Violent J/Zug Izland:

This is Zug Island!!!

"Fuck it. It's time you guys all heard"
ICP's Violent J with some

What up y'all? Let me just say this first: The "Hatchet Rizing Tour" was the mega-ton atom bomb. Thank you to all the ninjas and ninjettes that came out to all the shows and threw up the LOTUS with us. This tour was the most fun and realest tour we have done in years. We got tons of neden and I only got arrested one time. Plus nothing was fresher than finally getting to tour with my homies Twiztid again. Much props to the cities that actually chanted my real name "Joe Bruce" and made me cry on stage like a weeping lil', fuckin, pansy, ass, bitchy, lil' hoe ass.
I had a super model tell me she loves me in Phoenix... I swam in 2 different oceans... we went to over 30 tittie bars and never spent even a penny in one... we felt an earthquake in Cali... the only bitch I love dissed me in Dallas... I seen ground zero in New York City... I became good personal friends with Sabu... I seen a bitch snort cocaine off another chicks butt cheek... some fresh ass Juggalos from Seattle met Eddie Vedder and video taped him talking about me... I went to jail... We brought a homeless guy on tour with us and put him on stage with us every night for a week... and to top it all off, we even went and somehow actually had BBQ with the one and only Terry Funk and his beautiful wife at the legendary Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo Texas.
This tour was nothing but event after event. For us it was the tour of all tours. Perhaps the most incredible thing about the entire tour was that during the 2-month tour we entered the era of the 6th Jokers Card.
It was cool as fuck but that aint what I'm writing you about. I'm writing this because I feel that it's time we told you about our new project here at Psychopathic Records. In fact, this new project has just been completed. But before it hits the stores, it must first receive the Juggalo approval
Before I tell you about it all, I have to say this first. If you're a die-hard rap fan, and you only like rap music and nothing else, you won't be interested in what I'm about to show you. I know that sucks but don't get pissed. There will be plenty of straight up, wicked ass rap shit coming from us all in the future. It's just that this one project, in particular, ain't exactly hardcore rap shit.
The fact is, there are many Juggalos out there, including myself, that do bump other shit besides just rap all the time. Personally I don't even listen to today's rap that much, I prefer that older gangsta shit. But hey, I like all kinds of music. I've said many times that Pearl Jam is my all time favorite band. I also like Michael Jackson, even if he is a weird fuck, the point is that he makes bomb ass music and that's all I'm concerned with.
For years we've wondered what a real "Juggalo Rock" album would sound like. Some shit like Lincon Park or even Nirvana only Juggalized! What if we produced it, we wrote all the words and we straight up put mad Juggalo flavor to it? Would it work? Could we actually make a good rock record? YES WE COULD AND WE DID YALL.
Juggalos, I hope that "Juggalo Music" in general, can mean more than just rap. I am introducing to you, rock music, done Juggalo...
There is a brand new BAND here on Psychopathic Records! If you've always liked some of that rock shit too, then from now on, look no father than your very own Hatchet Man Logo. Because we here at Psychopathic present the band that will knock the fuckin' planet off it's course! the one and only

Zug Island.

It's like this ninjas. Even to this very day, we at Psychopathic Records are still trying to grow. We feel that Psychopathic and the Juggalo world should cover all musical taste in life, and not just rap. To me, if a song fits the special Juggalo requirements than it can be a Juggalo song, no matter what style of music it is. Right now Zug Izland has a completely different sound than the other Psychopathic artist, but they travel that same Dark Carnival path. Believe that.
In between tours, we had some time to kill and so we killed it. We took this new, fresh ass band that we found, stuck them in the studio and together we put it the fuck down. We fuckin' killed it! We fuckin' shot, murdered and buried the fuckin' time we had by making one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. This album is classic and it ain't even out yet.
All during the whole Hatchet Rizing Tour, we'd listen to the Zug Island record and we couldn't believe what we did. The whole bus fuckin' loves it. Twiztid's bus plays it 24/7. Even girl friends, and homies always wanna hear it. All day long we here "Put on that Zug? Put Zug Island on? Let's listen to Syn". The whole company is trippin' over this shit. Its real Juggalo rock somehow! We just assembled Detroit's greatest Juggalo musicians and put it the fuck down! We're proud of this shit and we want yall to hear it.
If you listen to Zug Island and you don't like it? then I feel sorry for you. Because I only wish it could do for you what it does for us. If your going threw some shit with a bitch, put on Zug. If your daily stress has got you feelin' murderous, put on Zug. Even if these are the best days of your life right now, you should still put on Zug. When that bitch stabbed my heart in Dallas what do you think I did? Right after I shot myself in the head, I put on some Zug. It helps you through any tough times.
What makes it all Juggalo is that the feelings expressed on the Zug Island album are the very feelings we Juggalos share. There for it's our fuckin' album, and Zug Island is our group. Psychopathic's done it again y'all. One more bomb ass group adding strength to the Hatchet's chop.

