Bloody Brothers
Allow me to explain to you Juggalos just what me and Shaggy are working on. First let me tell you that I haven't been more exited about a project like this one in a long time. If I know anything about Juggalos (old school Juggalos especially) I know that you'll fuckin love this shit. We are calling our group "The Bloody Brothers". The group consist of me (Violent J), Shaggy and Mike E. Clark. Just like ICP. No new comers, no strangers, no new rappers that we are trying to break onto the scene. Just ICP and that’s it. But listen… This is going to be ICP at our very best. Violent, deadly, ruthless, crazy, insane and straight up sick. We are holding nothing back on this record.

The concept is this: Me, Shaggy and Mike E. Clark dress up as 3 crazy, imbred hillbilly brothers. We all wear dirty ass, old, dusty overalls splattered in blood. On our hands we were big ass, thick, black, rubber gloves. We carry around big, sharp ass farming tools drenched in blood. Tools like pitchforks, rusty sickles, big axes and shit like that. To hide our faces we wear these, scary ass cloth masks over our heads that make us look like scarecrows. The masks are tied on to our heads with thick ass rope that wraps around our necks. The scary ass cloth masks have eye holes cut in them so we can see our victims. The scariest thing about our whole costume is the wicked ass scarecrow masks.

So when it's all said and done, we look like 3 scare crow, serial killer, hillbillies that walk around slaughtering hundreds of people. Thus you have… The Bloody Brothers.

In the group, me and Shaggy rap. We have these crazy ass voice effects over our vocals that hide our true voices. Shaggy sounds like a squeaky ass, little, wild hillbilly. And I sound like a deep voiced, big, ruthless hillbilly. We both still sound like us of course but the added voice affects just adds a brand new horror element that brings it all to life. Mike E. Clark is our hillbilly DJ. On Stage he has two big hay stacks with an old barn door laid across them. That is what he sets his muddy ass turn tables on. I rap as "Bloody Louie" and Shaggy raps as "Bloody Larry". Mike E. Clark is "Bloody Lyle". We will be the scariest rap crew of all time.

Making this album as "The Bloody Brothers" is just another side project for me and Shaggy. Look at how many other side projects we already have underway… Psychopathic Rydas, Dark Lotus, JCW, Movies, Comic Books and on and on and on. Hopefully everybody knows that our hearts are truly with ICP and they always will be. But you really should check out this Bloody Brothers album when it's done. It's going to be a classic with Juggalos the day it comes out.

Don’t look for it to come out on Island/Def Jam because that ain't never going to happen. If we did that, Island would take 90% of the loot. Plus they would make us take out every lyric that they thought was too violent. So fuck that. This album ain't even coming out on Psychopathic Records because we don’t want them getting in any contract trouble with Island either. So the only record label suitable to release the "Bloody Brothers" album is a small, tiny, feeble, little label that has no money and has nothing to lose if they get sued. That label is me and Shaggy's own label, Joe And Joey Records. Everybody knows we ain't got any money to begin with and so we don’t give a fuck if we get sued. Bring it on!

Within' one month from now, we'll have a 2 song CD sampler of The Bloody Brothers finished and we'll be giving them away free to all the Juggalos at every stop on our Bizzar / Bizaar tour. So come check out the show and get your free Bloody Brothers Sampler CD. Once you get the CD in your hands, and you hear it, you'll finally know just how fresh this shit is going to be. Later this summer get ready to get your full "Bloody Brothers LP" which is going to be called "Ye Ol' Barn". Just so you know Ye Ol' Barn is the place where we pile up our dead victims!