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Gaian Signature

Welcome to my Gaian signature. A small page dedicated to all the workings and such I do on Mostly it's just a place to display all my REALLY adorable adopted pets and supply shameless plugs to my favourites shops, RPGs, and other threads on Gaia. Below are the links in which I either adopted all the pets from, or to any things of interest that I participate in on Gaia.

Anyway! On to the pets! Whoo! Here are some little ones that I've adopted, mostly for the sheer sugary cuteness that encompasses them. ^_^

Anthro Infection Beta RPG
Tokyo University RPG
*KITTYBOMBS!* Adoption Center
Pooka Adoption Center
Catby and Friends- Costumed Kitties
SweetPIX Adoptables & Artsupplies
.::Adopt a Poring::.
School of Dedicated Roleplayers
Sabin's Art Contest