Who Are Zug Island??? Let me introduce you to the band!
Mike Peezy Weezy 4 Sheezy
Music Writer & Producer, as well as Band Vocalist and Guitarist.

Psychopathic Records has discovered a genous in a kid named Mike Peezy Weezy 4 Sheezy, or just Mike Peezy for short. Mike P for even shorter. He was originally hired only to help design and engineer ICP's new recording studio called "The Lotus Pod". Mike helped put the studio together and then showed us what he really could do. Just like Mike E. Clark, Mike Peezy also makes devastating beats and writes music. Right away we put Mike P's tracks to test and everybody loved it. Mike P ended up writing and producing half the music on the Dark Lotus album "Tales From The Lotus Pod". Mike Peezy also recorded the entire Psychopathic Ryda's "Ryden Dirtay" album.
His most recent accomplishment was writing roughly 75% of the music on the new Blaze album "1 Less G In Da Hood".
Mike Pezzy came here from out of nowhere and jumped right into Psychopathic's mix of thangs. Its incredible how he fit right in so quick. Now both Mike P and Mike C are droppin' the wicked tracks that we psychopathic, serial killas ride on. Strange things are happening during these times of the 6th.
Mike P agreed with me. He also thought there should be a Juggalo rock group out there. He knew the perfect ninjas for it and everything. We both said fuck it and we hit the studio. Nuttin' to it but to do it right? Well we did it and we found gold baby, bitch ass bitch boy! Whoooo! I'm happy.
It only gets better with Peezy. He ended up writing all the music on the entire Zug Island album. Here's were I come in. I took all the devastating music Mike P wrote and I put words to it. We both produced it together and gave it shape. Now we had a skeleton, all we needed was somebody to give it FLESH. In the beginning it was just me and Mike Peezy's project, that was until we met Syn.

Music Producer as well as Band Lead Vocalist & Guitarist

Mike P and myself were about 2 songs into our project and we still needed a lead singer. Not just some bitch ass singer. Not some bitch ass to just get up there and sing. We didn't want some homo looking, lil rock and roll bitch, we needed a ninja that would bring something to the fuckin' table. We needed a Juggalo that would to add to the mix. We don't need a fuckin puppet, we need an outlaw! A Kurt Kobain, or an Eddie Vedder. We needed a fuckin' crazy ass Jim Morrison ninja. We needed our own AXL ROSE. We needed a singer to bring all this alive and make live and breath. It's all just an idea without a main ninja to lead the fuckin army! Right? Your fuckin right I'm right.
Well, in traditional form for the Dark Carnival, once again this person was brought to us and we were directly led to him. No auditions, no tapes no tryouts. He knew why we were there and we knew what he could do.
His name is Syn. He's a little bit on the skitsofrantic, violent side. He takes buckets of doctor prescribed pills. I could never see anybody getting away with the shit Syn does except Syn. I guess people expect the unexpected right when he comes around. He is not very predictable at all. I saw him knock out a pizza man because he looked like some kid that used to fuck with him. That's what helps make him so fuckin cool on the record! We got his whole personality set to music.
When we met him, he was being pulled in 3 different directions. This is no lie. He was messing around with 2 other bands at the time. Both of them bands had major record label offers already sitting on the table. But just like a hood, or a thug he was way to attracted to the drama and controversy that comes with Psychopathic Records. Syn turned down a lot of money and not one but 2 big shots at major MTV stardom, just so that he could remain Syn.
The guy that has spent a lifetime shocking people and he did it again when he came aboard Psychopathic Records. Somehow he has everybody and they mama trying to sign him for crazy loot. But he knows they'd have him singing bullshit songs. So he said "fuck that" and left with us. Now he's singing about shit he wants to, Juggaluggalo shit.
Syn brought more to Zug Island than just a wicked voice. He gave it all a fuckin' heartbeat. He sang on all the songs and gave Zug Island its wicked, personality and cool style. He gave the album its FLESH.
Syn also sat with me and Mike Peezy behind the boards, and helped with mixing and adding spices, and extra flavor all over the record. It seems like we agreed with every one of Syn's ideas. Shit? we like unexpected shit! We love surprises and anything outside the daily norm. There for its only natural we like Syn. As long as he doesn't suddenly check my chin it's all-good.
As the time went by, the record formed around Syn's vocals and the rest is history. The Juggalo world will never be the same, it will instead be bigger and better and still it will remain just for us to enjoy.

