me about 5 minutes and it was for free so I won't mention the person's username or their guild name because I'm not advertising for people who don't pay.
Well I've already told you how I made the baby ruki chef, what I didn't tell you was how I made the Fairy Wocky! I used a purple and light blue color scheme that was given to me by the person I made the Wocky for (which was for their banner). I decided that light blue would best suit the trim of the wings, and then a darker purple which would match the guild layout they already had. I made them sparkly by using blue and white pieces. I left the wocky light purple because nothing else suited it better. Then I made the eyes blue, the nose blue, the ears blue, and the tail blue as accents. I think it looks adorable. Don't you?
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December 24th 2004

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