The rest of the band
Bass Player
Band Name: Today it's Julio Hernandez
Real Name: The Bass Player
From: Parts Unknown
Description: He says he lets his bass do all the talking for him. "All you need to know is what my bass tells you". The guy always wears disguises to hide himself on and off stage. Even in the dressing room. He says he hides his identity because he wants the music to be noticed and not him. Bullshit.
The truth is that this guys a wanted man. The list of people trying hunt him down are as long as his crime record. The cops want him, a motorcycle gang wants him, a pimp, a bounty hunter and an assassin all want his ass. He gots everybody from mafia hitmen to library book people trying to catch him. The best thing about it all is, they just can't seem to catch him! "The Bass Player" has been on the run and doing his favorite thing which is playing bass for the last 15 years and they ain't even close to catching him yet.
Description? We have no fuckin' idea what this guy looks like. Everytime we see him he's in another disguise. We couldn't pick him out of a line up of 2. He always looks different at every show. Shit, we aint even sure if it's even the same guy every time!
"The Bass Player" sits in all of our meetings and always gives his input. He's a big part of everything the band has going on. He's a perfect fit, only the rest of the band has no idea who he is. Nobody does. You gotta beep his ass to reach him. He wont give out any phone numbers, no addresses, no real names.., everything is done under the fuckin' table with this guy.
The bottom line is the bottom line though. And the bottom line is that "The Bass Player's" talent on the bass guitar is unmatched in the world today. It's a miracle we have him playing with us and not with some other band or in prison. Zug Island just ain't complete without him. He's a team player and an amazing talent, but it just sucks that we don't know him from her.

Keyboard & Sample Player
Band Name: Dan The Meat Man
Real Name: Dan Miller
From: Clawson, Mi
Description: Dan is an all around, great guy. Everybody knows and loves good ol' Dan Miller. He has worked as a Beef Cutter at his neighborhood A&P super market ever since he moved to Clawson in late 1995. All his costumers love seeing Dan's big cherry smile on grocery days. Dan has a lovely wife, 2 kids, a great job, and he even has respected spot on the local bowling team. Dan also plays the keyboards for the Senior Citizens Church Choir each and every Sunday morning. Dan says he hopes to one day coach his son's little league team.
Ever since Dan moved into town he quickly became a staple in what makes "Clawson" such a great place to live for good, friendly, suburban people.
What Dan's family and friends don't know about him is the horrifying truth about his past. The truth is, that back in 1992, in his original hometown of Denver, Co. Dan wasn't so well loved. Actually at first he was a loved meat man at a local grocery store, just like he is now? only then he was suddenly arrested and convicted on 12 counts of 1st degree murder. The truth is, Dan Miller was a serial killer.
Denver police say that during the months between 1990 and 1992, Dan lost complete control of himself. At work he was as cheerful as can be, but at night, he became a monster.
He would often meet his victims at local bars. He would lure them home, and then feed them knock-out drugs. The rest is repulsive.. He chopped them into perfect pieces, package them up and sell them to his regular meat costumers the following day. Police believe that for 2 long years, the people never knew the difference. In February of 92, Dan was finally arrested in his trailer home. Apparently a finger was found among a slab of steak that he had sold. Dan was quickly taken away and placed into a mental hospital for the criminally insane.
Please understand, this wasn't Dan's fault. He is a new man today. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, in just 3 short years after his arrest, Dan was treated, cured and released a free man. They say, thanks to modern medication he is no longer a threat to society.
Leaving behind his deranged past, Dan has since re-located and created yet another beautiful life for himself as a local butcher, this time in Michigan. Today Dan is a 100% better. Even without his medication, Dan remains a roll model citizen in Suburban Detroit and an even better Key Board Player for Zug Island. We know all about it Dan. Its all good, we forgive you. Please keep this under your hat.

Band Name: Pig Boy
Real Name: Ash Willbertson
From: The Bunk Ridge Hills located in deep Southern Georgia.
Description: We believe he is a young spazzmatic, retarded boy probably around the age of 14 to 25. He was born without vocal cords enabling him the ability to talk. The strangest thing about him is that he wears a pig skin mask at all times. When people try to touch it or take it off, he just gets so hyper that he becomes extremely dangerous.
According to the few other red necks in his hometown, he continually bangs on things and has since birth. Once he discovered what a drum set was, that was it. The beating and banging hasn't stopped since.
Today they say although he's still a wild retarded boy with no control over himself at all, stick him on some drums and the boys a prodigy. His skills are amazing and will stun even the greatest drummers. He can play voodoo rain dance beats frontward and backwards. They say he can make his drums talk, he can play the star spangled banner on his drums, and the most amazing thing they say he can do is unscramble and decipher nuclear launch sequences through the method of Morris drum key codes.
About the mask he wears, rumor has it that one night he banged on his drums so hard and for so long that he lost control. He just couldn't stop playing. The myth says that he banged on them so hard and for so long that finally his arms broke. Then he used his elbows to bang with until they broke. Finally the only thing left to bang the drums with was his own face, and he just couldn't stop the beat. The tale says that he played with his face until the drum set fell apart. His face was crushed and broken in so many places that when it healed, his nose was flattened like a pig's snout and his face was disfigured so badly it was straight up horrid looking to the human eye. Thus, he wears the pigskin mask to hide himself. They say that he sowed the mask right onto his head and face to hide himself permanently.
He's a danger to anybody near him if he doesn't have his drums with him at all times. Well the guys in Zug Island apparently don't care what he's like off the drums, they like him on the drums. Even on tour, Pig Boy stays away from everybody else on the bus. He rides in the back of the semi truck, in the dark with all the stage equipment, with his drum set, and bangs away down the road, and into the night.

Now, if you've read this far, and your still reading, then you must be at least a little bit interested in Zug Island and you probably wanna hear it huh? Well then Juggalo, I thank you for 2 reasons.

Number 1. I thank you for having an open mind and not hating on a project of ours just because it sounds "different" than our other shit. Thank you for at least giving it a chance, after all "different" might mean different in a good fuckin' way!Number 2. Trusting me on this. It's a bomb ass album.

Now here's what we are going to do. I will give you 3 brand new, complete Zug Island songs to download free and marinate on for a while. 3 songs from Psychopathic Record's future just for you. I'll put up 1 new song every 4 days until the 3 are posted, then I'll leave them up for them slow ass, late Juggalos ? BUT you have to promise me that you will listen to each track, uninterrupted, at least 3 times. Maybe, once a day or however you choose. Just please listen to each song 3 times or more because we believe that a good song takes time to grow on someone. Got it?

After all 3 songs have been posted and reviewed by YOU the trusted Juggalos, I will then post a simple questioner that I hope you will fill out with your honest opinions. That why you can each personally tell me what you think about Zug Island. Because after all, you are the very people we are making music for in the first place.

Here we go! Thanks y'all, peace and enjoy. I'm out like the World Tra?. Naaa forget it.

Violent J